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Unconditionally and irrevocably in love!
I never expected to get caught up in the whole Twilight phenomena. I was that person who would scoff at the Hot Topic merchandise and feel so superior and above all that "teenybopper stuff." Well, after getting the books as a gift, I was hooked. And as nervous as I was about this movie, I got the same butterflies in my stomach, and light-headed passion of new love that I did when I was reading Twilight.

As far as adaptations go, Twilight is pretty darn faithful. It is impossible to please all fans, but to condense 400 pages of text into a watchable movie, I understood some things would need to change. My only complaint is, I personally could have watched this film for another two hours! I was completely riveted with the chemistry between Kristin and Rob. This is THE epic love story of our generation, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the saga committed to film!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

People just don't seem to understand....
I'm flabbergasted by some of these reviews. I was absolutely enthralled by this film, and can't imagine anyone NOT falling in love with this amazing movie. I am in college, but I am a tried and true fan of all 11 amazing Lemony Snicket books. They are smart, witty, and dark. I've been looking forward to this film for a while, and had VERY VERY high expectations, and wasn't disappointed at all!!! Who cares if things from the books were changed around or things were added in? People expect exact replicas when books are made into movies, but that is not logical. The movie captured the spirit of the books perfectly, with AMAZING sets and visuals, and amazing performances all around. Anyone who gives this movie a negative review is just nit-picking. I cannot wait to see this movie again!! DO NOT listen to bogus negative reviews! Fans of the books WILL NOT be disappointed in the least!!!

A Christmas Carol

NOT bad at all!!
Well, from everyones reaction, I expected to HATE this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised! I really think people expected too much. This is a TV movie, not a Broadway musical! For a TV movie, it does it's job VERY well. As a Theatre lover, I really enjoyed everyone in the cast. Jesse L. Martin was wonderful, as was Kelsey Grammar. It was Jennifer Love Hewitt who REALLY surprised me though. What a lovely voice!! She really is a terrific actress. She's only in two scenes, and she steals both of them. Her song "A Place Called Home" with the Young Ebeneezer is a genuinely touching moment. Most of the score is VERY hummable, and i've always enjoyed Meknens music. I really don't get all the hatred this movie has gotten. Sure it has it's problems, but we can't always expect perfection, especially from a made-for-TV movie. I will Definitely buy the DVD when it comes out!!


well...this movie has it's moments
There are so many things wrong with this film, it's easy to dismiss this as a flop that should be forgotten. But there are some worth-while moments here, too. For this review, let's first talk about the things WRONG with this movie, shall we? *spoilers ahead, obviously*

So Peter Pan decides to grow up. I can deal with that, and it's a very interesting scenario. But, can ANYONE believe for two seconds that Robin Williams is a high-string lawyer?! Sorry, I don't buy it. Why Robin Williams of all people?! Doesn't make sense. The other problem is, the whole "parent who is so busy he doesn't even make it to his kids baseball games" is soo cliché. That could have been fixed. I could go into more detail about Robin's characterization, but, I'll just say that he isn't believable as a lawyer OR as the magical Peter Pan.

Tinkerbell. Oh, Tink. Why why WHY was Julia Roberts in this movie?!? there was NO need. The fact that Tink talks is beyond annoying. She's a fairy named TINKERBELL for trying out loud!! She's supposed to make bell noises when she talks!! Oy. There is also a very odd subplot where for NO apparent reason, Tinkerbell becomes human-size for all of 5 seconds, kisses Peter, and then goes back to being small. Huh? Did I miss something? Weird.

The lost boys. The set of characters that can make or break any version of Peter Pan. These lost boys are PAINFULLY PC and they are just so numerous that none of them have personalities, except Ruffio. And I can't get over the fact that not ONE lost boy has an English accent!? I think Spielberg forgot this is a British story. As for Ruffio...well, seeing the movie explains it all. A useless character to say the most.

Peters kids are decent throughout this movie. After they are kidnapped, Jack (still angry at his father) becomes like a son to Hook. For some reason, the little girl Maggie is ignored after the kidnapping, only appearing to sing a lullaby to remind her of home. I'm sorry, but little children should not sing in movies. Ever!! But the kids didn't hurt the movie at all.

