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Judging Amy

The characters on this show are wonderful. They are so real. I enjoy watching this series. It is well written and well acted.

The writing is superb, too. I wasn't able to watch the show when it first came on, and I have enjoyed catching up on the episodes in syndication. Tyne Daley is a fantastic actress. I hope the show goes on for many more years. Bruce and Amy need to end up together. There is certainly something there!

Bravo to all involved.

The Ellen Show

funny and enjoyable
I have watched the show and think is is quite funny. Who cares if she is gay in it. Will and Grace seems to get a lot of laughs on that premise. In fact it is one of the things the show is based on. No one seems to complain about the fact that the men in it are gay, and talk about it a lot! It's one of the best showns on tv. Now back to Ellen. I like it, I hope it finds an audience.

Two If by Sea

not as bad as I had heard
I avoided watching this for quite a while because I had heard it wasn't too good. But actually, I enjoyed it...enough that I have watched it twice now. I have a question the the data base cannot answer for me, though. The actor who plays the lacky to FBI agent O'Malley...he's not listed, but he has to be Dave Coulier from Full House. If anyone knows could they email me, please. Thanks

War Story

su-really wonderful
I had the privilege of seeing this movie in a private showing. It is brilliantly written and acted in a Charlie Chaplin-esque manner. It is so sweet and funny. It made me laugh. It made me cry, (but in a good way!) Without a word, the actors make you feel every emotion so fully, that you never want it to end. Bravo, to all involved!

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