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Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys is a parody of Terminator
Terminator Genisys is like watching a parody video about the Terminator franchise.

The future scene was good, it was exactly like the omitted future T2 scene that they win the war and send the Terminator and Kyle back, after this scene the movie goes downhill very fast and never comes back.

The movie becomes a Terminator parody film:

1. The Arnold "Pops" T-800 is talking too much, he gives his opinion, he has suggestions, he makes recommendations, he comment to events, giving feedback, making jokes, smiles, says stupid things, and etc.

This makes him a parody of the original T-800 from T1 and T2 where the Terminator was a machine, doesn't act like a human, this what ruins the movie the most

2. Making John Connor the villain is stupid, very bad idea.

3. The actor playing Kyle Reese is awful, dreadful, and also the way he behaves, his ideas are not what you got to know from the T1 Kyle Reese.

4. Over Complicated plot is very bad idea, the Terminator 1 and 2 were complicated enough, making the plot more complicated with more timelines is bad idea, makes the movie hard to follow and understand.

There are more reasons but this movie doesn't deserve too much effort anymore.

I love T1 and T2, I have them on DVD, iTunes and Blu Ray, I watched them hundred of times.

I will not buy Terminator Genisys on DVD/Bluray and will not watch it again from my own will.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The pointless Spiderman
I watched this movie when it premiered and here is what I think of it: Pointless It has story lines which that don't go anywhere which leaves you with a feeling of why I bothered to see this movie.

The Gwen Stacey storyline is progressing to something serious but then nothing happens.

The Peter Parker parents mystery is progressing to get the truth but then nothing happens.

Only other smaller less meaningful stories get completion but they were boring and not important.

This movie is a disappointment and weak.

X: First Class

Excellent, good writing, acting and visuals
Was waiting to see this movie, and it turned out to be good.

The story was nicely connected the true events of the Cuban missile crisis with the X-Men characters.

Michael Fassbender played Magneto very well, James McAvoy also performed the character of Charles Xavier exactly as I expected him to be.

The other actors also all did a good job, the action scenes were good.

My only little complaint is Jennifer Lawrence who is a good actor and a good looking woman but in my opinion was not the right actor to portray Mystique.


StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best 2010 game, best story told in a game
Starcraft 2 came out and I bought it despite everything I wrote about it and about the beta before the release of the game. I knew I would buy it no matter what.

And I have to say that the single player is amazing, the graphics is excellent, the artistic level is high and most importantly the story is written extremely well, the single player is deep with details and the voice actors capture you into the Starcraft universe, I loved the way Wings of Liberty ended.

And I agree with the popular site reviews like IGN which gave it score 9 out of 10, Starcraft 2 deserves it.

I feel I want to point out things that some reviews didn't talk about, some negative points about Starcraft 2.

1. The price of the EU version, I live in Israel, I bought the game on the release date and it cost me 87$ USD, the EU version of the game costs 80$ USD or 60 euros, the US version of the game costs 60$.

Why the price different? Is this how Blizzard treats it's European fans? And especially in Israel which it cost more. The average person in Israel doesn't make more money than the average person in the US or the EU.

2. Region locked multiplayer, in Starcraft 2 Blizzard won't allow a European player to play with a US player.

How is this progress? We are in the year of 2010 and in the original Starcraft of 1998 you could play with anyone from anywhere, in the original Starcraft you are allowed to connect to any server you want.

Why is Blizzard doing this? To keep lag to a minimum? If that's the reason they should at least allow a EU player to add a US player to their friends list and allow them to play together, so this way only the matchmaking system default is to find games based on the bnet region.

3. The Terran technology of the year 2504 is inferior to human technology of the year 2010, here are examples:

  • In Starcraft: 2504 Air units are slow, sometimes even slower than land units, In 2010: compare this to an F-22 Raptor or even Apache Helicopter - In Starcraft: Nuke missile requires a ghost to target it, In 2010: today a missile can be launched from another continent and hit on target. - In Starcraft: Units cant attack while moving. - There are many more examples if you take the time to look at what today's weapons is capable of and what you see in Starcraft 2.