Ah, now we come to my favorite character in all of literature: HOOK!! Once you get past the fact that Dustin Hoffman looks like a mouse, he makes a decent Hook. Jason Isaccs was much better. Smee has an odd accent throughout the film, but, there is some nice chemistry between Smee and Hook.

There are some cool shots of Neverland, but, we don't see ANY of the magic that makes Neverland the island where "children are forever at play." I much prefer Hogan's version of Neverland in the new Peter Pan movie. Also, we don't see enough flying. Special effects are severely lacking, even for a film made 10- years ago.

Peter finally remembering who he is should be really touching. Unfortunately the flashbacks don't add much, seeing as how young Peter and Wendy look at least 16! Way too old.

Still with me? Good! Now we can talk about the things this movie got right. The scene where Peter returns to England and sees "Granny Wendy" for the first time in 10 years is very moving. Maggie Smith gives her best performance. I love how they included lines from the original book (let me give you a squench!) Very impressive!! Peter confronting his past is also done well. When he re-discovers the underground home he had lived in with Wendy...well, it made me feel like I was reading the wonderful novel again.

Whew! So that's it. I've nitpicked this film, but it really isn't the worst movie i've ever seen. This movie IS long, and i'd only recommend this to Peter Pan fans who would enjoy a new spin on the classic tale. But in general, EVERYONE should be exposed to P.J. Hogan's new Peter Pan before viewing Hook. ** out of ****

Peter Pan

Started my Peter Pan obsession all over again....
This movie is, in a word, BRILLIANT. I've always been a fan of Peter Pan, and LOVED the Disney and Mary Martin versions we all grew up on, but this film is 100000x better than any other version! This is THE definitive Peter Pan. I can't say enough about it! This has quickly become my favorite film of all time. It's hard for me to explain why, but, NO movie has touched my heart like this before, ever. It's dark, funny, SEXY, intelligent, and a bit scary; just like the original novel.

In her film debut as Wendy, I thought Rachel Hurd-Wood was nothing short of brilliant. She really does look like she belongs in another era! I can't believe they found this girl at an open casting call! Amazing. If she chooses to continue acting, Rachel surely has the power to become one of the biggest actresses in the world within the next few years.

As for Jeremy Sumpter, he was, in my opinion, equally as brilliant. I've been a fan of his since his first film!! Frailty was obviously a different kind of movie, and Jeremy was good in that, but, he just IS Peter Pan!! I'm not ashamed to admit I have a crush on this boy. His smile melts me every time, and he has the indescribable boyish charm that is essential for the role. I know a lot of people get on his case about his little lisp, and about his supposed "wooden" acting, but, I thought he was the perfect choice. Where ELSE would they find a kid who looked good, was fit enough to do all the stunts, AND have the same AMAZING chemistry he had with Rachel?! It just wouldn't have been the same movie without him =) Mark my words, this kid will be a HUGE box-office draw very very soon!

A lot of people dislike how Tinker Bell was played, but I really enjoyed Ludvines performance!! Tink is everything she's supposed to be: Jealous, petty, and totally devoted to Peter! She is, after all, a very "common girl" and I thought that aspect came across great.

There isn't one weak performance in this flick. The Lost Boys are all charming and adorable in their own individual ways. Jason Issacs Hook is UNDENIABLY sexy and intriguing. Jason is also effectively meek and mild as Mr. Darling. As Smee, Richard Briars never fails to get laughs. And Oliva Williams plays the PERFECT Mrs. Darling, and she is really one of the most beautiful woman i've ever seen.

This movie was far superior than anything i've seen in a looooong time. I just think it's pretty damn near perfect, and it's already a classic in my eyes. We can quibble all we want about the films imperfections, but, I just like to focus on the MANY things that the movie got right. The special effects are often jaw-dropping without feeling overdone. The colors in this movie are drool-worthy. It's like nothing i've ever seen!

This is VASTLY underrated by many people, bur i'm pleased that it got as least mostly positive reviews, and has a devoted fanbase that grows every day! Rent this, and the whole family will love it!! What other movie has sword fighting, flying, fairies, mermaids, indians, pirates, AND romance!?!?

