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Disco Pigs

Not for the discerning film watcher
When making your decision to view Disco Pigs, keep in mind that the 6.3 rating is high for a movie of this quality--check the demographic breakdown! The people who enjoy this movie are teenagers who are just discovering "deep" material (and I certainly credit them for trying rather than wasting their time with The Grudge 2), but the more mature viewer will see that the filmmakers were trying to make a movie with depth, but failed miserably in their task. The overall plot has great potential, but many of the scenes make no sense whatsoever and are poorly conceived. Whether you can understand the characters' accents or not, most of the time you'll be wondering what they're talking about. The wannabe Shakespearean monologues are laughable. I can see the appeal of this movie to teenagers who are starting to watch or read more complex material, but for those who have been enjoying complex works for some time, leave this one alone.


I haven't laughed this hard AT a movie in a LONG time!
I thought I would really like this movie and from everything I heard about it I thought I would. I was wrong. Where, oh where, to begin! 1) The main characters are so unlikeable, I was rooting for their death. 2) It was completely predictable (and I'm really bad at predicting movies). 3) Total incompetency on the part of the actors, director and pretty much anyone involved in the movie. 4) The stuff with the kids was just hilarious. 5) The torture scenes were offensive not in their graphic nature but because they looked so fake and the audience is expected to buy it. 6) My girlfriend and I were making joke comments about what the characters would do, AND THEY DID THEM! 7) The goofs page should list "Revealing Mistakes: Too numerous to list here." 8) The first half of the movie is completely irrelevant and is nothing more than a boob fest. When I want breasts, I go to porn, when I want a movie, I watch a movie. Not that I have a problem with nudity in movies, just so long as it has a point; here it just ads to the "what the bleep?" nature of the movie.

I can't believe Quentin Tarantino put his name on this! This is by far one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. I suggest you save your hour and a half. There are so many better things you can do with your time than watch movies like this. I'm writing this so you don't have to make the mistake I did! 1/10

Destiny Turns on the Radio

What a horrible, horrible movie--it tries way too hard
First, for those of you who are interested in this because of Quentin Tarantino, take heed that his work on the "film" is only that of an actor, not writer or director. To make things worse, he has the best performance of the movie. While the rest of the cast seems solid on paper, it would help matters if they weren't all phoning in their lines (even Bobcat Goldthwait fizzles). The movie tries to be a quirky indie a la Pulp Fiction, but aside from the horrid acting, it also features poorly written lines and scenes so painfully bad (it's not often I encounter a scene intended to be comical turn into unintentional comedy) that you'll wonder what kind of person directed this. The answer to that is simple: someone with no other directorial credits--for good reason!!


is she or isn't she?
Contains possible spoilers. If you get this thinking you're going to see Bram Stoker's Dracula or Blade, get back in line for the latest Hollywood blockbuster and drop your subscription to IFC & Sundance because it just isn't that kind of vampire movie. If you like dark-themed movies about self-destruction, then definitely check out Habit. What I like best about this film is that it leaves it up to the viewer to decide for themselves whether Anne is a vampire or if Sam just totally flips his lid. I think that with the death of his father and his girlfriend moving out, that Sam, already an alcoholic, is near the breaking point. When he discovers his new sex interest's unusual fetish, his paranoid, delirious mind runs with her taste for blood and causes him to see her as a vampire. Take note of the scene where Sam is receiving the award for his father: when Anne approaches him and the professor, there is a brief glimpse of her as another woman completely, which could be alluding to her either being completely physically different from how Sam sees her or, if she is a vampire, that she's a shapeshifter. Both possibilities apply depending on how you look at the question of is she real or is it all in his head. I think the same question could apply to the sex scenes: are they real or did they do an excellent job of simulating them?

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