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Special Report with Brit Hume (1996)

I just never watch the Nightly news. I just never watch the Nightly news. Well Bret the current anchor is professional and smooth. Special Report is break for a conservatives to watch the news, but still hits hard and has hard questions for both sides of the political field. Regrettably, my attention span lasts for about 5 minutes for any news show. Many articles, and guests are not of any interest. Usually the expert panels, on the spot reporting, storms etc becomes to repetitive for a person like me who gets most of my news from the net. With the competition of the internet the viewer has a choice of what articles and videos one can watch. There is no viewer interaction with the nightly news. Good for back ground when making dinner. Special Report is good to have on during an election and Special Report will past my five minute threshold. Does not omit, or cut out facts or not report issues like the more Liberal media does for conservative interests. News for more center of right people. 6 out of 10 stars.

Outnumbered (2014)

Run of the mill political talk show! Run of the mill political talk show! FOX news version of The View! What works: Outnumbered is as good as the guess. The right energetic, controversial guess are excellent. Some of the women who out numbered are great guests speakers. Depends on the issues, some are entertaining etc, and others emotional. What does not work: Well a slow news week makes Outnumbered back ground noise when I am on the computer. Some guests are a cure for insomnia. The show can be a 9 or 3 depending on the factors I mention. Average out the show as a 6. Bigger fan of The 5.

Chopping Mall (1986)

Dorky lame 80's horror movie! Dorky lame 80's horror movie! Back in the 80's before it was cheep family day at the mall where you bring the grandparents and uncles the mall was a young, hip, youth culture place. Guys would check out the girls, every second girl was blond, with a mix of fashion savvy! Clicks of new wavers, rockers, and preps crowded the 80's malls; What better place to have a youth culture horror movie. A dorky idea of creating computer/security robots into a mall with lasers. Why laser uh? Robots with lasers mixed with eyed candy of hot guys and blond women everywhere creates a 80's campy horror movie. Of course the computer techs are dorky and clueless about the Mall's evil version the Terminator. Heads exploding, nudity, bad acting,no story, and just awful. Acting, sets, and story I give a zero, but another movie geared for teenage shock audience. Well it was the rental of the week, back in the day of the video store. Soon to be a 99 cent rental. Skip this one

Miami Vice: Walk-Alone (1986) Episode 4, Season 3

Miami Vice goes to prison. Miami Vice goes to prison. After finding a prison guard dead in a drug deal, Tubbs is sent deep cover as a, big time, drug dealer into the prison. A fast pace, easy to follow episodes, with mean guards. Prison life, and the Vice gang with informants creates a few twists and turns. The plot twist at the ending has Marty go big time to save the team. Entertaining, but will be remembered as the prison episode. 6 stars.

Miami Vice: The Prodigal Son (1985) Episode 1, Season 2

Disappoints After a big build of a super hot rookie season there was a huge movie style season opener for season 2 called The Prodigal Son. Such a huge build which dissapoints like many blow out super bowls. The Prodigal Son disappoints. Big names, movie budgets sets, directed well, acted well, a memorable rock video, and a exciting beginning. There is even a few memorable moments like the chat with the banker. Regrettably, The Prodigal Son is thin on story. Unbelievable, awkward, too over the top, episode. The Prodigal Son compared to season one was missing the details, and finer nuance of the better previous episodes. Even the fights scenes are too much. I did not mind The Prodigal Son, but not a great episode. 5 stars.

Miami Vice: Little Prince (1984) Episode 11, Season 1

under rated episode. Under rated episode. At first glance I found little prince could get across as laborious to watch with the usual investigative police work done by Crockett and Tubbs. On second watching Little Prince is the character developmental story of rich kid, who lives a life of suffering. The real story of a Father son relationship. Living with a ruthless and harsh father has a negative impact (or the human factor) on a caring son. There is surveillance, police work, and the legal side of the crime work. Crockett and Tubbs shine with the rest of the Vice squad trying take down some evil drug dealers. The ending shows, Crockett's soft side with a powerful father son conclusion. Crockett's line maybe this will save the kid is memorable. 7 out of 10 stars. Maybe threw losing everything the kid will save himself I got the ending after a second watching.

Miami Vice: One Eyed Jack (1984) Episode 6, Season 1

One of the better episodes. Crockett's strong arm tactics against a loan sharks/gaming back fire as the Detective tries to help and old friend. The mob creates a perfect frame on Crockett and make Crockett a One Eyed Jack. Crockett is marked and targeted by internal affairs, which is the hook that kept me watching . The new Lt is introduced. Marty is not going be like the old L T. Cold, stoic and by the book the Marty is the heavy for the Vice squad. The mob feel for One Eyed Jack is real life. The budget, acting, casting builds are perfect vehicle for Don Johnson's character. Crockett, is gritty, tough and thinks quick and reacts correctly, which make Crockett shine in One Eyed Jack. Such a strong character that Marty was introduced as a counter balance for Crockett. The L T can real the sometimes hot headed Detective back in. Miami Vices starting to hit a good stride with One Eyed Jack. One Eyed Jack made Johnson the star of Miami Vice.

