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Breaking Point

Very Canadianish!
Breaking Point is supposed to be set Philadelphia but probably filmed in Montreal which usually substitutes for an American North Eastern city. Bo Stevens is a judo instructor/ ex marine who interrupts and witness a mob beat down. A Jason Stratham type character role. What works is the director creates with music, and camera work a slow burn approach. Canadian John Colicos a great type cast villain performance is memorable. The rest of film has some b list actors, a few choppy scenes which goes with the lower end budget. Some bad acting and a couple b cast actors give a cheesy b film. Breaking Point is another Death Wish 70's style film. A memorable ending and I kind of liked Breaking Point. 7 stars and the joy of reliving my childhood, when mom complain that's too violent turn the movie off time of my life.


Another remake of the Ware Wolf story!
Another remake of the Ware Wolf story!

Antlers reminds me that, every once in awhile I see a movie preview and say this looks awful, and the preview is just the bad part of the film and the movie is actually good! Well Antlers was one those films I did not want to go after watching the preview, but when I started watch Antlers, my wife and I are the only ones there, I realized this was the making of a good movie. Guys in an abandon mind? What is happening here!?! Antlers is a slow build up movie. A teacher wondering about a student? Russel she is such a good actress! Show's her demons of the past and trouble with alcohol. Why and how does it fit in? There is two stories in Antlers. The first is the classic Ware wolf story. The other is if you watch Tucker on Fox goes over what's happening to mid America with opioids. There is theme of drugs, the price children pay, mixed with the cycle of have the dysfunctional lost father with a depressed economy. A underlining second theme which is not too preachy. Any one who feels danger at home can relate as the real life Ware Wolf's which are parental . Actual a good movie 7 stars.

De la part des copains

Watchable but dated.
Cold Sweat is watchable but dated. Cold Sweat has a decent story of Bronson portraying a man with a past that the family does not know about. Yes I know Bronson was type casted! Bronson's character was a mercenary and the old crew wants the money from an old job. The family is held as collateral! What works with Cold Sweat is Cold Sweat mix humor as the family tries to look normal to the neighbors, while handling a impossible situation. Regrettably the characters are predictable, which fits into a predictable cliche style ending. The wooden character drive the story down a good story, with a predictable ending. A must watch for any Bronson fan. 6 stars.

Tom Stone

Tom Stone was likeable.
I was reviewing C B C's seeing things un-like Seeing Things Tom Stone had a likeable Jim Rockford character. Tom Stone has flaws, but charm and compassion redeems the flawed Stone. Angel for the Rockford Files was a character, and helped produce Tom Stone and there is taste of the Rockford File. A lead protagonist show with the right actor to portray the con man,/detective Tom Stone. I like the jail work sight bag stunts which is memorable, and Stone always being broke/trouble which drives the detective into the next mystery. Well after a few season Tom Stone gets a little formulated and un believable. Not bad but meeh. 6 stars.

Seeing Things

Could of been better!
Seeing things. Well sort of made on the cheap, choppy 1980's C B C t v series. Not like the more slicker T V American cable show of the 80's! I love detective show and watched the debute! The guy from Scanners who's head exploded stars as a psychic! The protagonist has visions and helps the cops, is a great premise. Regrettable the protagonist was hard to relate too, and un likable in a self loathing way. Not likable likable Jim Rockford or Magnum P I, but whinny. The protagonist is not helped by the wooden style C B C actors. My buddie Tony made us watch the show, which was lame on a low budget way. Watchable but could be better! C T V's Night Heat was better, and years latter Tom Stone got it right. Watchable, but I believe I bigger budget would of helped. The scripts could of been helped out with a few big names, better sets etc. 5 stars.

Good Rockin' Tonite

Loved this show as a teenager!
Loved this show as a teenager! Back in the 80's rock videos and I want my M T V was the rage. In Canada we had no M T V and a not as good Much Music came latter. So we watched Good Rockin' Tonite with Terry david Mulligan . Every Friday late night the guys would watch Good Rockin' Tonite at Tony's house! Mulligan and the producers gave a certain energy and feel for the 80's and the 80's music scene. What I like back in the day was the video's told silly stories of post nuclear war, hot babes, fast cars, total breaks of the hearts etc mixed in with some colorful interviews with Mulligan! The interchange of word play, rock questions, and a few silly games made G R T exciting for a Friday night. Stu Jeffries took over G R T when Mulligan left for Much! I just hated Stu at first. Did not have the same impact as Mulligan, which was a hard act to follow. Tony said give Stu some time Stu is trying to develop his own style. After the first few month's Stu developed a rhythm of his own. Stu actually became better then Mulligan over time. Stu was the popular funny guy we all liked. In the end G R T brings back memories of good music and good friends! Which is what the 80's were all about!

