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The Rockford Files: Quickie Nirvana
Episode 7, Season 4

Sad commentary
Sad commentary we have a very Liberal women who's ideas probably fit into today's politically correct climates, but not back in the 70's is an interesting character. Jim being a realist of what really happens gets tied up in a pay off scheme and is at odds with the liberal women. The moonbeam character just blindly goes with the people are good, good vibrations, it's how she feels not facts just compounds the problem. There is a few jabs at the cons, and peeling back the falseness of the peace and love West Coast cult movement which comes down hard on the poor women. A few good stunts and car chases, which ties up the ending. The poor moon beam character just crashes when reality crashes in which is just sad. A character driven episode, where the writers must of interjected a real life feel to it. The ending hits hard with the poor women sucked into a religious cult and just needs someone to think for her. 7 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Trouble in Chapter 17
Episode 2, Season 4

Not bad but formulated.
Trouble in Chapter 17 is a watchable episode. There is an author worried about attempts on her life. There is many plot twists, and a double life. Rockford hates domestic cases and the Trouble in Chapter 17 shows why. A annoying client, and even more annoying husband. A few plot twists with the surprised ending was predictable. The characters, ending etc was on the formulated side with flat characters and a too cut and dry ending. I stilled liked it. 6 out of 10 stars. Not a re-watch episode tho!

The Rockford Files: Dirty Money, Black Light
Episode 22, Season 3

Another episode which would make a great movie!
Another episode which would makes a great movie! Dirty Money, Black Light has Jimmy at his streetwise best. Money is being unloaded at Rocky's house by mail. Angel is involved, we got nasty loan sharks, and a Vegas money laundering scheme. Great story! The F B I is on Jimmy's and his father while Angel has the best performance as he lies and rolls of Jimmy. A true classic, a cool Jimmy with a streetwise hustle con's himself out of this mess. How does Jimmy get into these mess all the time? Must be un lucky. Well written, directed and acted. A must see for a Rockford Files fan! 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Crack Back
Episode 21, Season 3

True gold!
Crack Back has a story which would make a good movie! Beth is on a social crusade for a client who is falsely accused. Everything points to the accused quilt. Jim is more of a realist and takes on the back ground of the case. Meanwhile Beth is being stocked and harassed, which is affecting Beth at the trail. A slow burn story with acting and directing believable as Beth is unraveling and Jim tries to find a witness. The bottom third of Crack Back has great plot twists, and Jim's character of being a great detective shines. 10 stars one of the top three episodes. 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers: Part 1
Episode 14, Season 3

Memorable episode! What works: The old man character gets set up for the farm is likable and creates empathy for the audience. The elder stuck in a psych ward sets into motion a great story line. One of the sadist episodes ever. Rocky needs Jim's help for and old friend. Memorable scenes with the laughing gas and Jimmy's jail break for the old man. Jimmy has some smooth moves. Uncovering the horrid scam being played at the P C H make for a great second half! The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers keep the viewer laughing and wanting to find out what will happen next as Jim does his magic. 8 stars.

The Rockford Files: There's One in Every Port
Episode 12, Season 3

A good plot twist.
The two sides of Jim. There's One in Every Port is a two part play of Jim's character. Jim has a soft side, but lousy friends who take advantage of Jim. Jim is conned into playing a card game with the mob only to get ripped off. Jim has to clear his name and get the money back. Well Jimmy's has to con the con man. The best part is Jimmy understands the con man's greed and plays on it. Jimmy put's together a con team. Set's the players and marks into motion. Creates a set up and or need with the mark who thinks he's is in control. Watching Jimmy dealing with the different characters and getting out of a pickle is priceless. One of the better episode. 7 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Trouble with Warren
Episode 11, Season 3

Not a classic but like able!
The Trouble with Warren is not a classic but a like able episode. What works with The Trouble with Warren is the character of Warren. The usual Beth needs a favor from Jim investigation episode. Beth or Angel drag Jim into a pickle every second episode. What works here is the memorably unlikable character of Warren . Warren is high I Q but low E Q personality. Warren likes to practice math problems and can not properly socially interact with other people and there is a real life feel for this character.. Warren does one not to swift move after another to be framed for murder, and drags Jim into the mess. There is a Wedding scene which is a classic and other quick cons help Jim solve the why? Worth watching once. 6 stars.

The Rockford Files: Piece Work
Episode 10, Season 3

Great character!
I like Piece Work which is a character driven episode. What works here: The interesting character interactions with the story makes Piece Work a gem of a story. Jim has to play wits against a rival P I, which makes for some interesting scenes. The upper elite country club has some interesting mob character, who add spice to a gun running story. Jim of course gets dragged unknowingly into a gun running operation for interesting interaction with the F B I characters. All 3 mentions variables makes for an interesting interplay between the characters and story. Worth watch as the director puts all the stories characters into the execution for a memorable ending. 8 stars out of 10.

