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Mystery Men

How Could So Many Good Actors Be So BAD???
Okay, the movie wasn't *that* bad, but it wasn't that good either. My first instinct was that it couldn't possibly be good - the storyline sounded too ridiculous. But when I saw the stellar cast list, I thought it HAD to be good. Well, after watching it, my question is how could so many incredibly talented actors have such a big lapse in judgment that they all ended up in this film? 5 out of 10. Worth a watch, but only if you've seen everything else.

Spice World

I Shouldn't Have Liked This, But ...
BUT ... I DID! I rented this movie for only one reason: I am a HUGE fan of Alan Cumming, and I was curious what the heck he was doing in this movie. Well, Alan's role was not worthy of his enormous talent, but shockingly I found this movie, as a whole, entertaining. I was even more shocked to find that a couple of the girls actually had some talent (I won't name names to protect the worshipers) I've never paid attention to the Spice Girls -- their music is okay, but not something I would buy. There were some really lame parts to the movie (the flashes to the future, the whole baby thing, etc.), but overall it was somewhat amusing. It's too bad that it was all fabricated -- they should have taken a Madonna "Truth or Dare" approach -- maybe then the critics would have been more kind. However, I liked the cameo performances by Elton John, Bob Hoskins, etc. and I loved the takes on other movies and songs (e.g. Spice Girl Five aka Tarantino's Fox Force Five in Pulp Fiction, etc. and Meatloaf's line about "I won't do that"). Anyway, I don't know who to recommend this movie to. After seeing the movie, those who hate them will only hate them more, and those who love them continue to do so. Perhaps people, as myself, who are ambivalent about the Spice Girls could like this movie.

Grace & Favour

Not Up To Par
The reunion series was a somewhat of a letdown for me. I especially loathe most of the new characters - the Moulterds and Miss Lovelock in particular. And the English hillbilly farm setting is dull, dull, dull! The new series just couldn't keep my interest as the old one did.

Red Dwarf

Sci-Fi for people who aren't Sci-Fi fans!
I am NOT a Sci-Fi fan, I am a BritCom fan. (Sci-Fi = snooze x2 to me ... sorry guys). I started watching this show when my local PBS station started airing it on BritCom night, and I LOVE IT! It's not like normal Sci-Fi because it's hilarious and it doesn't try to be accurate.

I have to agree with many people here in saying that Season 1 and 2 were my favorites. I loved the bare bones effects and sets -- it made the show rely more on good acting/scripts/directing to make it good, and they succeeded! (and yes, the remastering has ruined the shows -- the lack of FX added to the show's charm.)

The show has deteriorated a bit with each new season. Season 8 was nearly unbearable -- I didn't like how the shows were one continual story. The addition of Kochanski in Season 7 and 8 as a main character was a mistake. It would have been amusing for one or two episodes, but I was inclined to agree with Kryten in wanting her to leave. Another reason the show has deteriorated is that the Cat is less Cat-like. He has lost all of his cat attributes that made him such a great character in the beginning.

Still there are 6 fabulous seasons of this wonderful show to cherish! It's a must-see for any Britcom fan!

Are You Being Served?

I like them better behind their store counters!
As a fan of the wonderful Britcom, I searched and searched for a copy of this movie. When I finally found it, I was disappointed. I like the characters much better in the store -- they just don't do well outside of Grace Brothers. It was a bit dull that many of the jokes were pulled from the TV shows (e.g. the "Dear Sexy Knickers ..." note; Mrs. Slocombe making offensive noises while blowing up her air mattress, etc.) and the ending was an abrupt letdown. Still a worthwhile watch for any fan of the show, but don't expect a lot.

The Blair Witch Project

Didn't scare me ... until I tried to go to sleep!
This is one of those movies that I wasn't too impressed with when I first saw it in the cinema. The shaky camera work (yes, I realize it was intended to be that way) and the quick movements of the camera made me wish I were drinking Pepto Bismol rather than soda. But after I came home and curled up in bed that night, my mind started wandering and the film content started to bother me. If a film keeps me up all night, it means it's a good one. I appreciated its artistry much more upon watching it a second time.


