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The Rockford Files: Beamer's Last Case
Episode 1, Season 4

Rockford Files attempt at humor.
Rockford Files attempt at humor. And Beamer's Last Case executes it so well. Every knew that person who is not to bright and is delusional which makes him or her a walking disaster. Everywhere That person goes disaster and follows and you get a lighter wallet. Well Beamer impersonates Jim while Jim is out of town, and thus puts Jim into a disaster. Relationships problems, the Trans am disaster, and bad guys after Jim is in a pickle so bad that not even Angel could create such a disaster. Jim's hard luck and Beamer inept social skills create a humorous energy. Of course Jim has a soft side for Beamer, you can not help but feel sorry for the goof, and Jim uses great social skill and lateral thinking to out wit the mess. Memorable as the comedy episode. 7 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Second Chance
Episode 4, Season 4

Memorable episode.
Memorable episode! Jim returns to his trailer and finds this huge tough looking black guy hanging out in front of the beach side trailer. Isac Hays can play the intimidation role so well. Jim is called Rockfish, and owes a huge prison gambling debt to the former loan shark collector who just got out. Well Jim pays off the debt by working a case for his former friend. Well, funny how Jim knows how to charm the sometime bad temper Hays. The relationship part of the story is enduring. There is a frame, and a surprise ending with the tragic story of regret from an old man. 7 out of 10 stars. What makes Second Chance memorable is how Jim's empathy, and human side creates a bond for audience with Rockford; The many faults of the Rockford character is forgivable because Jim is so likable. . 7 out of 10 stars. Classic T V!

The Rockford Files: The Jersey Bounce
Episode 3, Season 5

Another memorable episode!
The Jersey Bounce has reality feel to it! Chase who created the Sopranos gives a Jersey feel. A couple wise guys with the Italian and Irish back ground mix give a real life feel for East coast trans plants who cause trouble in Jim's life. Jim tries to help out his father and gets framed for murder. There details of west coast bimbo's, warped with lo level wise guys, creates tragic human dysfunction story. Anyone who grew up in an ethnic tough neighborhood in the 70's and 80's like I did sees the real life details. Right down to stabbing your best friend in the back. So real life. A feel for the dirty logic resonates with people who care only for themselves. Jim knew the only way to beat these street wise thugs is too out smart them with there own thinking. Jim's con/prison skills plays out perfectly for an interesting unfolding. The Jersey Bounce's ending gives a memorial empty feel for the viewer. A sneak peak of future Soprano episodes. 8 out of 10 stars.

The Rockford Files: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 1
Episode 2, Season 6

memorable episode.
There is a spark between Jim and Royalty. Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs gives a human side to Jim who has to investigate an attempted murder case. What I like is how every day Jim does not fit in with the elite. There is some snobbery, social circles etc, mixed in with Jim's blue collar contrast with Jim's father and Angel. Good humor by the informant Angel. What one experience with all the pomp, hype, and snobbery the elite are hiding the same insecurities, tribalism, and rage of elite society. Same human condition but different worries. The old saying the Devil just changes his tactics when life changes. There is a few story twists, but a surprise ending. A human tragic ending. One can have everything, but nothing. A memorable episode. 7 out of 10 stars. Can watch this episode over and over.

Hard Copy

Mugging and surprise style journalism.
Hard Copy had a hard edge to journalism. Ambush interviews, harsh questions and sensationalize cover stories like on the cover of the World Weekly etc are Hard Copy's style. Hard Copy was ahead of it's time. Fox news and Bill O'Reilly used some of Hard Copy and Inside Editions tactics brilliantly for non tabloid news. Now C N N has pushed the envelope even further with speculation, and bombastic commentary. Usually, I never watched Hard Copy, but every once in a while there would be front story with an edge which would hook me into watching. Sometimes there be some bad people who got hit hard, which made me feel good. Other times a unknown issues had to be addressed. Regrettable, there would be sensational stories like the Prepie murders, and or what mess happened in Hollywood, which just did not interest me. Interviews with ex cult members and other interview I would half watch then I got the urge to change the channel. Well considering I hate watching the news, I hate to admit, I would get a guilty pleasure watching a juicy story, but Hard Copy the whole course was just too juicy for me. 4 out of 10 stars.