The Rockford Files: Return to the 38th Parallel
Episode 9, Season 3

Not my favorite episode.
Not my favorite episode, but watchable. Ned Beatty is Jim's old army buddy which tries to angle into Jim's P I business. What works for Return to the 38th Parallel is the good plot twist of Jim being played buy his friend. The Jim using his wits to out con a con makes for an entertaining second half. Fine acting by Ned Beatty and the rest of the cast for a strong series. What did not work: The usual Jim being played and framed story line. The 70's con job series interesting at the beginning of the series but becomes too formulated and tired after the first two years. Not a bad episode, but just blends in the other similar story line episodes of the series. Watchable but not memorable. 6 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Rattlers' Class of '63
Episode 8, Season 3

The bogus Wedding episode!
The bogus Wedding episode! A true 70's mystery classic! Angel gets married in the beginning in a humors wedding, which of course Rockford gets framed for murder. The rest of the episode asks the why for the murder so Jim can crawl out from under it! Great characters, and a slow unraveling of the mystery which keeps the viewer engaged. The mix of humor and action makes for a good balance. The details are great from bikers, too Angels in laws. The closing scene with Angel make Angel a likable and memorable character.

The Rockford Files: So Help Me God
Episode 7, Season 3

A serious episode.
A good episode, where one experience the abuses of the Grand Jury System. Jim gets unknowingly put into the Grand Jury meat grinder. What makes So help me God interesting is how Jim gets sent back to prison by slandered. The con's are out to get Jimmy who is unknowingly on the mobs hit list. Well written, acted and directed. The viewer is wondering how will Jim get out of this pickle. Worth watching. Not a classic episode, but memorable ones. 6 or 7 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Coulter City Wildcat
Episode 6, Season 3

Good 70's mystery story.
A good 70's mystery story. Rocky get's involved in a Oil lease deal. There is a hustle being play on Rocky and Jim has to go to the small town. There is the usual Jim poking around, car chases, and questionable Rockford investigation tactics, which make for an entertaining episode. What works here is the father, son Rocky -Jim relationship. Proud but loving is how one could explain the Father son dynamic. Look's like Rocky struck in rich, but there is the usual Rockford files twists. A memorable episode from a strong season 3.

The Rockford Files: The Family Hour
Episode 3, Season 3

Yo Rocky!
Yo Rocky, Burt Young plays the Pauli character again perfectly. The abandoned girl needs Jim's help. A good story of drugs, with a Starsky and Hutch car. A mystery of why the girl? Who is after the girl? Jim has to play the shell game with the bad guys. Who are the bad guys and the plot twists make for a good ending. Entertaining episode. Not the best of the series. Formulated, but likable. 6 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit
Episode 2, Season 3

I really liked this episode!
I really liked this episode! The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit works well. What worked: The fake psychic is such a heel. Manipulative, a liar, and slimy. Jim has a new partner with Mr Slime buck, which causes Jim much trouble. The interviews and and detective work turns into a good mystery. I love the ending with the crime of passion story line. The ending was great where Jim and Beecker almost got the slime bag who weaseled out this one. Memorable episode. I just hate that fake!

The Rockford Files: The Fourth Man
Episode 1, Season 3

One of the better episodes in the series.
The Fourth Man is a mix of horror and mystery in a 70's style. Jim's friend a stewardess believes there is someone stalking her. There is a mix of a weird encounter with a customer, a parking lot scare, and an apartment scare. Like Friday the 13th movie there is grey lighting, quiet no sound, and a loom of doom as the woman deals with a feeling of dredge. No one believes her. Then Jim comes into the mystery and sets a trap. The detective Jim knows something is wrong and becomes involved with a murder for hire mystery. The unraveling of the detective bottom third makes for a good story which slowly unfolds. The mix of a horror movie to Rockford detective story is a great merger. Well acted and directed. Nine stars. One of my favorite episodes.

The Rockford Files: Where's Houston?
Episode 20, Season 2

Another 70's mystery story.
Another 70's mystery story. A client, who is Rocky's friend, is set up; A few twists and turns makes for a unbelievable, but an entertaining installment. Jim must undercover layer after layers of the mystery. Jim get's set up and Becker looks bad. What works is the viewer is guessing what will happen next. The interacting between Jimmy and the harden daughter of the client gives us the human sides of both Rocky and Jim. The character development of Rocky and Jim resonates the likability of the father and son characters with the audience, which makes for a successful series. The ending is very 70's mystery ending like a Columbo episode. The ending with the daughter is a memorable side of Jimmy. 7 out 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Italian Bird Fiasco
Episode 19, Season 2

Kind of like the old Bogart movie!
Kind of like the old Bogart Falcon movie! Jim is hired by a shady art dealer to but these birds, which keep getting broken. A old time chase at the begging to start the mystery as in many classic movies. Many players and many birds adds flavor to the story. Like the old Bogart movie Jim gets caught in the middle. The character development of the treacherous characters and plot twists makes for a good old time P I investigation movie! Of course Becker get involved and Rockford has a scheme to under cover the mystery for a memorable ending! Well written and directed. 8 stars. One of my favorite Rockford episodes.