A Most Original Horror Film
I remember seeing this one in the cinema when it came out, and it was terrifying. It is one of the best modern horror films ... very creative and original. Awesome storyline, but I do have to admit that the characters are dry and the acting isn't exceptional. Pinhead was more frightening in the original because his appearances were limited. In the sequels, Pinhead is the main character and there it is possible to have too much of a good thing. See the original, skip the sequels.

The Omega Code

Poorly Done ...
The idea had potential, but the movie was poorly scripted, poorly acted, poorly shot and poorly edited. There are lots of production flaws ... for example, Dr. Lane's daughter who never ages despite the passing years. Wait for video, but don't expect much.

The Mummy

The MUMMY is YUMMY, But GEORGE should have stayed in the JUNGLE!!
When the film began with a very ancient feel, I thought "this is going to be great!" I was anticipating a dark and mysterious film, but then George of the Jungle popped on screen with his goofy sidekicks. I haven't seen many of Fraser's movies, but can he do anything besides a goofy persona?

Well, okay, the movie *was* fun and entertaining. But the movie would be forgettable if it weren't for Arnold Vosloo (the mummy). He is HOT! Someone put this man a good role FAST (and please let me keep his accent)! From the looks of his resume, he's starred in a string of poor to mediocre films ... now's a prime time for someone to snatch him for a great movie.

Mortal Kombat

I don't know why, But I LOVE IT!!!
Okay, I took my nephew to see this film in the theater and I loved it! I'm 28 and have never played the video game, so I don't know why I'm drawn to the movie. It's silly, but entertaining and the characters are interesting. Secretly I bought the video, and I can't count how many times I've watched it. Lambert makes the movie. The sequel is disappointing, but this one is fun!

Xena: Warrior Princess

This Series is Going DOWNHILL Fast!!
The first two seasons of this show were outstanding, but it has deteriorated with each new season to the point of unbearability. I didn't mind the subtext so much when Xena and Gabrielle were at least occasionally involved with a man. But there's been none of that lately. Also, the episodes used to vary between a serious tone and slapstick, but now there's less seriousness and more slapstick. The best episodes are when Xena flashes back to her dark past (WITHOUT the annoying blond sidekick). Xena has softened up too much... she's becoming very boring.

When Harry Met Sally...

10 years and going strong for this classic romantic comedy!
Has it really been 10 years since this film was released? I saw it at the theater all those years ago, and I've watched it at least once a year since then. It hasn't lost its charm! It's a well-scripted, well-acted love story with a twist that has yet to be duplicated. The soundtrack is wonderful too -- it's hard to believe that Harry Connick Jr. was only 21 at the time. If you haven't seen this one yet, give it a try.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Too Long??? It wasn't long enough!!
Much to the agony of another reviewer here (Leo), "Unbearable ..." and "The English Patient" and my top two films. They are both tragic love stories in a sense, and both long and sensuous. With their wonderful soundtracks and beautiful atmospheres, they are great escapes into a different time and place. I would love to meet the man who can sit (and stay awake) through both of these films and actually enjoy them. If you've got to have lots of action and intense music to tell you there's about to be action, these films aren't for you. Then again, the person who has the patience to enjoy the sensuality of these films, probably takes his time to enjoy other things.

El Topo

Am I so jaded? Where's the gore?
I watch this film expecting to see the sickest, most violent movie I would ever see ... but I didn't. Where was it? Someone tell me. Am I so numb to the world that I no longer notice? I didn't necessarily see the movie for that reason, I was just warned of it beforehand. Too much hype? Maybe.

The movie is great, unique and definitely worth seeing (more than once actually -- it takes repetition to catch the full meaning). See it ... but unless you have a weak heart, you won't find the violence overwhelming.

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