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Inspector Gadget

Good reasons to stay away from this film.
It was a sad day at Disney when they released this one. Even the incredibly talented Matthew Broderick and Rupert Everett could not save it. The plot was nonexistent and the humor was pitiful. The high-tech special effects were apparently supposed to make this film a blockbuster, but were not very successful. Younger kids would like this, but certainly not anyone with a little taste.

Meet the Deedles

Call me crazy, but I kind of like it.
This is actually a sort of cute film. I do not really know why, but it is. The acting isn't the greatest and the jokes are all recycled, but it is fun. I wouldn't waste money on a movie ticket for it, but it's a fun, light thing to watch if it is on television.

Freaky Friday

One of the best Disney films of all time.
I cannot say enough about "Freaky Friday." Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris portray their reversed roles flawlessly, and the excellent screenplay by Mary Rodgers cannot be beaten. Unlike many Disney movies, this one deals with real-life family issues, that amazingly, are still relevant today. Even with some poor editing and the inevitable Disney chase, the great writing(filled with "grownup" innuendo) and the top-notch casting make this a perennial classic.

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