Long Live Peter Pan!!!

Family Guy

bloody brilliant!!
I can't remember the last time a cartoon made me laugh with such utter vulgarity and craziness!! Where do I begin?? I think that makes the show are the flashbacks. This isn't a show that leaves a lot to the imagination, it SPELLS EVERYTHING OUT for you, which is hilarious. For example, Peter makes a comment that he didn't fart until he was 18. Then we see a flashback of a younger Peter, and we hear a fart and Peter looks around and says, "what the hell was that??" BRILLIANT!! Also, the tv anchors Tom and Diane are hysterical. If only local news had more people like them!! Quagmire is my favorite character, and I laugh every time he says "giggidy giggidy giggidy!" Also, the Evil Monkey in Chris' closet is the best!

As funny as this show is, it is definetely not for kiddies. There are some times when I have been boarderline offended, and I am NOT one who is prudish. One example of this show pushing the envelope is when he is asked to babysit for the Griffin children, Quagmire sites Megan's Law as the reason why he can't do it. That's just creepy. But then he babysits anyway!! Shocking stuff.

As many times as they make my jaw drop, these characters can also sing and dance!! I'm a huge musical theatre fan, So I LOVE when they spoof different shows. Epsecially the episode where Peter becomes the theatre director, and he keeps changing everything around. When Lois expresses her dissaproval at all his rewrites ,Peter says "I thought you wanted a good show! if you wanted to do a bad show, we would have just done RENT!" this made me laugh espesially hard, because RENT is my favorite musical ever =)

Well, i've babbled on long enough. I would just like to end with saying, Seth is a comic genius!!!

Poketto monsutâ

In response to Ira's comment about my comment
Ok, first of all I have to restate the fact that Pokemon is the worst show ever. The animation was terrible and the plot is just so stupid and BORING. I admit, I hadn't really watched Pokemon that much when I posted my first review. However, since then my little brother has (sadly) been swept up in the "pokemon craze". Now I hate this show with even more passion since I am forced to watch it everyday. It might not be a bad cartoon if it wasn't for the lousy Animation and the stupid voices of some of the Pokemon (ex. Bellsprout, Kadabra, and many others.)I'll admit, there is exactly ONE cute Pokemon, and thats Togepi. But everything else is horrible. Now, about Ira's comment: when I stated, "why can't the Japanese keep their stupid Anime to themselves?" I wasn't saying anything bad about the Japanese at all. I have nothing against them or anybody else, for that matter. It's the Japanese ANIME I'm against. It was in no way intended to be a "racist" comment. I just hate Anime, thats all. And since when do I have to do "research" before posting a review? I'm just voicing my opinion as I am well intitled to. As for "growing up", I don't think i'll be doing that for quite a while, thank you. I'll enjoy being a kid who hates Anime and Pokemon. By the way, i'm writing a story where the Animorphs kill all the Pokemon!!!!!! LOL i'll send it to whoever wants to read it. Well, bye!