I understand that all this is done so the game is balanced but for me today it makes the game feel childish and stupid

4. No LAN support, that's just evil not to support LAN.

5. vs Steam

With Starcraft 2 we get the release of Blizzard answer to Valve's Steam digital online store. With the new Blizzard is competing with Steam and Facebook, with the new you can buy games online and download a genuine copy digitally with a cdkey.

But if it is serious about trying to go against Steam then it must make a software client for, i'll explain why.

With Steam running in the background I can always know which one of my friends is online, Steam has a client that is not taking too many resources when it runs in the background and it allows you to see your friends and what games they play or if they are just online.

With I have to run Starcraft 2 and login with the password every time I want to know if one of my friends is online, and if I alt+tab I won't be able to talk to them when I just want to use Windows, Steam also always remembers your password, you don't need to login every time you want to play a game.

Steam has the game overlay which is much better and easier to use than how Blizzard makes you talk to your friends while you play a game,the overlay can be easily accessed with shift+tab and then hidden with shift+tab again.

The chat with friends while playing in is much worse, you can either minimize it or use whisper, but if you whisper you have to press TAB to cycle between who you want to talk or if you use the chat windows you have to use the mouse to minimize it or close it, which takes longer to do and hurts your game more than the quick shift+tab to hide the overlay of Steam.

Then there's the name, in Steam you can change your nickname anytime you want how many times you want, with the new you can only make a character once and that's it, you can't change it anymore.

Offline mode, Starcraft 2 might have an offline mode but it doesn't let you select it when you start the game,you have to login even if you only want to play the single player.

All things considered Starcraft 2 is a good game and I do not regret I bought it for 1 second, but for me the single player is so much better than the multiplayer.


Walked out, too cruel for me
This movie shows you a lot of cruel torture scenes that end up with the victim killed violently.

These scenes made me sick and I had to walk out of the movie because I was so disgusted.

There were cool moments in the movie but they were all destroyed once you see someone being smashed in a car to death or any of the other torture scenes.

Ironically the movie shows you these scenes as something to laugh about, as if seeing someone begging not to die is funny to watch, I didn't appreciate that and I don't want to see it, especially not when I paid money to watch a movie.

Nicolas Cage, I don't enjoy seeing him on screen anymore.

If you don't like seeing cruel anti human scenes then don't waste your time on this movie.

Terminator Salvation

I liked it
I went to see Terminator Salvation after I read about so many people hating it and I was sure I was going to be disappointed.

So I went with low expectations and an open mind.

But I liked it, it feels like a movie people worked hard on and really wanted it to be good.

Bale was OK as John Connor and I liked how he played him even though I don't really like Christian Bale himself as an actor.

Sam was OK as Marcus and his character was interesting.

Some parts of the story were weak, the visual effects were very good, the soundtrack was weak, the action was good, McG did a good work.

Bottom line is, I think many people went with too high expectations and others expected the movie to be bad so much they couldn't see it was actually good.

Clarkson Supercar Showdown

It's good, but it ignores American supercars
Jeremy Clarkson shows us why he doesn't care that cars contribute to global warming.

In this movie Jeremy Clarkson drives exotic supercars in a paradise club that has a racetrack.

You will see Ferrari F430 and 599, Porsche 911 GT3 and Audi R8, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and Gallardo Spyder, Aston Marin V8 Vantage and Ascari A10. And to top it all he drivers the amazing Bugatti Veyron.

But one car is missing, a car that is more powerful than the Porsche 911 GT3, more powerful than the Audi R8 and more powerful than the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, it's the Corvette Z06.

I guess he didn't want to let the amazing Corvette Z06 American spoil his little paradise of European supercars.

You will also witness Sabine Schmitz in the Audi R8 races the Stig in the Porsche 911 GT3.

It's a good movie but I wanted to see the Corvette Z06 busts the Aston Martin and Audi R8.

The Dark Knight

Hugely Over-hyped, below average movie
I went to see this movie thinking it should be real good, number 1 9.5 score in IMDb top 250 and 158$ mil in the first weekend.

Wrong, the movie stinks, weak plot, characters have no depth, editing is really bad, it's hard to follow what's going on, action scenes are bad, it uses this cheap sound sound to try and make you tense in certain scenes, the movie overall is completely not enjoyable.