The Master: Max
Episode 1, Season 1

Cheesy and in a cheesy way! I remember all the hype with promo for The Mater. Lee Van and the dude from Class of 84. There was this big Ninja and martial arts trend back in the day. So all us 13 to 17 years olds could not wait to watch. A few good moments. A neat bar scene. A corrupt town, and a Ninja who is after Lee for breaking the Ninja code. Off course a pretty 80's gall all done up with perm and tight jeans. Well of course the ending was not a big Chuck Norris show down with all the hype. The let down is why the show only lasted a year. I watched just a couple more shows, but for some reason this series still burnt into my memory. 5 stars out of 10

The Master: State of the Union
Episode 3, Season 1

Remember this episode as a kid!
Back in the day I remember watching this one! Some elongated boring motor cross racing. It was okay but way too long, and put in due to lack of story. The story always has an attractive girl in distress. Which State of the Union has. There is a town incident where the master and apprentice are told to leave. The two drifters find out there in a corrupt cannery town. Back in the day the owners could not hire under the table illegal workers and break the union more sinister method are required. There would be federal intervention so a more low brow approach is required . Thus sneaky strong arm management/owner tactics to where people got hurt are implemented. This is where the ninjas come into play to save the towns people. Formulated, with some predictable acting, but the Charisma of Lee is a positive. A forgettable series which has its moments. I give State of the Union 3 Ninja stars out of 10.

Supernatural: Optimism
Episode 6, Season 14

Like the Big Bang theory meets Supernatural.
Like the Big Bang theory meets Supernatural. Well there is not much of a story line. More about sharing feelings. No great Dean moments. Well Optimism is more like Harry Potter and or Big Bang then an old school horror movie episode. The humor was strange and just did not work. The zombie boy friend just did not work. I saw what the director was trying, but misses the old school homage of older horror movies. Well, Friday the 13th style horror movies, The Thing and few others are horror influences which can not be mixed with social awkwardness, and un cool characters. Dean was just super cool in all situation, which creates levity, humor and balance to horrific situations. Sort of like humor before or after the punch in the gut. A trade mark in the old school horror movies. Optimism is the all humor, with out the scare episode. 3 out of 10 stars.

Supernatural: Nightmare Logic
Episode 5, Season 14

Way to Bata for a Alpha show.
What made Supernatural a hit was Supernatural was the red meat/Alpha male show it was. Mostly because Dean was so non P C that it hurt. Supernatural was a backlash to the Murphy Browns, and Ali Mc Beal's P C scripts which was forced feed in the 90's with almost every show. Almost no action shows back then. Supernatural was the back lash show of P C culture. A story of two brother who fight and love each other with cheap humor, and horror movie offensive stereo types which made a cheesy in a good way t v series. Nightmare Logic episode has too many characters, who have to share there feelings. The old Dean would say you share too much lol. Everyone including the hunters hugs each other at the end which would made the old Dean cringe. The cast looks like all Beta character the old series made fun of with the old Ghost Facers episode. New Beta Bobby character is into feelings and everyone has to relieve their emotional baggage ugh. The new Bobby fits in with what the old Bobby would call Supurnatural meets Vampire Diaries Soap Opera. The middle of Nightmare Logic had me watch for the conclusion, but lack the humor and the bite of previous episodes. 4 stars.

The Master

Lame even for a 15 year old!
The Master was to tap into the 80's Chuck Norris martial art trend. Lame lame lame! Lame even for a 14 year old. Back in the day at Junior high some of my friends, enemies, cohorts etc loved this show. I watched a couple of shows. What worked Well: The master Lee Van Cleef is creditable as the wise old master. The Ninja's who are out to get the master for breaking the code is a cool story-line. The intro/narrations etc is good. What does not work: The apprentice ninja wanna be is un like able, but a good drifter. Many 80's shows had a formulated car chases, town bad guys, attractive female in trouble, and a action show down, which is too predictable. Over the top martial arts, Ninja stunts and thin story line is just too much. The looking for lost daughter is too much like looking for lost mother Kung Foo story-line with flash backs etc. Kung Foo was better, but maybe I should re watch The Master. 4 stars. Yes there was a Ninja craze like all things macho back in the 80's

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Watchable movie! Another 80's horror movie, with a part 4 in the title. The premature death of Michael and Loomis who both totally burned to death in part 2 did not stop the making part four. Both above mentioned characters must be fire retardant and/or can regenerate skin. Besides that point, the security sucks at the mental institute around Halloween and Michael escapes again. Why do they transport that guy! In typical 80's horror fashion there is lots of eye candy, alpha characters both female/male, T @ A, good looking people who know how to party, balanced with dorks and bad decision making. Mic get's nasty and there is a few good scary moments, and the jerk, hot chick, geeky guy, sheriff's office all have a very bad Halloween. The usual show down with the like able characters we have empathy for, while a few slimy characters get it. Done by the numbers 80's horror movie, but entertaining. Not much on originality, but hey there is a part 4 to the title. 6 stars.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Kind of like a one trick pony
Kind of like a one trick pony. Stephen Colbert's yells, get over excited stick is similar to Howard Godfreed act. Funny at first, but gets very annoying fast. The comedian can hold his own, but the act gets condescending, and nasty. Showing you care and self righteous at the same time is arrogant and turns off the viewer. In the age of Trump half the comedians humor gets predictable, and boring. This over the top, push the envelope Howard Stern humor one comedian trying too out shock the other just sound like noise. Like the annoying co work who thinks he's funny or the bar drunk who finally gets punched out. 2 stars John Stewart was the better of the two.