Quella villa accanto al cimitero (1981)

Just another low budget horror movie. Just another low budget horror movie. In Itila style. There is a few scary artistic moment, but that's it. Campy elongated scenes. Over acting, which tries to compensate for a low budget. Could be some cultural misinterpretation for a North American audience from an Italian horror movie. I'm sure I missed a few cultural scares/impacts of the film. A movie one watches on fast forward. The usual their is a house. There is something wrong here? A mystery is revealed? 3 out of 10 stars. Miss this one.

The Evil (1978)

Camp horror movie Campy, sad horror movie. One of those sad 70's horror films. One that one watches on fast forward, which is what I did. The house attacks people who are trying to fixer up for a drug rehab center. Well more like a mansion, under a hot springs. The usual cast which dies off and a mystery. The mansion is under a port hole to hell. Campy acting and directing. Well a late night movie. Miss this one. 4 out of ten stars. There is a mystery which I will not tell, but the Evil is looking for a something the usually story plot.

Christopher Robin (2018)

Great movie and great life lessons. Christopher Robin threw the trials and evils of this world loses himself and finds himself again. The viewer experiences (MacGregor) Christopher Robin as a harden cold, serious adult from the experiences of life. Well acted and direct with a feel of late 1940's London with a few glaring mistakes. The middle of Christopher Robin movie has Christopher losing his wife, daughter and himself, and the turnaround of Whinnie helping Christopher. The computer graphic, mannerism, and language gives Whinne a realistic dialogue for an evil real world mixed with childhood books. Christopher Robin leaves off where the Pooh books left when Robin's loses his childhood and Pooh as the boy is pushed off into boarding school and real life. When Pooh wakes up from a long lost sleep Christopher Robin perfectly creates threw Pooh the feeling of loss sadness and regrets form with the loss of ones inner child. Oh what a real tear jerker for a harden man! The viewer and Christopher is pushed back into the inner world of a child with with the Pooh problem/mystery of finding Tigger, Piglet and the rest of the gang. The bottom third goes back into the real world as the child side tries to save Christopher Robin. Robin's family, the Pooh gang with the idea of play and nothingness come out somethingness. Even the message of holidays and benefits a middle class the childish thinking of a middle class creates a somthingness melds the adult an childhood roles into two. Well, crafted story. A surprise of the year. 10 stars.

Better Call Saul: Winner (2018) Episode 10, Season 4

Strong but predictable ending. Strong but predictable ending! Winner shows the art of the con as Jimmy becomes Sal. Did Jimmy miss his brother Chuck or was the speech and act. The director gives a feel of both. Kim wonders about Jimmy at the end of Winner. Is Jimmy a social-path? When does Jimmy tell the truth? Kim's look at the end of the season tells much. Mike turns into losing all his morals as Mike becomes a horrid killer. All those working in Gus's organization are dragged into a horrid mess. Gus is a glib drug dealers with a hidden mask of a better person gives insight for next season. The mix of a storm is turning. The characters are charging up negatively. Mixing a drug suppliers, mercenaries, and giving slipping Jimmy a law licence, which was Chucks warning, is mix of an up coming tragedy! Collateral/innocent damage is always shown as a message from about making bad decisions is a theme with the series. A moral message. Like any tragedy the viewer can not keep one's eyes off the train wreck which is about to happen for the up coming season. The director mixes realistic acting with movie style sets and budgets for an exciting final 8 out of 10 stars.

Hell Fest (2018)

Bad and good blended together but just could not get that 80's retro feel! The mechanics were done right, but the bad character development was the true horror of this film. The first two thirds of Hell Fest was the character development, which creates the ground work for all slasher films. Hell Fest like many modern movie's character development was way way to P C. The intro of the killer and the annoying characters was done right. The character development has to have annoying characters, in order for the audience not to become to attached. Regrettably, there was no likable characters. The cast was that group of people no one likes at the school dance, and or the family no one wants to arrive for the family gathering. The P C culture of the cast where everyone is the same gives a body snatched experience. All characters are whiny, lacking, needy and try to hard personalities types. 80's had a balance, diverse character development, of the stupid jock, annoy needy person, and cheating girl is balance with the alpha person who remains cool, and the gal that gets it. The 80s group functions like a real life group and the like able characters the develops empathy and someone for audience to root for. The empathy development creates the real horror for a perfect slasher flick. The saving grace for Hell Fest is the spooky environmental back drop of the park mixed with the deranged mind of the killer. A Friday 13th homage and T C M feel with the motiveless derangement of evil is powerful. The music, red lettering, the rooms of Hell Fest, and the methodically killers make perfect mechanics for a relentless Halloween style slasher flick ending. 7 out of 10 stars because of Hell Fest bottom third just rocked.