The Sopranos: Made in America
Episode 21, Season 6

Disappointing making the viewer wanting more.
Made in America was both good and bad. We see the damage collateral of Tony and the mob life! There is always collateral and the viewer see in the visual with the gross Phil hit. There's a child in the car, boy scouts, a biker accident, nothing is clean with such a life. Made in America shows the effects of the evil life on Tony's family. The end had to be traumatic for everyone. Many wonder who did the Tony hit, Paul, the new father in law, and or Phil's old crew. Well directed, and acted, but the ending. I get it the ending all goes black! Good in a way for a shock ending and memorable. But forget about it for an ending the viewer say no what!?! Leaves the viewer wanting more. Memorable, but lacking. Could of done more, but Made In America is more with less I figure.


Better the expected, like a good movie of the week!
This story has to be based on real life, like the old C B S and A BC''s movies of the week. The woke kill the movie script was left out, and there was some real life people with real life stupidity in Ma. The macro story is a dead end industrial town with real life losers who make bad life choices, and it's the kids who pay. Everyone remembers the too old adult who hangs out with the kid and this is Ma! Ma does not have pandering social message. Was Ma a troubled girl who was isolate and the past broke her, or was she already un balanced and just made a series of bad choices? Ma lets the viewer decide. The details of the characters that never grew up, have dead end jobs and hang out at the casino, drinking and not being parents make good story development. The at risk kid with parents with no time because of work and or irresponsibility are vulnerable because the lack of parental guidance. The viewer see the script reveal such by the experience of a 16 year old girl who is smarter than the rest, but falls into the trap. Mid point of the movies has Ma snap, and we see she repeats the same over the top movie of the week news headlines, but mixed with a good message of how Ma has the same destructive parenting behavior on her own daughter. Can the kid's break the bad choices cycle. Better then expected 6 stars.

The Wild Wild West

Loved this show as a kid, but hated as an adult!
I remember this show as a kid around 6 years old. My friend Dwight and I would watch this Western meets James Bond T V series. There is is a trap, an impossible way to get out and a army of cowboys our out to get the the protagonists and side kick must help Conrad save the day. There was make shift spear guns for and escape. Meter devices, and other M gadgets I said you got to be joking. A kids show in a 60's way. I can not believe how much I like it, when I saw it as a 15 year old I said boy this is dumb. 4 stars.

The Hand

Well its a remake!
I remember the old The Hand as a kid, so as a teenager I said I don't want to watch it saw it already, at my buddy Tony's place. Tony replied its the remake Mike! So we watched back in the 80's the remake. Tony said what's with this it's so cheesy. Cheap laughs as the severed hand kills, and draws. Years latter my girlfriend and I watched the remake, on A & E, while dating. A cheap date night, but we should of went out instead. Well, the girlfriend is now my wife, and we watched it again. A cartoon artist loses the drawing hand which crawls around and performs evil, and draws. Tony's words after all these years is right cheesy, but in a stupid way. There is a cameo spot with director Oliver Stone as the homeless guy who directed the remake. Well Caine is a good actor, which drives this cheesy, and slow in spots re make. Typical B style horror. I still remember my friends getting cheap laughs out this one. Watch it once every 15 years. 5 stars.

The Parallax View

Surprisingly good!
The Parallax View is surprisingly good. Well written and surprised there never was a remake. Un like todays corporate media Beaty portrays a reporter who digs, follows a logical deduction and uses inference for what actual happened. Not a follower, but a renegade! Beaty's character acting is believable of a tough relentless investigator. The story starts at Seattle's space needle, and Beaty is pushed out of a political event, and a big time assassination happens. A conspiracy theory comes along from Beaty's female friend, like most of the public Beaty follows the government/media narrative. After some digging from some sources about is it possible and the death of the source/ friend Beaty is off to small town Washington state. What I love here is Beaty's has this you got to be kidding serious look, with the corrupt police, and has the slickest move to get out of town. Well acted and directed the rest of the story had Beaty going deep cover with one deadly event after another. How long can the reporter stay ahead of the game with a well thought out plan. All the sub story lines all cumulate into a dramatic conclusion. The Paraalax view hit the viewer hard and memorable. Ages well. 8 stars. I get the ending there is a paraalax view to the truth.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Usually part 2 is worse, but this one is the exception!
Usually part 2 is worse, but this one is the exception! Part 2 usually repeats part one and become as predictable as a comic book, Star Wars, and or a Bond movie! Part 2 ish usual run out of ideas and follows the usual clichés of repeating the same story with different characters, and/or slightly changing the bad guy/story problem. Peter Rabbit 2 is a good movie, and breaks away the usual part 2 mistakes. There is the story time home away and back home theme. A few surprise plot twists. Some Guy Richie British style director adaptations is added to spice the tale up. Peter Rabbit 2 has a fish out of water comic style/genre movie. Well peter Rabbit starts with wedding humor. We see how Peter is tag with a bad image as Peter Rabbit tries to be good. Meanwhile a book career distracts the family from paying attention to poor little Peter. What works with part 2 is the makers leaves enough of the original characters and story for the series to work. Then mixes new characters from the city and story line for an original and fresh story line! The combination of part one and two's characters, and plots is perfect! So perfect, the mix of humor and action builds up and releases each sub story for the big climax! Part 2 does not disappoint.