CBS This Morning

Just another news show.
Just another news show. The usual 30 minutes of news for the day. short, cut tight, with a narrative, and with little depth. Keeps the audience 30 to 60 attention span busy. I only watch Morning news for guests. I usual get my news for the net mostly. Fox and Friends has more show buss, which cable offers vs the conventional T V. Almost all morning news shows are inter changeable with format, guest, and what the social cause of the day. If an election on I tend to watch more T V news. 2 out of 10 Nothing special here.

Supernatural: Mint Condition
Episode 4, Season 14

A retro episode!
Trying be like older episodes with a good old ghost chase. No more the complex Vampire Diaries Supernatural episode of 3 stories going at once in a episode. Mint Condition pokes fun of 80's comic book, collectible crowd. A Revenge of the Nerds feel with Sam and Dean looking the Retro Revenge of the Nerds look. Mint Condition is the usual ghost hunt and a bit low on originality and character development; Maybe, the weak story/character development is a homage to 80's slasher flicks. A throw back in the spirit of the Stranger squeal which create the current 80's horror movie retro look. MInt Condition has a homage bottom third to the Halloween series, which runs on T V during Halloween. Surpernatural has Dean watching a similar format, which turns from T V to real life. There is a few homage shots and a hospital ending similar to the Halloween 2, with over the top humor. Fan talk, stupid characters all add to the campy 80's horror feel. 7 out of 10 not a classic but watchable.

Inside Edition

T V rag just like the magazines.
T V rag just like the magazines. If you remember the old movie Hollywood Confidential with the line Hush... Hush.... and on the Q T! Inside Edition is similar to the fictional movie magazine Hollywood Confidential. Stories of scandals, bizarre events, sensationalism, and human interests segments are red meat of Inside Edition. For myself except for the odd interview or a story like the weird in counter with such and such Inside Edition is just too much. Kinda like the co worker or classmate which is into the gossip I find Inside Edition just too much and too deep. Not for the relaxed even flow personality like myself. A show for the sensational magazine/talk show crowd. 5 stars.


stinks and in a bad way!
Stinks and in a bad way! I will watch Extra for the interviews if the interview is a good one. Like Sly Stallone and the new movie the Slyster in the I will watch Extra! Regrettable Extra is like those sensational magazines in the front check out at your local supermarket. Gossip, P R, agent spins, the flavor of the day social issues etc is the formulated content. I find Extra more noise from an over self promoting Hollywood. Please change the channel quick before you get a headache. Well if your into the Hollywood mags, which I am not, you will like Extra. 1 star.

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Just hate this show!
Just hate this show. Not Ellen personally but more the format. Ellen dose the hyperbole. Are we having the best time ever?! Isn't this the best show every? Audience screams, yells and over reactions just like a trained animal act. The usual liberal flavor of the day causes. Sensationalism with a push to show that everyone cares. The formulated media template of any of these talk shows. Opera, Ricki Lake etc. There will be an animal act, a sensational family problem, a display of really caring of the current hot topic homeless etc. I find I only watch a day time talk show for the guests. I guess there is an audience for the formulated day time talk shows but not for me. 5 years down the road just change the name and there will be another show just like Ellen almost exactly, but with a different face. Similar to family sit coms, which I just can not digest anymore. 2 stars.

Supernatural: Home
Episode 9, Season 1

Supernaturals version of Poltergeist
Supernaturals version of Poltergeist. The old Winchesters home is haunted, and there is a mix between characters and events of a haunted house story. There is a few humorous moments. Mixed into the horror story is the Father/family sub story-line. Not the best Supernatural story, but entertaining. Well well well the wroth watching a second time. 7 out of 10 stars. The writers ran out of ideas in the last few years.

Supernatural: Bugs
Episode 8, Season 1

Kind of lame, but in a good way.
Kind of lame, but in a good way. Bugs pays homage to cheeses horror classics like Kingdom of the Spiders. There is a mix of 80's horror lighting, classic rock and Dean's humor. "You are a liar!" "Well the truth is" "Anyone who starts a sentence the truth is! Is a liar!" scene is a classic. Then Sam shows a difference between the two brothers tactics. Some times Dean's right the other times Sam is. Well there is the personal side stories of the character development between the two brothers. Bug's then goes full throttle into the Kingdom of the Spiders mode, with an accent curse. Lame like Kingdom of the Spiders, but in a cheesy way. Not the best episode, but entertaining. 7 out of 10 stars.

