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Roseanna's Grave

Endearing movie, gorgeous scenery, with a clever ending twist
Jean Reno is one very appealing and versatile actor, and here he's surrounded by attractive and loving women (as is probable in his off-the-set life). The setting is Italy so rural, the VCR tape should come with it's own bottle of Chianti. And, there's a clever ending which puts a neat exclamation mark to the story's moral. Probably filmed in Italian as well as the English version available in the USA.

The Apostle

Robert Duvall walks on water...but, the Prophet sinks beneath the waves
I love you, Robert, and I loved the Texas and Louisiana location shots. Hey, the revivalist church scenes held my interest, for all of five minutes. And Farrah (yes, a Texas native), well, you did a credible job. But, an Oscar nomination (for Duvall)? Strains all credulity! An Oscar for Most Boring Movie you'll ever see, in my opinion. Also, pointless, plotless and just "ess". Leave it be on the 99 cent rack, folks, there's nothing here.

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