Peter Rabbit

My wife love this film!
Well the animation and animal character development is great. A very British film. Farmer McGregor get's it. The ice cream truck and head lights jokes are great. The couples argument, and the overly zealous apartment store clerk was a bit too much for me. 6 stars. My wife loves the little rabbit characters, and the development of the very British couple romance, with Peter Rabbit's medaling! The garden, the raiding, the animals, and the Headlights part had Monica laughing and she gives Peter Rabbit a 10. Well I guess Peter never quite learned the garden message from the book my mom read to me at bed time. 8 stars.

Cat's Eye

King mystery Halloween stories.
King mystery Halloween stories. Cat's Eye is brilliantly written four stories the first one is the cat's journey which evolves into three bizarre stories. Our first story has a cat ride to New your via Cujo! The cat's new home is a extreme Quit Smoking clinic. James's Wood as the stressed smoker, is a side story with a liberal does of humor mixed with derangement! I give the first story a 7 out of 10. The protagonist cat is off to Atlantic city and is stuck in the middle of a demented gamble with a gambling gangster. The middle side story derange gamble keeps the viewer edge. 8 stars. King has the final story go full circle as the cat goes home and battles a nemesis. The final side story is a bit lame o, but hey the Cat finds a home. 6 stars. The story is a home away from home story style of many animals in books. Directed and and acted in a silly Tales from the dark side t v series style. Cay's Eye is better than average 7stars.

Ojing-eo geim: Front Man
Episode 8, Season 1

Well could be worst!
Well could be worst! Front Man started out with who is behind the games and the savage entertainment is the why! If one has so much money and can buy anything I guess this crew has resorted to cheap thrills. The detective works his way deeper and deeper to finding his brother. There is a predictable plot twist here! The character development leads into new story lines for season two. The contestants are pitted against each other. The two best friends and the loner gal. Finally the two opposites fight the businessman vs the slacker. There is a few plot twists. The game is beyond money now, and has become personal. A memorable but predictable ending. I did not mind this episode, but there was potential for so much more. Well directed, acted, but could have been written in a less predictable manner. Six stars!

Halloween Kills

Not as bad as I thought but not that good either!
Not as bad as I thought but not that good either! Halloween kills is not as bad as the woke predecessor! There was no woke Hollywood insulting 2 d characters of the macho super hero female character, the Lisa Simpon over explaining back female character, and the self doubt guy who cries and whimpers every 30 seconds annoying character. Halloween Kills actually has depth character, which reflects real people that the audience can relate with. Empathy for the victims and a story about the past fears tells a great past story. A good retro movie about a small town in fear. I thought wow real story development the first third was solid story environmental development. Suddenly, Halloween Kills has the town of Haddenfield turn into a un trained community watch group which is hunting for Michael Myers. Well written and directed until the mid point with a social message about mob riots which creates true evil town. In the end Michael is bulletproof, fire proof and indestructible to chains and bats. Maybe, a flamethrower would of worked. A disappointment ending. That is it ending there should of been more 5 stars.

Ojing-eo geim: Kkanbu
Episode 6, Season 1

One of the weaker episodes.
Gganbu I do not know what writer or writers wanted with the story; This installment is child games turn deadly as Gganby turns into an group therapy come clean story line. Long and boring with the explanations. Some character development in Gganby. Some parts I get some I figure it out other too predictable! The strong point is the protagonist gets destroyed spiritually from the Gganbu game which is the games purpose; A must see episode. Gganbu makes the viewer understand the rest of the series about the game maker and the protagonist demons. One of the weaker episdodes. 3 stars.

The Last Duel

Brutality realistic.
Brutality realistic. The Lat Duel is done in three chapter, by the stories of the main characters and the viewer decides the truth. Which I like! Great environmental filming as the viewer experience the smells, feels, and dirt of 13th century France. France is a true socialist state run by the Royals (government) with sword control only royals can own, and the surf society which decides who get represented by a two tier law system. People took by force, and Matt Damon's character is a professional soldier with the perfect 13th century mindset! Damon takes, and wars for possessions including Damon's character's wife! Damon's rival Lane fought with Damon but is a political animal. More educated, personable and useful works in with Affleck, a duke, and moves up the power latter and gains property etc off of Damon's expense. I believe there is a rivalry between the Damon and Lane characters and the rape of Damon's character wife is Lane's characters motive to one up Damon and get away with the crime with connecting with the duke would be able to get away with the rape. Rules do not apply for Lane's class morally or legally! Damon power play for the duel is the only systematic way to get back at Lane and is the warrior which should win the duel. The third chapter is Comer character a women who was sold as property, and meant for breeding. The rape was a property crime with a state run church accusing the victim that if Comer testimony's un true then God will the the victum be burned at the stake if Damon loses. God will let the true man win in the idea of divine providence! Lane is the one who runs the estate and is more educated can read and writes abilities does not matter becasue Damon has all the legal rights; Damon as the warrior makes the decision of the duel. All three Chapter perfectly directed by Scott builds up for the duel, which becomes a savage entertainment. Brutal and realistic 8 stars.