The Wonderful World of Disney: Annie
Episode 5, Season 3

It ain't like the original, thats for sure!
I had some major problems with this version of one of my favorite movies, the classic Annie. First of all, WHERE were Annie's curls!??!?! Annie is supposed to have curly red hair. Also, what's with there only being like 10 orphans in the whole orphanage? There were like 30 orphans in the original. Because of the lack of orphans, the "Hard Knock Life" song was so where near as impressive as the other movie. Also, the whole relationship between Daddy Warbucks and Annie never really developed. It was like one second he was like, "Who are you?" and the next it was "I love you". Now I love Victor Garber but he didn't quite fit his role. I also love Kathy Bates, but she too didn't come off quite right. She wasn't drinking or acting drunk during the "Little Girls" song, and never had that song about the adoption papers she's supposed to sing with Daddy Warbucks. I guess since it was shown on Disney they couldn't have alcohol or something. But Kathy Bates is no Carol Burnett. There were also some songs cut out, like the "dumb dog" one Annie sings when she finds Sandy, and she and the orphans didn't sing the "Sandy" song when they were naming him. Annie didn't even run into the little punks who were hurting Sandy when Annie first sees her. Also, Ms. Hannigan wasn't supposed to pretend to be Annie's mom, Lilly is! Don't you think Annie would recognize Ms. Hannigan, even in disguise? And where did that "N.Y.C." song come from? It was ok but it really dragged on. And Lilly was really stupid, letting herself be intimidated by 10 little girls! I mean really, how unbelieveable was that? And the ending is totally screwd up!!! Daddy Warbucks and Annie start singing the "together forever" song when nothing had happened yet!!!! Annie sings, "Yesterday was plain awful!" when NOTHING had happened to her yesterday!!! Then there was no big exciting chase scene at the end like the original, just that dumb Lily barging in babbling about Lord knows what. Then Ms. Hannigan actually SINGS while she is being dragged away!!! I mean, I know it was a re-make, but that is pushing it!!! This was basically nothing like the story is supposed to go. Now i've been going on and on about the many flaws in this film, but it does have it's good points. Fist of all that little Alicia Morgan DOES have a good voice, even if she doesn't have curls or if she doesn't sing like the original Annie. Also, I love Kathy Bates and Victor Garber, and they DID give out decent performances even if there was a lousy script involved. The main problem was with the writers, whom I don't think even SAW the movie Annie before. But all in all, this new remake is worth seeing at home, and I don't feel cheated out of 2 hours of my life. I give it a 5/10

The Blair Witch Project

Ok I have no idea why people were writing such nasty comments for this brilliant film. You have to have no soul or feeling or imagination not to think this film was scary. Those people who were calling society "sheep" and "androids" for liking this movie is b******p. People like what they want to like, not the media. Also, I really don't think there was a lot of hype about this movie. Sure you hear about it but you don't really understand until you see it. The actors were wonderful, their emotions and dialouge were very real, even if the swearing was enough to make a sailor's ears bleed! All in all, I was very scared by this movie and those who didn't like it didn't give it a fair chance. It's all about our deepest fears, and the parts where it was just black and we hear sounds was the scariest. People were really unfair to this film. It's a nice break from all these "Scream" and "Poltrigist" movies. I will agree on one thing though: the "newly released footage" was really tacked on and didn't fit well at the end of the movie. It's still very interesting to watch though. Everyone should give this movie another chance.


Really very good!!!
I really and truely love this film!!! It is very magical and touching and appealing to all ages. But whats all this "profanity" I hear about in other reviews??? I didn't see any profanity in this wonderful, moving film. My absolutely favorite part is at the end when Kat and Casper are dancing and right before Casper turns back into a ghost he and Kat kiss. That was sooo sweet!!!!! This is a great film!

Great Performances: You Can't Take It with You
Episode 4, Season 13

Pretty good!
This is a very funny play that i thoroughly enjoyed watching. It's really funny but makes you think at the same time. Our school is doing this play and I can't wait! I am an understudy for Mrs Kirby, it should be really fun! Everyone should see this funny play!


It's good!!!
I personally don't see why everyone is dissing this show. Sure it's different than the books and the books may be better, but give them a break!!! The acting is good and all of the boys are really hot!!! This show may not be The X Files, but it's decent and I enjoy it very much, so stop dissing this cool show! Animorphs rule!!!

So Weird

This show is really good, it is very entertaining and interesting to watch. The stories are so wierd and give you the chills. There are only two things I hate about this show. First off, the theam song is horrible and just plain annoying. The other thing that bothers me is Clu's dad. He is so annoying his voice just bothers me. His voice is always so gruff he always sounds like he's sick.He tries to act and sound all macho yet he's a teacher! what's the deal? But don't let these annoyances stop you from watching an otherwise really good show!

Bridge to Terabithia

I love this movie so much!!! I read the wonderful book back in 5th grade, and then we got to watch the movie and I just fell in love with it!!! Its such a good script with wonderful acting!!! This is a fantastic film to be enjoyed by the whole family!!!

Million Dollar Babies

This is a wonderful and heartfelt film! The actors are all incredible, and the whole movie is magically spellbinding! The movie is so dramatic, you can feel the anguish if Mrs. Dionne and the whole family. Me and my mom watched it and we loved it!!! A beautifully done movie!

