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The Devil Bat

I'm sorry it's bad by any means!
I agree this has 2 be one of the worse movies i've ever seen in my life. what are U people smoking? i'm sorry bela L. is or was a decent actor i can't say great cuz well i haven't seen enough of his pictures 2 know. but plan 9 from outer space was better than this piece of garbage an that's considered the worst movie of all time! an that's a bad movie also. i'd rather spend my time watching grass grow or paint dry than watch this piece of garbage again.


this movie was terrible!
i don't see how anyone liked this movie. Greta Garbo has done only one movie so far that i've liked an that's Mata Hari i know it's spelled wrong. anyway this movie was so bad that i had to force to watch the rest of it. this is just my opinion of course but for me the movie was so slow the only reason i wanted to see it was for the great Lionel Barrymore an even he's hardly in it! i love old movies an i tried to like this one i really did. i don't think Greta Garbo is THAT great of an actress. i don't mean to sound so negative about her but that's just how i feel. i love actor's an actress from 1930's. Joan Crawford did some films when she started out in Talkies an even her acting was just plain terrible an she even admitted to that in interviews she did in the 1970's before her death. but she got better my guess is if Greta Garbo would have been around longer in the movies she would have done the same.

The Student Teachers

a classic
this film is indeed a classic. i was VERY impressed with it only problem was too much useless i have no problem with female nudity but sometimes when you are telling a story there's no need for it. if you want to make a movie with it fine. but sometimes you need it for the story and sometimes you don't. they do the same thing today. a movie like The Doors for example is my point of it took place during a time where there was a LOT of nudity going around in public and it was done so much no one really payed any attention Woodstock changed that. it was kind of like a farewell in a point in all this is sometimes it's needed sometimes it's not and sometimes it's done to much in a film. but if you can find this indeed rare film it's a treasure on it's own. and if you are a big fan of Roger Corman his wife produced it. and if you are a Dick Miller fan like i am he's got a good part in it also. i found it quite by accident. I'm glad for that.

Sharky's Machine

it's not as good as some say
what are you viewers thinking? this movie is pure trash? i just got done watching it actually. the direction wasn't bad the acting wasn't bad either but as for story line it had so many holes in it that it's not even funny. i think his last great movie is best little Whorehouse in Texas. he's done some good ones after that i may add and some bad ones. but this one was pure trash i give it a 5\10

The Keeper

it's not as bad as they say
actually call me crazy everyone one else has.but i liked this movie true it's not one of his best but for a low budget movie it's not bad. it does need a lot of work on it and the special effex on it aren't that great but i look at it this way what do u expect from a 1976 low budget movie?

Time Under Fire

not as bad as they say. it's ok to watch only once
It's not that bad of a movie I liked it. granted it is poorly done and the acting isn't so great. for a cheap B-movie the special effects aren't bad. and for a Roger Corman movie it's better than some of his he's either produced or ex-produced. you want to see a BAD MOVIE? rent CLUB VAMPIRE you will laugh till you cry the movie is so bad. John Savage is in it an it's 10 times worse than this. anyways it was different the plot has been done before an better and the ending is predictable. Jeff Fahey isn't one of the most talented actors of our time to begin with. he's OK but he need to go back to acting school. out of five a 2 and a half which is fair. I have seen better movies true but i have seen worse also.

Howard the Duck

not as bad as a LOT may say it is
Howard the duck is one of my favorite child hood movies although I haven't seen it like in 10 years or so. it's always been one of my favorite movies. I found a another gem recently Moving Violation that's been out of print for years. that's another classic, I don't know why people hate this movie so much. there's movies that are out now that are worse. the special effexx for the 1980's weren't bad even for a b-movie which I'm guessing it is. it's kind of hard to distinguish what would be described as a b-movie these days on how much movies are being made for. when i was a kid i always wanted to see a sequel for this. my ratings 5 out of 5

Jaws: The Revenge

it's not as bad as people say it is
Jaws 4 for me isn't that bad of a movie it's not the best movie I agree on this an if you read Michael Caine's profile on this site it has him say this movie is trash but he got a nice house out of it. but for me I liked it but my favorite one is Jaws 2. Jaws is a classic yes but 2 has more action then the first. an 3 i love the underwater scene where jaws takes the underground workers out. but for 4 it's kind of a nice goodbye to the series. but i have not seen this movie since 1993 so I don't remember much of it but I have seen it about 20 times in my life. out of 5 stars I give it 2 stars.

Sorority House Massacre

not a bad low budget movie
this film isn't that bad. about 10 years ago i couldn't sleep at night an this movie came on like at 3am an i loved it an for years I couldn't remember the name of it an recently I finally figured it out an so i went an bought it for 10 bucks it's not as good as I thought it was then

but I still like it only complaint is it's too much like slumber party massacre 2 but this one is better an makes more sense

To Sleep with a Vampire

it's not that bad
to be honest this movie wasn't that bad. for a low budget movie it was a better movie than Roger's Corman's Club Vampire that was terrible. but sleeping with a Vampire wasn't that bad true the acting could have been better an the special effects could have too. as well as the story and they should have put more into the story than they did. but all in all it's better than some Corman's movie's he's done


it's a good movie
i don't know what some of these people who review this movie are talking about i mean come on it's not the greatest movie in the world but it has a lot of action the only complaint is before the action kicks in it's a little boring but then it turns out to be a decent movie to watch

The Phantom Eye

the master is at it again
i was expecting it to be an overall special but i loved it. i loved how they put some of corman's movies into it and i don't really know his films but if you seen all his early works you'll gonna love it too. i love how the point of the story is they are fighting to stay alive.....

Massarati and the Brain

a bad early's 80's film
another spelling film, it's a terrible film. parts of it are good but it's too cheesy and the acting is bad. what was the great christopher Lee thinking on this one? for fans of christmas story it's nice to see Peter billingsly in an early role.

Dark Shadows

one of the best horror soap opera's of all time
i am only 21 but i heard of Dark Shadows way back in 1991 when they showed the remake of it and i was hooked. i have nearly 30 tapes of it and i love it when i heard they were going to show them back to back i went and bought blank tapes and still do.

Disturbing Behavior

a decent movie
i liked it, the story would have been a lot better if he would >have kept the parts he cut out in. they explain the characters better and the story too. i give it a 8 out of 10. they should >have explained the dreams better. they also should have kept the original ending i think it's better,


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