Ojing-eo geim: Pyeongdeung-han Sesang
Episode 5, Season 1

Squid games turns into Hunger games.
A Fair World has Squid games turn into Hunger games with as sociality degree. We see the characters act in a self serving ways as groups form, politics, deception, and personal characteristic arise. Plans, group dynamic form not out of love but necessity! There is a leader, followers etc makes the character developments for the next stage for the story. Mean while, there is an investigation into who is behind the games, and cheating to make money and advantages for the up coming game for the game as the human animal evolves. I would say A Fair World is a transitional episode. 7 stars.

Magnum, P.I.: Fragments
Episode 6, Season 5

Like a 70's murder mystery
Like a 70's murder mystery! Well sorta of a psychic murder mystery. Magnum's client believe she will be murdered by the client's on premonition. Fragments kept the viewer on edge as fragments of a clients premonition's come together as Magnum's investigation unfolds. Directed in a way of just giving away small doses of the plot in a slow burn method. The ending is cheesy in a formulated tv way. Fragments is worth watching one time.


One of the better versions of King Author!
I have over the years have seen so many versions of King Author, but Excalibur is so far the best. What works is the British cast creates a feel of realism of a British story. There is a few notable names before the actors became famous in Excalibur. Excalibur's script has all the ingredients of mystery, betrayal, action, and romance which blend together for a good story. The viewer is left with always wanting more as the sub stories unfold. The director and editors give away just enough to build up a simmering tension as Excalibur builds into the story of the search for the Holy Grail. A memorable ending which ties up a great story done by a great movie. 7 stars.

No Time to Die

Better than average!
No time to die well is a must watch for Bond fans. I believe No Time to die may put to rest a much tired movie series. The first third starts out with a mystery. Why is the guy there and who is that young gal? Bond has a life of leisure with a true love, but in true Bond fashion Bond is who Bond can not live in peace. There is a memorable bad guy with one eye etc and a conflict with a mysterious girlfriend. 10 out of ten . The middle gets bogged down with the usual government loses something story line. Bond which is a non p c series has some woke characters, the over tough gal, and whippy guy flat characters which drags the story but thankfully the characters become more believable later on. The cool gadgets are back in the middle. The bad guy is interesting, but the story has predictable video game style action. Middle is 5 stars. The bottom third has the usual, eye roll, Bond count down, and Bond saves the world. Bond has a family, which does not mix with Bond's living on the edge lifestyle. Some of the Bond action is video game ish, which is bit much. The story all folds together with an interesting sub plots and a surprise ending. I give the ending a 7. Not the best ending, but a must see for Bond fans. Well directed and acted. 7 stars.

The Ice Road

Lame, but watchable!
Ice road truckers is a bit of a lame movie. More like the C B S Thursday night movie but Liam saves the film. Liam plays the flawed hero again with huge problems. The supporting cast is the redundant typecast characters. Evil business guy, evil insurance guy, trouble though gal etc. There is the the story development of how dangerous Ice road trucking added to a disaster movie story line. There is the conspiracy plot twist which is all so predictable. What makes Ice Road Trucker watchable is Neeson performance at his trade. Worth watching once!

Ojing-eo geim: Jjollyeodo Pyeonmeokgi
Episode 4, Season 1

One of the better episodes.
One of the better episodes. Squid game or games is more then just a game, but a social experiment. After the character development of the last episode pushes the characters into the story line for the next episode. The viewer finds out the dorm become a prison. There is not enough food and there a line cuts. The plot twist is when one of the players is killed in a fight, and the money toll goes up and free for all starts. Desperate gamers in need of money divide into tribe as the criminal element thrives. Well directed and executed. . A must watch. 8 stars.

Magnum, P.I.: The Love-for-Sale Boat
Episode 17, Season 5

Not bad!
The Love-for-Sale Boat is not a bad episode. There is eye candy, and Rick gets conned by Macks double. This time with a Japanese connection. There is a twist where Hig teaches the gal about freedoms in the us. A comedy episode, which is silly and the joke is on Rick. I did not mind it. The comedy episode, which got my attention when I was a teenager. 7 stars.

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