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Camille Claudel

one of the most brilliant acting in a movie
How the american academy award could have forgotten one of the best performance of an actress ? it's a total mystery! The talent of Isabelle ADJANI is not at all recognized as it deserves. She's absolutely poignant in this part, from the young Camille to the crackin'up mature sculptor falling in despair and madness. The scene where Rodin touch her art in the dark and leads him to a scene where their respective egos fight each other, discovering the deep scars let by their devastating passion is an highlight of acting. At his level, it can be compared to "sunset boulevard" or "a streetcar named Desire".

ABBA: The Winner Takes It All

a restricted view of four amazing personnalities
The documentary was very awaited but if the constuction is clever and the archives were very good, something is missing: the 4 members talking about their life, together in the same room. I must say that the choice of the songs is too limited and a lot of tv shows from all over the world, including the strangest interviews or funny register could have been used. The solo paths are almost totally absent although it would have more lightened the personalities of the fab 4. It's strange that it seems quite impossible to capture the quintessence of their souls which is more complex than everyone seems to think

ABBA: The Movie

a shining documentary
Abba was an U.F.O. in the world of pop music, hated by the critics, adored by a big public, their music was under considerated until the nineties where Andersson et Ulvaeus were recognized as great composers, at the same level than John Lennon or Elton John. The movie, before Muriel and Priscilla, gives us an idea of the powerful energy and the positive way to take life. Lasse Hallstrom had the brilliant idea to mix the shots with a funny combination of unreal stories which leads the film on an unusual way for music documentary to capture the soul of the end of the seventies...So let the Queen dance...

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