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Times Square

We love this movie!
This is a great movie! It is a lot of fun, we always laugh when we watch it! It is a true cult classic. It is a must for 80's movie fans. Check out this movie, The Sleez Sisters


A great program! It's absolutely smashing!
If you've ever the chance to watch this program, do give it a chance. It's brilliant and even though some characters have left it is still just as great! The new characters are very exciting and as always it is very well written. I answer to those who watch on PBS in the states, I've heard they are starting to play new episodes now.

The Rachel Papers

It's a fun, but not silly, movie. I'm glad I watched it.
After reading the description of this movie, I wasn't expecting much. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised as it was quite charming. I recommend it for anyone who wants something light and cheery.

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