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Eastern Promises

Wonderful Film Superb Performance By Mortensen
I had been wanting to see this film for years. I heard so many things about it. Well I just saw it and it's wonderful. Mortensen hit all the right notes with this performance. The other cast members were good as well.

The story was not that original but that didn't matter. I've seen this movie before many times, as it had elements from many organized crime movies. The brutal father, the sniveling unworthy son and the son's best friend who knows all to well what the son is. I saw what Nikolai was early on in the film and not so subtle clues pointed to the fact that he was an undercover agent. His displeasure at the father for calling the current FSB the KGB pretty much gave it away right there.

The fight scene in the shower was one of the most realistic fights I've seen on film. Fights in the movies are usually very macho and pretty. This fight in the sauna was ugly, sloppy and gory. The hero barely escaped with his life and wound up in the hospital. This is usually the case when knives are involved. In many movies the hero gets cut and just keeps on going like he didn't lose any blood.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending. While it tied everything up nicely, it didn't have the payoff I was expecting.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes gangster movies.

Kick-Ass 2

OK Movie, Should Have Stuck To The Comic Book
First let me say the first Kick-Ass movie was, well, kickass! But this movie, while pretty good, fell a bit short. This movie picks up with Katie being a teenage girl in high school. She's a freshman trying to fit in at school. That's part of the problem. In the comic books Katie is ten-years-old to eleven-years-old. Much of the entertainment value is derived from her being so young and being able to take out grown men and women who are gangsters. Kick-Ass is the same age and basically the same person.

The main problem is they should have stuck to the comic book. For one Mother Russia was more of a character and how Katie dealt with her was much better than what she did in the movie. Kick-Ass seems to be the same incompetent hero he was despite training by Wendy.

Another problem is with the ending, it totally departs from the comic book. The book ending shows Wendy heading off to jail and the movie ending shows her riding off on a motorcycle. In the comic book she utters a pretty funny line at the end.

If you have a choice, read the comic book first, then watch the movie.

Red State

I did see RED after watching this movie! Spoilers!
Red State, from director Kevin Smith starts off with good intentions. It starts out with political overtones. The buddies are driving and they stumble upon a funeral of a gay man being protested by a crazy anti-gay preacher and his followers. Then you have the obligatory classroom scene where he protest is discussed. The classroom scene also helps to establish the main characters as the goof off, the sex maniac and the semi-rational guy.

Of course a movie with teenage males in it means one thing for sure, they want to get some sex and that is at the heart of the story. The three guys are looking for sex online but all the women on the site they visit are either in LA or New York except for one. One woman is in a nearby small town. So the men set up a meeting to have sex with this woman. They meet a middle aged woman outside her mobile home. She invites them in to have beers and that's where the movie goes tragically wrong. The woman has drugged them and she's one of the anti-gay preacher's followers. They wind up in the church where they see a gay man bound to a cross with plastic food wrap. The preacher has already begun what has to be the most boring, incoherent sermon in movie history. The gay man is then executed with a pistol through the top of the head.

After seeing the execution and the crazy followers tie their friend to the giant cross. Two of the teens escape. This is where the movie loses itself. It turns into a Waco style standoff between the ATF and the crazy preacher and his insane followers. It totally abandons the anti-gay story and the teens wanting sex story. It turns into a pointless shootout, a government cover-up by murder and a silly dog story at the end that has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Nothing is really resolved after many things were set up to be big revelations later in the film. It was like Kevin Smith started making a movie about anti-gay preachers and teens wanting to get sex and then ran out of money, quit and told his assistant to finish the movie and use your "imagination".

This movie has to be one of the worst, most depressing films I've seen in my life. I think they should show this movie to film students to show now NOT to make a movie. I also feel like filing a lawsuit against Kevin Smith for stealing 90 minutes of my life that I will never have back and filling that time with memories of a horrible movie. Avoid this movie if you can!