Supernatural: Hook Man
Episode 7, Season 1

Strong episode!
One of the weaker episodes of the strong firsts season. The two opposite brother's character development of the series is going great. Two different attitudes towards Sam and Dean at the college party is evident. Still trying to fine dad is a recurring story with the Hook Man episode, which mixes the car, clothes, great one liners and Dean's alpha demeanor for another great season 1 installment. The hook-man with the urban legends is hokey story line. Not one of the better, but still scary in a cheap b horror movie way. The acting, directing and cast is all believable for a b 80's horror movie. ( A few hints of Sam wanting Dean to stay with him, but wishes Sam had a normal life.) Would not call Hook Man a classic episode, but a good one. 7 out 10 stars.

Supernatural: Phantom Traveler
Episode 4, Season 1

One of my favorite episodes
One of my favorite episodes. A entity causes air crashes! Why no idea? Phantom Traveler is what hooked me on the series. With a new series we learn that Sam and Dean complement each other. Good character development. Dean bulls threw with charm, street smarts, and the art of the con. Sam is more detailed, finance, with an intellectual psychological touch. There is a phone call and meet about a plan crash. Notice Dean and Sam clash but in a healthy way. There is a good mix of humor: The two sets of agents for Home Land was funny. The suit comment and the comment about Metallica is more brother's clashing humor. Dean bulls threw in a humorous way, as he ad hocks everything while Sam has more of finance. The viewer sees the brothers differences with how Sam interrupts Dean with the Stewardess. A memorable ending. 9 out of 10 stars.


Nothing here no there there!
Nothing here no there there! Halloween what worked there was a few homage scenes. The retro 80's music and the credits was okay. Well what did not work. So thin on story and characters. Halloween is so thin on a story that the only way Michael Myers can can find Laurie is by an unbelievable plot twist of the psychiatrist kills a cop and drives Michael to the house. Oh really, so lame. Even lamer, Michael escapes by another psyh ward transfer so so again, no original. Cut out all the other Halloween story lines and we got more the same old, same old which does not perform the slow burn turn the horror up notch by notch formula of the other Halloweens. There is a sisterhood empowerment characters sub story. Laurie has turned into a Ted Nuggent, N R A character who rambles, and is annoying. The audience is suppose to like the victims. No attachment with the gruff, unlikable Laurie character. All the guys in the film are lame and weak beta males, and or just clueless guys. Whinny, whimpering, irritating characters the viewers just hate. Again,there is no attachment to the characters. You need the alpha male character who gets killed for the false hope narrative. The jerk with the loud shirt who always dies the worst. The shrink is a narrator about Michael which was missing. No friendship with the younger people which builds a bond with the audience. Michael has to be like 80 by now, I mean the scare factor is not believable. All you have is the Laurie character who reminds the viewer of the over powering mother in the movie psycho! The trap at the end like really lame. Waiting for all this build up for that nothing ending, and or lack of ending. 5 out of 10 scares.

Saturday the 14th

Silly but silly in a good way.
Saw this film on a family trip while watching H B O in the hotel room. So many funny one liners which my family kept repeating years latter. NO NO NO ooo no thank you. Liquor store.... No private residence. Funny one liners if you watched Saturday the 14th. The characters are funny. The liquor store deliver boy. The annoying relatives. The most annoying relative gets eaten by the fur coat. The vampire "I would kill me self if I where not immortal!" The crazy vampire hunter with socially does not get it. The obsession for can openers. The Twilight zone theme music and narration play at the right moments on the T V. Lot's of one liners, joke, gimmicks, and the same sticks which really works. Well timed, greatly, executed, film which is more like stand up comedy. 7 out of 10 stars.

Miami Vice: Like a Hurricane
Episode 8, Season 4

Not one of the better episodes, but average.
Not one of the better episodes, but average. Like a Hurricane is when Miami Vice started to run out of ideas. In order to reinvigorate Miami Vice a new character is introduced. A love interest for Crockett. The back and forth chemistry of Crockett and the girl the agent has to protect works. The case with the music scum bags is kinda funny and not over serious. Not a memorable episode, but entertaining. Like a Hurricane is an attempt to keep the viewers engaged and push the high ratings momentum forward. 6 stars.

Love at First Bite

Lame in a lamo way!
Lame in a lamo way! 70's comedy at it's lamest. I remember watching this as a kid then again on the net. Well a tongue and cheek Dracula movie. The inner city scene is funny, but not many more funny moments. Hamilton just wings this film and has fun with the character. The shrink, and patient and vampire hunt is on the stupid side. Much like the movie Saturday the 14th. More like Broadville humor. There is a few funny moments, but like a one trick stick the movie becomes lame. Love at First Bite would play in the Theater for a week, then would play on A B C's movie of the week, and then late night on cable. Watch it once and then for get about it. 3 out of 10 stars. Watch Saturday the 14th instead.

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