The Princess Bride

A classic, and definetly one of my favorite movies of all time!!! I have so many wonderful memories conneceted with this movie, it's increadible!!! Me and my sister used to watch it together all the time!! I finally bought it since I hadn't seen it in years and it is still wonderful!!! Positively magical and a must see for the whole family!!

Stand by Me

:::::sigh::: Memories...
Yet another gem from the 80's! A very powerful and moving film that has touched a lot of people. I saw this movie when I was little and didn't really remember it but it was on a while ago and I got to see the end which was very good. It is going to be on Wednesday at 8 on TNT and I can't wait!!! Everyone will love this movie


I know I am far too old for this how, but the Teletubbies are just so dang cute I can't resist!!! Sure Tinky-Winky is gay and all that, but this is a very good show for little kids. It shows them the importance of friendship and the family unit. Po is my favorite, she is sooo cute!!! Watch this if you want to see something cute, you might be suprised!!!

South Park

I usually don't like shows like this, but there's just a certain charm to this show that I love to watch. The characters aren't realistic or anything, but their antics are still amusing to watch. Not at all intellectually stimulating, but good to watch if you're just relaxing and looking for a light funny show to watch!!! This show isn't for everybody though.

Saving Private Ryan

Good, but overrated
The first 15 minutes of this film are very tough to get through. Great performances by Tom Hanks, and though I don't like Matt Damon, he was ok. This was a very good film, even if it does have alot of gore though. But the only thing is that it is very long and complicated. Like I said, a very good film but way overrated!!!! This one is not for kiddies.

Spice World

I had to watch this movie at my friend's birthday party, and oh my lord was it awful!!! It was sooo bad it was funny, but I would NEVER see it again!!! The acting and the singing is terrible. The Spice Girls in general are awful and everyone should avoid them at all costs! Fortunatly, they are all pregnant now and haven't done anything new. In case anyone cares, my friend's little sister is a Spice Girl's fan, and one night I was sleeping at their house on her little sisters bed. Well, she has all these Spice Girl's pictures on the wall and when I woke up I was faced with Scary Spice's boobs!!! Ahhh, the horror!!!! LOL well, that's what I think about the Spice Girls.


My friend made me watch this show once, and since I usually hate MTV I didn't think I would like this show, but as it turned out it was really good! Daria is a realistic character that girls can relate to, and it portrays high school realistically too. A very good show for teens!!!

All That

This show used to be really good when it first started out. Now, it's just getting old. The cast isn't good anymore, except for Keanan and Kell but even they are starting to lose their appeal. I don't know, in my opinion Nick just doesn't have the same quality it used to have ever since the evil and terrible Herb Scannel became president of Nick. I miss my old shows like Space Cases and Roundhouse, they were way better!! Bring back the classics, Herb (if your reading this)!!!!


I can't believe i'm the only one who commented on this show!!!! It was sooo good. This show was on when Snick first came on, you know, back when Nickelodeon was actually good!!! This show stood out from the rest of the early Snick shows (all of which were good, but the evil Herb Scanell took off!) The off-beat sketches here hilariouse!!! I used to sing the theame song all the time. The cast was wonderful, especially Ivan (whom I LOVED in Newsies, which is the greatest film of all time!) and Dominic Lucero (rest in peace! We love you and miss you!)Nick just doesn't have good quality shows like this on anymore. All that Nick has on is crap. I was soo sad when this show was cancelled, and when I learned that Dominic had died. I hate Herb Scanell, (the evil president of Nick) He took off all of Nicks good shows and must be destroyed!!! Grrrr LOL well, anyway I urge anyone who reads this to bombard Nick with letters demanding they bring back their great shows like Roundhouse and Space Cases!!! Pretty please?? :::gets on knees and begs:::

The Simpsons

T.V. at it's funniest!!!
Man, no matter how many seasons this show has, it still hasn't lost it's edge!!! It is still a very funny show that a lot of people still enjoy. Homer is still disgusting yet painfully funny, and Bart is still the little brat that still makes us all laugh. I have a soft spot for Marge and Lisa too, since they balance out the family. A very funny show!!!

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