Christmas in Canaan

Surprisingly good Christmas movie
I must admit I was not expecting much from this film. I had seen Billy Ray Cyrus' acting in Hanna Montana an didn't think too much of it, well at least in the couple of episodes I saw of the show. So I was pleasantly surprised to see him give a good performance here. I was surprised that I actually go into this movie and was moved by it. The story of racism was not overplayed though it did make up a good part of the story. I'm also glad they didn't show the black kids grandmother as some sniveling scared black person that is often seen in movies about race.

I will definitely make this one of the Christmas movies I'll watch again.



One Of The Best Westerns Of All Time
Appaloosa is a truly great western. It is not overly violent and the scenes of them sitting around talking are far more entertaining than the gunfights that only last a few seconds. Viggo Mortensen puts in an excellent performance as Virgil Cole's 8-guage shotgun toting deputy Everett Hicks. Hicks is conflicted and complex and turns out to be more of a hero in this movie than anyone, including Cole. Ed Harris is also excellent as the brooding Virgil Cole, a lawman who's been doing his job for a very long time. Ed Harris gives the wide range of emotions that is Virgil Cole. At times Cole is steady as a rock and calm. Other times he departs from being cool and turns into a bar room brawler. Rene Zelwiger is good as Ms. French. But it's not her best performance. All the characters are complex and that makes this western one of the best. Nothing is cut and dry except the loyalty Everett Hicks shows to Cole and the love Cole has for Ms. French. The end credits is a real treat as we hear a comical song sung by Ed Harris about Ms. French.


4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Two For Two!
Yep the Fantastic Four series is two for two. The first film was bad and this film is bad. Both are unwatchable a second time, hell I almost didn't make through the first time on this one. The movie is about as deep as a kitchen sink. The acting was average at best and the plot was dumb. It is sad to see such a great comic book series get made into such a bad movie. The special effects were the only thing that was good about it. They showed the Silver Surfer but they didn't show much of Galactus, just his equipment falling out of the sky. Maybe a slight glimpse of the man or being himself. Why can't Stan Lee sell the movies to the same guys who made Spiderman 1 & 2, Iron Man, Hulk and The Incredible Hulk? I'm tired of the garbage we're getting.

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Not As Bad As I Thought
When I first heard Starship Troopers 3 was a direct-to-DVD title, I thought it would be horrible. I was surprised.

First of all the movie's special effects were not good. In most cases they just got the job done in some cases they just plain sucked. The only thing that held this movie together was the plot and the plot twists. It had pretty good action sequences, some done really well. The plot twists helped to keep me interested. I wanted to see what the big bug at the end looked like, they did a good job of building the suspense. Those were the good parts. The ending was bad, really silly and bad. It was almost unbelievable it was so corny and fake. The religious symbolism went way over the top. You'll see what I mean. It's worth a DVD rental but not purchase.

The producers really screwed up in not making big budget sequels given the first film's success. They surely could have made money if they were made well. But when they decided to take the series to low budget, they screwed up the series. So we have one great film, one bad film and one mediocre film.


WOW! Blew me away!
I just saw the DVD and am sorry I didn't go see it in the theater. First of all, I'm a guy, a macho guy who usually likes action movies. However I was a fan of the original Hairspray movie mainly because of the desegregation issue. But to compare this to the original would do a great disservice to both films. Both are great in their own ways.

What blew me away was that it's a musical first and foremost. I was not expecting that. The opening song, "Good Morning Baltimore", was just great. Nikki Blonsky is perfectly cast and extremely talented. She really played this roll well and should be at least nominated for a Golden Globe and possibly an Oscar. Then there was John Travolta, he played his part very well too. I heard about how Travolta really pulled off an authentic Baltimore accent. Well I didn't know what it was but he must have done a god job because it was funny. The rest of the cast were great too. Queen Latiffa was good as Motor Mouth Mabel. Her singing was excellent. Elijah Kelly puts in a grossly underrated performance as Seaweed, the black high school student and son of Motor Mouth Mabel. His songs are great and there is real chemistry between him and Penny Pingleton payed well by Amanda Bynes.

They pulled off something that the vast majority of high school movies can't. They high school students acted like actual high school kids rather than adults in their 30s. In real life, those kids are rare. When I was going to school we were hardly ever grown up and serious about anything except having fun. So props to this film for that bit of insight.

