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Everyone Says I Love You

Great movie, Natalie wonderful, too!
I first rented this movie as a fan of Natalie Portman and Woody Allen. I was thoroughly impressed with the great cast and how they lived up to their reputations by performing magnificently, but felt there were a few too many strange musical numbers, such as one where some kids dressed up for Halloween stop by for candy and begin this bizarre musical number. Maybe I'm not just one of those "Oh, isn't that cute!" people. Also, it was kind of uncalled for to have lotsa deceased spirits dancing around a la "Beetlejuice," which was much better in this case. Anyhoo, the performances are wonderful though I was a little disappointed that Natalie only got to sing two lines and Woody Allen did a great job fitting most of the cast in most of the movie, not leaving anyone out. There are tons of memorable scenes, and I strongly suggest you rent this hilarious movie!

Great Balls of Fire!

Pretty great!
This movie, starring Winona Ryder and Dennis Quaid, was a huge surprise to me. I've followed Winona Ryder's movie career and was completely blown away by the great acting in this movie. Though the mood swings of Jerry Lee Lewis depressed me momentarily, the wonderful portrayals of both main characters impressed my to no end. The flighty and totally fitting thirteen-year old character was BRILLIANTLY acted out by Ryder, and Quaid delivered and absolutely captivating performance. I don't find this movie lacking anything required in a movie about a music genius' life, and in fact, it goes positively overboard with the tremendous depiction of Jerry Lee's and Myra's lives. The music video is wonderful as well. Alec Baldwin also delivers to add a little religious drama to this "rocking" flick, portraying Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee's cousin.

The movie drags you in and makes you feel unbelievable apathy for the couple who married for love, and start to even hate the British press for "ruining" Lewis' career. Anyway, the movie, I think, is nearly perfect. If you want an amusing movie, I strongly suggest you rent this, also if you are a fan of Ryder or Quaid, this should not be missed.

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