The Rockford Files: Joey Blue Eyes
Episode 17, Season 2

Not bad!
Good episode with the usual plot line. Beth needs a favor. Jim's soft side is helping someone out in a bind. Ex con, bone crusher. aka collector who's gone straight will lose the family restaurant in a con scheme if Jim does not help. Jimmy has to put together a con scheme? A classic con scheme story line. The conflict between Rockford and Joey is good character development. The tension, of the evil characters which drives Jimmy to a devious plan create a certain epathy for the viewer. Angel is good at being the sleazy, which adds much needed tension relief for exciting story. The park con is funny but brilliant. Little details like the hood not counting the money is great humorous details to a funny episode. 7 out of 10 stars. Rockford files hits it's stride with this episode.

The Rockford Files: A Portrait of Elizabeth
Episode 16, Season 2

John Saxon episode.
John Saxon who never was on Hollywood's A list, but was one of the most recognizable actors of the 70's and 80's. Well, because Saxon performed every role possible. John gets his turn with the Rockford Files and plays Beth's love interest. I never seen Jim jealous before and the cool Jim is out of sink at the start of the show. Beth's love interest has all the right moves, chic, smart, but slimy. Jim sees the problem, but humorous deals with the clash culture. Jim needs a tie in the restaurant scene is hilarious. Well Jim gets set up, and Beth is heart broken in the old set up scheme. Regrettably Jim has to street smart the formidable John Saxon character and help with Beth's broken heart. The Portrait ending is memorable. A Portrait of Elizabeth is a solid episode following the entertaining formula which make the series memorable. 7 stars.

The Rockford Files: The No-Cut Contract
Episode 15, Season 2

Meathead! If you are familiar with All in the family their is the Meathead who Archie called his son in law you will be surprised. Well meathead plays the complete opposite of what you expect. Reimer is a quarterback who frames Rockford with holding mob tapes. The No-Cut Contract has a mix of humor, and Jim's sarcastic yet slick style. Rob Reimer plays the opposite of the All in the Family character. Who lies, set ups and back stabs Rockford every step of the show. Reimer play's the most repulsive character on the series ever which says alot. Not a bad show, but memorable for the un-likable character. 7 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Hammer of C Block
Episode 14, Season 2

Stands out!
Stands out! Memorable story! The Hammer of C Block has this big black guy waiting at Rockford's trailer! That's strange! What is Jim in trouble for this time? Hayes solidly is the harden collector from C block who Jim owes money from a prison crap game. Jim got out and skips paying the high debt! Jim has to pay off the high debt by working the ex convict's false murder conviction. The Gandy/Rockford relationship is so real. The collector and other characters give a real life feel. The Hammer of C Block has the past come back to haunt the collector, and show's Jim's compassionate side! A sad story! 9 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club
Episode 13, Season 2

One of the better in the series!
Jim and poker what a great concept. The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club has a game Jim must figure out if the game is rigged!?! There is the double cross, organized crime and a pretty girl all the makings of a good detective episode. The Bay City Boys Club has a bit more than pokers! Jim has great moves for the ending with a fire alarm, medicine ball, door fakes etc, which make for a memorable installment. Well the mix of humor and charm mixed with sarcasm make Jim a great character. 8 stars.

The Rockford Files: The Reincarnation of Angie
Episode 12, Season 2

A real life feel!
The Reincarnation of Angie is a real life story. A rich brother ask for his sisters help! The viewer wonders what is going on. Angie asks for Jim's help with the usual Rockford Files goons following her. Jim uses some slick moves to wrangle around this case. The F B I and the mob are both in for it with Jimmy who has to cut a deal. Good story but the gem of this script is the sub story of the interaction between Angie and Jim. The human sub side story for the investigation of what people do and why. Jim is quick enough to work both angles out for The Reincarnation of Angie. The ending has a real life surprise, with an empty feeling to it. Seven or eight stars.

The Rockford Files: Pastoria Prime Pick
Episode 11, Season 2

Unbelievable but entertaining.
Unbelievable but entertaining. Well I bet there is real life small town scams. The more unbelievable the story and there is a possibility that it probably happen. Jim has a car break down which set up the whole scam. A pretty girl in a hotel room, planted drugs and a sheriff set into motion a mess Jimmy needs to figure out. Well directed and acted the story hooks the viewer into the mystery. There is a build up and build up as the viewer learns more and more information about the set up. Reminds me of the movie Break Down. The ending with the police car is memorable. Pastoria Prime Pick will be remembered for the bombast story, but Pastoria Prime Pic is not a classic episode like the drill for Oil one. 7 stars out of 10.

The Rockford Files: The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company
Episode 6, Season 2

Entertaining episode. Blue Lake has a land scam, and Rockford is taken for 10 grand and framed for murder. How is Jim going get out of this one? Well written, acted and directed. The script and acting keeps the viewer wondering how is Jim going get con the con men? Some great stunts with a desert car chase. A bit formulated, but done well. Not the best Rockford files episode, but entertaining. I give The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company 7 stars out of 10.

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