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Tell one story and tell it well
One of the fundamental problems with a lot of Bollywood movies is that they try to convey more than one story at a time. This movie steers clear of that trap (though there are some distractions) and delivers a clear and crisp story. I don't think the story is exceptional (though being from the law enforcement perspective is unique) but the delivery is what makes it engaging.

The actors are believable and the casting is quite well done. I think going for Pankaj Kapoor in his role was very sharp. Other picks were excellent too.

I hope there are more movies from Kabeer Kaushik in the near future.

Der Alte

Slow yet interesting
I saw this show dubbed into english many years ago and really liked the show. The main detective was physically slow but mentally really sharp and you could see that he could out-think his younger juniors.

If you catch it on TV, you must see it. It is an interesting departure from other detective shows.


Is powerful if you can imagine
This movie is one that only works if the viewer has vivid imagination. The story is quite sordid with illicit affairs and non-vanilla sex and if someone goes to see it with the expectation that they do not have to use their own brains, it comes across as a tawdry and lousy quasi pornographic film. But, if you let your imagination run free and *visualize* the scenes not seen, it can be a *very* powerful movie. Get under the skin of Linda Fiorentino and let your mind wander free in the confines of the movie. It can be sexy, funny, ironic, scary and dirty, all at the same time.

Mississippi Masala

Many stories braided together
Some may think that all it is about is the race relations between Asian Indians and Blacks in Southern USA. I saw it as collection of stories, each running along its own thread while impacting others at the same time. There is a love story between a Black guy and an Asian Indian (by way of Africa) girl, there is a man trying to regain his lost homeland (which some may consider artificial), there are others who are trying to fit into the new-new-South, a younger brother who is a bother and a motel owner who doesn't understand the people around him. All in all, a well knit story.

Mifunes sidste sang

Good but uneven
It was a good film, but the story is not properly connected. There are gaps which make it difficult to see. I expected more on the Mifune angle.


Be prepared to have your guts ripped out
This movie has attempted and succeeded at trying to get a handle on the brutal days of 1947 when British India was separated into independent India and Pakistan. I would suggest that this movie be a required viewing for anyone studying the past and present of these two countries. Lahore of 1947 is not very different from Sarajevo of the 90s. And this too is no fiction. Mayhem depicted in the movie is *very* tame compared to what actually happened. It is my ferevent hope that the people of India and Pakistan view this movie and hope "Never Again".

Camille Claudel

Watch at your own peril!
A *very* powerful film about a woman and her life. Acting and setup is so good that it can leave permanent scars on your psyche. Hitchcock can scare for a few minutes, while this movie can scare you for life. Do not watch while depressed. I give it a minimum of 8 out of 10. Wonderful job.

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