Tuff Turf (1985)

So sappy that it's sticky. So sappy that it's sticky. Another teenage gang story. A reboot of 50's gang movies with an 80's twist. We got Eye candy, good looking guys, a love story two rivals. The too cool individual must face the ugly mob and win the girl. Lot's of goofy new wave dancing and music, which is sappy and sticky. A plot twist, with the hero going threw torment until the final show down. The ending is thick, sappy and sticky. Well another 80's teenager flick. The ten speed flying in the air was funny to watch tho. I give a big 3 out of 10 stars.

3:15 (1986)

Another 80's teenage gang movie. Another 80's teenage gang movie. The formulated cliches are there. Eye candy women a stud of a guy with the Gary Cooper High Noon ending where the lone rugged individual stands up when on one else does. Lot's of teased hair, macho guys, with an 80's new wave track. The guy with a checkered past must face his old gangs members. There is a love story. Back ground characters with low character arches. Nothing much here but 80's memories. Fun to watch when I was 16. 3 stars.

Miami Vice: Forgive Us Our Debts (1986) Episode 11, Season 3

Typical police investigation show Typical police investigation show with a twist. Crockett gets sucked into an investigation for a death row inmate Crockett put in jail. This is the reason police do not investigated assignments with personal baggage. A few twists and surprises. What I felt from the start was Crockett do not do this, which made me wanting to watch more. Something is not right here. Listen to the D A Crockett. The bad guy is just slime with a prison psychopath con act. Strong acting, music and style blends Forgive Us Our Debts with a twist from the typical police investigation episode. What the viewer learns and drives the story for Forgives Us Our Debts is the Crockett character lives by a moral code, with Crockett's strong personality which makes Crockett a great detective; and personality which can be used by an evil mind. The ending with the song We do what we're told to do is memorable.

Miami Vice: Out Where the Buses Don't Run (1985) Episode 3, Season 2

memorable episode. Out Where the Buses Don't Run is a so so episode with a memorable ending. The series takes the typical surveillance, drug dealers investigations formula. More same old same old, but with a twist. There is an ex cop who just left the psych ward and is following the Vice Boys. Tubbs and Crockett have a new partner. The ex cop keeps the usual Vice formula interesting with a mix of detective brilliance with an unbalanced mind. Every lead just creates more questions an the unbalance ex detective is always right, but can not find the old Cocaine lord of Miami. (the ex detective nemesis) The music, style, big budget action sequences are memorable. When asking the the partner of the ex detective the story hints towards something is just not right. In the end the un-balanced mind of the detective snaps and the old partner spills the beans. A real memorable ending that had to happen in real life. Either the episode is great or not depending if you find the crazed detective annoying or not. 6 out of 10 stars.

Better Call Saul: Coushatta (2018) Episode 8, Season 4

Perfect episode. Coushatta has it all. Character development, good story, and solid acting. The viewer is wondering what is Jimmy up to? Much like a 70's Rockford Files episode Jimmy like Jim Rockford is creating a 70's style con on the D A back in New Mexico. Cell phones, letters, and actors create an illusion of public pressure for Jim's cohort to have no jail time. We found out Kim loves Jim's bad side. Mike and Guss discuss some problems which has the viewer guessing what will happen in the final two episodes. Solid acting of Mike with the Germans and comic genius of the Jimmy/Saul character creates acting bliss! Hint hint..... The pay as you phones with the paid actors in a back room is classic comedy. 10 stars. Do not miss this episode.

Better Call Saul: Something Stupid (2018) Episode 7, Season 4

Better episode Better episode. Saul gets into a pickle and one of his people get into trouble. What makes Something Stupid interesting is we see Saul working some sort of famous cons which goes back to his slipping Jimmy days. We see Kim is getting frustrated with Jimmy and her job, but agrees to help. The story line wets the appetite for the viewer wanting to watch more. And so it does! Mike has to deal with some cabin fever men working underground. We get to see how harden and cruel Gus can be with some new character development. Something Stupid is a plot twist which has the viewer wanting more. Written and directed well. I give Something Stupid 8 stars.

