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Major Crimes

Don't Cancel it!
This is such a great ensemble cast that it could go on and on. It survived Kyra Sedgwick leaving; don't know why Mary McDonnell had to be killed off, but it could continue. Why not Jon Tenney in the lead as the Chief of Police of that division? There's no reason for it to end. Great people. Great stories. It's proven it's an entity unto itself. Bring it back with a new name.


Can't Believe "Doubt" was canceled!!!
When I saw the first couple of episodes I thought this show would last for 10 years and be on a level with "Good Wife" and "Madam Secretary". I was shocked to see it canceled. If it's too hard to work with Katherine Heigl - if that's the reason - then bring in her 'sister' and keep the ensemble cast who is too good to lose. Some other network should pick this up.

Friends from College

A Really good show
I don't know what people are talking about not liking it. I am enjoying this series with its intelligent approach. I love Fred Savage and Colbie Smulders, and really like the rest of the cast. Keegan Michael Key proves himself to be a serious actor in this. Even tho it's essentially a comedy, it's more a dramady. I think people may have to watch it a second time to really get into it, but for me, I'm a fan from the start.

Royal Pains

Royal Pains a hit with me
With the dearth of scripted shows on the 4 major networks these days, I've been forced to check out the series on USA, TNT, etc. "Royal Pains" is a delight! I'm sorry the first season is over already. The HD is brilliant, the scenery around the Hamptons is glorious.....a great back drop for a really good series, full of humor and drama and just a mix of "MacGyver" thrown in. It's important to me in a series that the supporting cast is just as strong as the lead character, and here we have an eclectic group who complement each other, and their interaction seems effortless. I do agree with another comment that the chemistry between Hank and Jill needs to be tweaked in some way, but aside from that I do look forward to many more years of "HankMed" and I will be one of the first to by the DVD.

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