This movie is a case of the king is naked, it is so hyped many people just fool themselves into thinking this is a good movie, it's not, if you compare it to real good movies you will see how much this stinks.

Bottom line is, this movie gets more hate from me than it deserves because it's hyped to be something it is not.

The Happening

Who still signs Shyamalan to do movies?
This movie is bad, it is bad in every way you can imagine, I will run you through of all the bad things in this movie that I can think about.

1. The worst thing about this movie is the people killing themselves in different ways, this movie shows you many different ways a human can kill himself, watching a person committing suicide is one of the worst things to watch, let alone watch it so many times in one movie.

2. The second worst thing is the story and the repetitive of how what happens is "act of nature" and that we "will never find an explanation for".

3. The acting in the movie is pretty bad and unconvincing, it is hard for me to describe how bad the acting is, how unbelievable the actors portray their feelings.

4. The director/writer Mr M. Night Shyamalan, who still signs this guy to write and direct movies? This guy's movies get worse and worse, he starts amazing in The Sixth Sense, but since then his movies went downhill, this time he crossed the line between making movies that are tolerable to watch to movies you simply don't want to see at all.

Iron Man

Everything you want to see on the screen is here
This movie put on the screen all the things I love to see, girls, weapons, cars, computers, machines, explosions, fighter jets.

All of those things put together with a good story, the acting was good, cool sense of humor in the movie, good action scenes and a cool hero.

There are also interesting locations in the movie, Stark home is really cool to see, the scenes in Afghanistan were good, Stark industries is also a nice place to look at.

G36, M4A1, F22 Raptors, Audi R8 and Rolls Royce Phantom also star in the movie

10 out of 10

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pretty good, so much similar to Terminator 2
I enjoy this show story and action, it's better than what I expected, I thought it's going to make more damage to the story than the damage Terminator 3 did.

But It's good, my only complaint is that it's story is like a Terminator 2 repeat.

The similarities between this show and Termiantor 2 are huge.

In both titles There's a Terminator protector for John In both titles John Sarah and the protector tries to destroy Skynet before it becomes self aware.

In both titles there's a Terminator chasing John.

In both titles the police is after Sarah and John.

In both titles there are scenes where the Terminator helps make stitches for Sarah.

This series is what Terminator 2 would be like if it was made for a TV series.

Inventions That Changed the World

A big history lesson why all things come from Britian
I like Jeremy Clarkson a lot, he has great sense of humor and he is very good commentating on cars with clever humor and intelligence.

But this show was boring I'm sorry, the only decent episode was about the gun.

It is boring because most of it focuses too much on the story of the invention, you hear Jeremy Clarkson telling the story while sometimes they will include scenes of actors portraying the inventors.

But the most bothering thing is that they tell you how every invention is actually a British invention, in the computer episode for example, they tell you it was a British invention, but if they had gone deep enough they would tell you it was the Chinese who made the first computer which was the Abacus, only at the end of the episode they bother to mention that it was the Americans who made computers as we know them today.

Milding interesting but ultimately misleading and not objective.


Best movie yet
I have just returned from the 22:30 show and I have to say that I have never had so much fun watching a movie in my life.

This movie has everything you ask for, jaw dropping special effects, intense action, clever jokes, cars, jets, you see the military in action, special forces, hot girls, conspiracies, morals, and more. Everything is wrapped up very well, it all fits into place.

I went to see this movie with great doubt, recent highly anticipated movies I saw were all big let downs, Spiderman 3 and Xmen 3 were blow outs, Superman Returns and Batman Begins failed to go off the ground.

I am happy to say that this movie finally breaks the barrier and delivers greatness.

The Departed

Bad Taste
I went to see the movie after I saw how high score it got in IMDb's top 250.

After watching the movie I can say that I should not trust IMDb voters as much as I did in the past and I am using IMDb since 1999.

This film is bad, it has no point, the story is not interesting, the characters are boring and in the end you go out with a bad taste.

I will not watch this movie again and if you ask my opinion, I will tell you not to watch this movie unless you like seeing people getting shot in the head for 2 hours.

The movie failed to make me sympathy with any character.


First half is brilliant, Second half is exactly opposite
Taken starts amazing, you see what happened to the pilot in world war 2 in the first encounter.

You see the crash site in 1947 and the aliens, you see the alien visiting a home.

