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Red Dwarf: Back to Earth (Part One)
Episode 1, Season 9

Be prepared...
All those in the UK who have seen this have already started to either tear it apart or embrace it as something amazing. I, on the other hand, am in the US... and had to take a few extra steps to see this. First, those of you who are expecting a canned laughter to tell you which spots are funny, none here... if you'll miss it, you probably won't like it that much. Second, those of you who bought or downloaded the books-on-tape of the Red Dwarf series (as read by some of the stars of the show) and enjoyed them... you're in for a true treat. Without the audience laughter, it felt like they were performing just for me. It had a very intimate feel to it, I can't say much more without giving away anything... then again, if you're a true fan in the UK or US, you've already seen it or found a way to see it. Just brilliant.

Chocolate News

Take all the tongue & cheek humor of Richard Pryor and throw it in the toilet. This program has no problem with reversing the racist jokes of the KKK (which are revolting) and make everyone else look like a total idiot... taking two steps back from racial equality.

Dave Chapelle managed to make outrageous sketches on Comedy Central making fun of *everyone*, the writers of this show just strive to hate everyone who isn't black.

I dream of a day where people can just be people... and being Irish, my people were slaves too... so GET OVER IT.

David, you're better than this... you're just being a HATE puppet.

Kid Notorious

Marvelous... simply marvelous. (sips martini)
I went into watching this show with just as many expectations as I did when I turned on Gary the Rat. Let me just say... Robert Evans has struck gold again. Not only does this program capture the essence of Evans... but it kicks total ass.

The only real way I can convey the style of humor in this show is this: Imagine The Critic... except he's the exact opposite. Just as funny... but not a loser (sorry John). Plus, the character Puss Puss the cat, which I assumed would simply be the cutesy part of the show for the girlfriends of the guys who were watching, is the fur-ball version of Rosemarrys Baby.

Anyone who enjoys The Family Guy, Futurama/The Simpsons, or even Happy Tree Friends will get a good kick out of Kid Notorious. I have a spot saved on my DVD rack for the first season.

The Blair Clown Project

Move over Hardware Wars, there's a new parody in town.
When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was going to suck. I went to a coffee shop to see it, and I didn't expect much, just three guys fooling around with a camera or something. What I saw was one of the funniest (poorly done) parodies that I'll probably ever see. Now, then I say poorly done, it was because the movie was done on only Digital VHS (obviously). The fight scenes were the best parts, along with the vomit scene... which made me a bit queesy because IT'S REAL! Jason Mewes' special appearance was a little short, but he's got a good interview, I was expecting to see him more. Anyway, I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good comedy... and anyone who HATES the Blair Witch Project.


One of the great '80s films of the '90s.
This movie is a comic romp through through the lives of a gang of Jersey 20-something's which had me rolling. True, it's not considered Kevin Smith's strongest film, but I (in my opinion) think it's the funniest. Not only that, but it also has a D.V.D. which kicked so much... uhmmm... butt. This campy feeling comedy is great in my book, and it's the perfect transition between Clerks & Chasing Amy. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

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