Mayans M.C.: Búho/Muwan (2018) Episode 3, Season 1

I am losing interest fast here! Well well well where do I start! The series is mixed with oh I lost my child. We got bikers pointlessly driving around. Hidden secrets, and motive mixed with over dramatic acting. Miss the gritty realism of the Sopranos. I just felt like I wasted an hour of my life. I believe the series will last maybe a season. Regrettably reminds me of what I did not like about predictable T V. Nothing exciting or new here. Good movie quality budget and acting can not save this dog of a series. Watch P B S with that painting guy instead. I will go back to watching Better call Saul! 4 out of 10 stars.

Mayans M.C.: Escorpión/Dzec (2018) Episode 2, Season 1

Nothing much here. A poor mans version of the S O A. There is rebels, and bikers with a drug cartel. Like S O A we have boring soap opera style sub stories. Over elongated explanations with over dramatic over acting. I am hoping what we are have here is slow character development, but I doubt it. Directed and acted well. But with the high budget it should be! The second episode feels like being bogged down in a swap. Slow and dragging with the typical P C message of glories rebels fighting against the man, which make the series very very formulated. I will give the series a another viewing, but I am losing interesting very fast. 6 out of 10 stars, and I am being generous.

The Nun (2018)

mmmh another Insidious style movie. Much like the Conjuring, and Insidious another formulated, and cliche style movie. What did not work: Well the story line of fighting a spiritual evil Priest, and clairvoyant is getting old. The usual ghosts running around, people put into dangerous situations. The usual jumps and scares, with lame humor. What worked: The acting was spot on. The priest was believable, the Nuns, etc did well considering the material the actors used. The director created tension, thrills and blends the sets and imagery perfectly. The ending was perfectly executed linking all the other movies. Gives a good example how demons, and spiritual real look at time differently then humans. We believe an evil is defeated, but regrettably evil sits and waits and is on a different time line. 30 years is like two days in the spiritual realm. Not good, or awful but average. 6 stars.

Miami Vice: Give a Little, Take a Little (1984) Episode 10, Season 1

Not bad not great either. Not bad but not good either! The good: Don Johnson plays a great role of a detective who will take a hit and contempt of court to protect C I! There is a good story line about police needing C I and C I's protection is essential. Gina plays a vice role to get a pimp. The bad: Formulated script similar to other Vice stories. Zito and crew doing surveillance, Lt gives direction, etc. The Ugly: Burt Young acts as a slime pimp so well, but and there is a but here, Young's Spanish accent is so awful it is just killing it and not in a good way! Not for that the episode would be more watchable. The memorable Vice ending saves the episode. 6 out of 10 stars.

Miami Vice: The Great McCarthy (1984) Episode 8, Season 1

A good vibe. The Great McCarthy is a good vibe episode. The Vice series evolves into the formula which works great. Crockett is the tough/sarcastic realist which drives the series. The Great McCarthy episode introduces Izzy the comic relief informant. A weasel which Crockett is so so sarcastic too! There is great back ground characters with lines like " you look delicious!" is a great vibe. Clothes, cars, parties all for back ground about the excess of Miami in the 80s another great vibe. McCarthy the smart hard core criminal is the staple of a Vice episode. Rest of the Vice cast is starting to add comedy, and balance of insight for the series. Not a great episode, but has a good vibe. There is something there that is magic. 7 out of 10 stars.

Better Call Saul: Quite a Ride (2018) Episode 5, Season 4

Picking up steam! Quite a Ride picks up the speed for the series. Better call Saul is about ready to go into high gear. Jimmy needs the juice of the hustle/street, and lies to Kim. Kim find corporate law lacking and needs more purpose. Similar to Kim's relationship of helping Jimmy. A split is developing. Mike and Guss have a master plan! Mike does security while Guss is the macro planner. A sub story Rex is losing the edge with guilt over Chuck. A tragic sub story. Interesting build up, rev up, and build up more episode. We see the type of lawyer Jimmy will be as the evolution of Jimmy into Saul is happening. One day Jimmy will run into Mike making a nasty team. Well acted and directed. A movie quality T V series. 8 out 10 stars.

Miami Vice: Freefall (1989) Episode 17, Season 5

Feel asleep during this one guys! Feel asleep during this one guys! Well ... well well Miami Vice wraps up the series with a two hour final. The series was running out of gas. Getting away from Don Johnson roles and trying other characters to develop stories. Some worked most not! There were a few memorable episodes. Asian cut etc! Regrettably many episodes were dogs. Freefall was the final that fits in with the dogs episode. The acting was done well, but short on story and budget. Too t v movie ish. Choppy, cheese, disjointed or rushed many of the scenes. Lacking on story, and uses real life clips I found Freefall lacking form the moive quality of the first four years. Closing a series is hard to do, and Vice ending hits the profile of series running out of steam. Like Mash and many others memorable t v series the makers did not know how to end a great series in a big way. 4 out 10 stars.

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