But then in the second half the show gets terribly boring, every episodes stays in one story too long.

Entire episode 85 minutes just in support group taken hostage , next episode is just a little girl taken to a farm and then just waiting for something to happen and when it happens the episode is over, next episode after that is just marines going around in the spaceship which was a bit interesting but most of the episode was boring.

And the ending was super boring compared to the first episode in the series, no questions answered, no conclusion.

Starts great, falls in the end.

Too bad.

Battlefield 2

This is the real thing
Many users of IMDb were looking for Battlefield 2 and found the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat which is not the PC version, it is the console version.

The PC version of Battlefield 2 is a lot better than the console, it allows you to play with up to 64 players in huge maps with 2 jets per team, tanks, helicopters, and of course 7 different infantry kits.

1. Sniper who has a sniper rifle and claymore mine. 2. Special Forces with C4 explosives and Carbine. 3. Assault who has armor, grenade launcher and smoke grenade. 4. Support with armor, light machine gun, and resupply packs. 5. Medic with assault rifle, shock paddles and first aid. 6. Anti Tank with armor, Anti Tank rockets and Submachine gun. 7. Engineer, with shotgun, mines and repair wrench.

In this game you will use modern weapons and vehicles Jets like the F-15, F-18, F-35, Su-30, Su-34, Mig-29 and the J-10.

Rifles such as AK-101, AK-47, M16A2, M4, G36 series, L96A2, M95 , M24, SVD, L85A1, PKM, FN2000, P90 and more

You will play as either USMC (United States Marine Corps), MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition) or the Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army)

All these options combined in one game which is balanced is true work of art, the graphics are amazing, everything looks almost unreal, the game-play is awesome.

Playing in ranked servers allow you to keep record of your stats from every round, getting enough points will earn you a new rank and a new weapon unlock such as the G3 and FN2000 for Assault.

Excellent game, a lot of fun.

The Collector

Outstanding TV show
There is so much crap on TV, too many reality shows, bad sitcom shows.

But this show is like no other, it stands out with it's interesting story about a collector of the devil who tries to save the souls of the people who made deal with the devil.

The collector in this show is limited to one city, he can't tell anyone about what he do or else that person will go to hell if he know about it.

Also every person who made a deal with the devil can't tell anyone about his deal or he will go to hell with the person he told about the deal.

I still don't fully understand but apparently that kid Gabe knows about the collector and he can see the devil and has something to do with the redemption of the collector himself.

The show is not confined to one set and in every episode you see a new place and new guest stars.

Highly recommended.


What a bad movie!
I read the early comments about Doom and I thought the movie will be good, I now believe these comments were planted by the studio that made this game, err I mean movie.

The movie is horrible, it doesn't follow the story of Doom 3, instead it made up some other story about portal from earth to mars.

The original Doom 3 story was that there's a portal in Mars that leads to hell and that the people who once lived on Mars sacrificed themselves into the soul cube in order to fight hell, unfortunately this story was not in the movie.

I loved the soul cube weapon in Doom 3 and I really wanted to see the same elements of Doom 3 being used in this movie.

Other than that, the movie had bad action, less than interesting story and average acting. Oh yeah, and a lot of blood.

Fantastic Four

What a bad movie!
This movie was all over the place, the story was stupid, the character development was crap, the action scenes doesn't make sense, the editing of the movie is horrible.

The movie failed to make you feel sympathy with the characters, you can't identify with any of them, it felt as if you started watching from the middle of the movie.

The action scene on the bridge was amazingly stupid and pointless, the thing causes terrible car wreck on the bridge trying to save someone from killing himself and then the fantastic four all use their powers to save people, that action scene felt all wrong and ridiculous.

The scene with the motocross and the human torch was also pointless.

The movie suffers this tough criticism because it disappointed so many people so much.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Probably the biggest game ever made (at least it is for 2005)
Talent, that's the first thing I want to say, to be able to make so much in 1 year must take a lot of talent and dedication, and to make fun out of so much must take even more talent.

Look at other games like Half-Life 2, that game took Valve 6 years to make and it is a lot smaller than San Andreas, Valve might have some laid back lazy developers who take their time. I think Rockstar and Valve are about the same size of company and even though Valve made a new engine for Half-Life 2, you would expect it to take less than 6 years to be made, same is true for Doom 3.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is probably the biggest game ever made.

