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Blast from the Past

Not Bad
Good idea, well acted, worth seeing. Alicia plays her character well - not cutesy like "Clueless". Probably only Kids in the Hall fans will really appreciate Dave Foley's acting - it's basically his female character minus the wig. He made me laugh. Brendan made me laugh a few times, too. Walken and Spacek are great.

Smack the Pony

Very Funny
Short sketches, very silly and bizarre - a little like Kids in the Hall. I love the "video interviews" for the Dating Service. It's sometimes difficult to understand because of the quick- and soft-spoken dialogue. It's becoming my favorite show.

Deep Rising

gorey fun
I liked this movie mainly because I have no problem "suspending disbelief" while watching a film. This movie is gory, silly, and entertaining. Sure, it's filled with B-movie cliches, but it goes all-out and makes no apologies. I expected to hate it and ended up appreciating it for its willingness to be what most scary movies try to pretend they're not - brainless and gory. "Make no appointments, find no disappointments" - that's how you gotta watch a movie like this. I loved it!

Lost in Space

Terrible. I'm usually pretty forgiving, but this was awful. And the creature at the end that was supposed to be Smith no longer had Oldman's voice! Did they think no one would notice?

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Excellent Adaptation
Ms. Weaver in one of her best roles. Very creative re-telling of the old fairy tale. Rich atmosphere, beautiful set and costumes, truly horrifying.

Mr. Wrong

Very Funny
I'm not sure why this movie is unpopular. I laughed out loud. At first I thought "Oh what a cute little movie" until the moment Whitman lets his guard down. Then it just gets out there. Joan Cusack (or "Joanie Baby" as we call her) is hilarious. My favorite scene: The sisters reaction to each other when Martha describes her first date with Whitman. I love this movie, and I'm usually pretty picky. In a way, it reminds me of After Hours, just not as dark.

Return to Oz

Great and underrated
The atmosphere is much darker than Wizard. The special effects are imaginative. The supporting characters are all pretty interesting and the scary parts are pretty creepy. Fairuza Balk is great in this role, the first time I saw her in a film. May be a little too scary for little kids (the Rollers are freaky at first)

The Doom Generation

Crap. Not because I "didn't get it", but because it just sucked. Perfect MST3K material.

The Ballad of Little Jo

One of my favorites
Highly recommended. If you're looking for an inspiring film about an inspiring woman, check it out.

Two Moon Junction

Not that great, but...
Kristy McNichol's character made my heart a-flutter! Pretty lame movie - I don't care for Zalman King much, either.

Horror High

So what if it sucked...
I was 7 in '74, so my opinion can be ignored. But I don't need to see it again, I'm happy with my memories of it. I haven't liked paper cutters since. And the squeal of a guinea pig still freaks me out. Really bad movie - high school film project material, but I like that kind of stuff.

Dark Star

What's not to like?
When I was 6, mom dropped my sister and I off at the theater, thinking Dark Star was about a horse (?!) I had nightmares about that damn beach ball for years! One of the few videos that I actually bought. Hopefully this will be released on DVD (and then I'll go buy a DVD player...) Everytime I watch Alien, I think about Pinback.

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