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Better than its rating
Yes, it's full of movie clichés. Yes, the acting is "eh" at times. Yes, apparently, it's a somewhat unrealistic portrayal of how swim meets work.

However, barring all that, it offers an inspirational lesson, and is based on a true story, so I can't really bear witness as to what's realistic and what isn't. What is true is this: in 1974 Jim Ellis helped save a rec center in a depressed neighborhood in Philadelphia and created a swimming program that, in real life, proves the old clichés.

From Wikipedia: Ellis' protégés include Michael Norment, the first black swimmer on the U.S. national team. His program at the Marcus Foster pool has sent swimmers to the swimming trials for every U.S. Olympic team since 1992.

I don't understand the people who gave it one star. There are so many more movies that deserve much worse than this. If it's on cable, watch it for a little. You won't be disappointed.


Who says a sitcom has to be believable?
Okay, it's not the best show in the world. It's not even close to being the best show on this summer.

But for anyone out there whose main complaint is that it's not believable because the kids are too different and look nothing like their parents, all I can say is that if you're looking for realism, maybe you need to start watching the History Channel. No one watches a Fox sitcom so they can turn it off afterwards and think, "Well, that was realistic. Very satisfying in its ability to be not at all off-the-wall." Well, it turns out maybe they do.

The show itself needs some work. The jokes are often too obvious, and sometimes "goofy" fails to equal "funny". But it's reasonably addictive, and, overall, a good way to spend a half-hour without having to think or really do anything except just enjoy the simplicity of it all. And maybe it'll get more clever this fall.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

That's fun. No, that's funny.
This is a terribly fun movie. The acting is deliberately over the top and does quite well. Everyone from Swanson to Perry to Reubens to Stephen Root does an excellent job. I don't understand people who didn't like this - it's simply fun.

Going to California

Clever, surprising.
I thought this show was going to be really dumb, and having watched a few episodes, I can say without a doubt that it is. But it's also very cleverly written and very subtly funny. Sometimes not so subtly. I can completely understand why it wouldn't be for everyone, but give it a chance; you might like it, too.

Family Guy

I miss this show.
It was too funny - I have rarely seen a show that so cleverly pokes fun at every aspect of our popular culture. Any time you combine a matricidal baby, a talking dog, a slew of flashbacks, and Seth Green, you just can't miss.

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