After Vice City and Liberty city you'd think they might run out of passion, ideas, or powers. I mean don't they get tired of making such a huge game every 2 years, Valve and id Software will probably not release a new game for the next 6 years and Rockstar releases such a big game every 2 years.

Apart from it being insanely great game and a lot of fun, this game is HUGE, I can't think of any game bigger than this when I write these lines, you have 3 big cities, connected by big country side and deserts with a lot of nice areas to find in the desert and the country side.

Other games of 2004 and 2005 like Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Far Cry Battlefield 2, are all big games, but none of them is as big is San Andreas.

And none of them allow you the amount of gameplay opportunities as San Andreas allows you to play, you can be everything you want, a cop, a medic, a firefighter, taxi driver, thief, pilot, pimp, train driver, construction worker, gambler, gangster, lover, valet. You can also change your hair, put tattoos, change your clothes, eat, exercise, and much more.

I salut to Rockstar for having such a great talent, skill, dedication, and nonstop art passion and motivation.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Good movie, I was sad to see Anakin fall
The movie was good, the visuals are much better than the last 2 movies, in this movie the story is much more interesting than the last 2 movies.

They should have probably put all the 3 movies in just one great movie. Of course one movie cant bring the income of 3 movies.

Many say that Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker and Natalie Portman/Padme are bad actors, I actually thought they played their roles very well.

I was disappointed not to see enough of Darth Vader in his costume, you only see him in his custom for 1 minute in the end of the movie.

I wanted to see Darth Vader in his costume, getting his red lightsabre, fighting with his costume, the only thing we saw was him standing next to the emperor and the movie ended.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

High quality game, looks amazing and doesn't need super video cards for it
I love this game.

First, I want to say this, My Geforce 3 Ti200 and Pentium 4 2.8Ghz runs this game at "max" settings and it runs very smoothly, game looks better than Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 and doesn't need a killer video card, just shows you how much.

Second, the game story is good, Max Payne has a very deep perspective about life general facts like dreams, the past, love, crime and more, I like hearing what he has to say about those things, it is almost like poetry.

The games music is good, it can really touch you and get you into the mood of the story.

The game action is great, a lot of fun with bullet time and high realistic games, I love the fact that you see him drop the magazine of the gun, it is probably the only game right now that really drops the magazine on the floor.

Great quality game, will be a classic and set the bar for future games.

Joan of Arcadia

Pretends to know what god would do and has bad looking actors
I don't like the fact that this show proclaims to know what god would do or say.

No human can know the ways of god (if he exists), anyone and anything that tries to tell you what god ways are is a sinner who tries to scam you.

Anyone who acts like gods spokesman is a sinner according to the bible, and for good reasons, people who believe someone is talking for god might go murder people thinking god told them to do it.

Also, this show has bad looking actors, I don't want to sit in-front of the TV looking at ugly people, there are enough of them in the world I don't need them in my living room.

The girl who plays Joan looks bad, her father looks awful, her off and on boyfriend also looks ugly.

The might not look too bad but I believe if you are going to make a TV show, at least use people who look good.

Meet the Fockers

Decent Flick
This film sure didn't disappoint me, it is exactly as I have expected it to be.

Which is good since many sequels can be a huge let downs, this is a decent sequel which doesn't do better or worse than it's predecessors.

What I liked about this movie is that you finally see some kind of revenge being done to Jack after all the hell he did to his daughter husband.

I personally don't like movies that torture their characters and this movie almost became this kind of movie but fortunately it didn't go too far with it.

National Treasure

Lovely sweet fun movie
This movie is very good, it is not a shocking or too surprising movie, but it is VERY enjoyable movie.

It has a bit of mystery involved with nice sweet action, no violence, very amazingly beautiful woman and the terrific acting of Nicolas Cage.

It is about a very interesting mystery and the way to find it out, the film goes smoothly with no disrespect to the audience intelligence.

Don't expect this movie too much, see it as it is, a fun movie to watch, good way to spend your free time.

It is also a movie you can watch a lot since it doesn't have any scenes that are hard to watch.

Highly recommended.

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