Hairspray is socially conscience and very entertaining. If it can entertain a macho guy like me, then it must be something special.


General Hospital: Night Shift

Pleasantly Surprised
I have to admit I was not expecting much out of General Hospital: Night Shift but I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was mostly good and it was a pleasure to see Billy Dee Williams in something. I'm a fan of many of his movies. Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars, Star Wars movies, and of course Lady Sings the Blues. I also like the new nurses, they are hot hot hot!

I like the pace of the show. Glad it doesn't have too many stories that drag on for weeks or months like GH stories used to. The show also has a good sense of humor like Maxie dumping bedpans as punishment. That Spinelli guy is annoying thought. I hope one of the future story lines is that Spenelli is diagnosed with ADHD and gets some Ritalin and starts to talk more normal.

The first show was good but there is room for improvement.



Unappreciated movie. Great acting, great story!
When I first saw this film on cable, it instantly became one of my favorite movies. I'm a big fan of James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall. The movie paints an accurate picture of the South and the racist attitudes. Most of the attitudes came from Soll, an old plantation owner who uses convicts for labor. Soll is what makes the move, his funny ramblings give us insights in to the way The South was back then. I suppose that if Soll lived today he would be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. None the less his attitudes towards a little boy who comes to work for him and the convicts is complex. While he has racist views, he's grown to trust some of the convicts who are all black. The two convicts he trusts most are Jackson(Mel Winkler) and Ben(James Earl Jones). The conversations between Ben and Soll are the best in the movie, they have real chemistry. James Earl Jones and Mel Winkler both but in great performances as well as Hass.

This movie should have gotten more notoriety. However it's on DVD and worth the money.


General Hospital

Best Soap Ever!
When I was a kid in the 70s, I watched soaps with my mother. It was all the ABC ones. All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. When I was about 12 or 13. Luke and Laura got married, I wanted to see it so bad, I told my mother I was sick and stayed home from school. Over the years I stopped watching the other two and stuck with GH. It's still the best soap I've ever seen. It's not as good as it used to be but it's good. I would love to see less Sonny and Carly and more Luke and (whoever). When Luke was the hero, the show as truly great. Since now it's all about Sonny, it's getting really boring. The same old mobster stuff, Sonny isn't heroic he's a crook.

Maybe in the future GH will regain it's backbone. Maybe draw clear lines between good and evil like it did in it's hey day.


The Dukes of Hazzard

A Complete Waste Of Time
I don't know why I ever watched this show. The acting was poor and the show was damned stupid. I mean a car jumping over 100 feet in the air and landing without a scratch. Even when I was a kid I even thought that was stupid. The humor was childish. Dumb as dumb could be. The only two things good about this show was Denver Pyle and Sorrell Booke. They seemed like nice guys and Pyle did some really good Gunsmoke episodes. Pyle was a great actor in many movies. Booke was good in other movies too and also was in Gunsmoke. But the rest of the cast, they were just eye candy. I'm sure they had some talent but it was wasted on the cartoonish humor of the show. Another thing I hated about the show was that damned narration. He got really annoying at times and wasn't at all funny. I think it was Waylan Jennings who is a GREAT country singer. And that leads me to the best part of the show, the theme song. It was cool. Waylan can really sing.


War of the Worlds

War of the Wrolds or Dumb and Dumber?
I had high hopes for this movie directed by Steven Spielberg. I thought a genius like him would bring some intelligence and credibility to the Science Fiction genre. To my dismay, War of the Worlds was worse than the 1953 version. Tom Cruise does a fair job at acting and the special effects are nice but that is all there is. There is one scene with an alien probe inside a basement that was done very well but that's about it.

Nothing is explained in this movie. After the action there is only a little information on what the aliens want and why they're attacking us to get it. They want human blood to fertilize their plants they brought with them. It would seem that an alien race with enough intelligence to build force fields and space ships would be able to do a few more things. Things like examine what in the blood makes the plants grow and create it, hell if we stupid humans can do this, why can't an advanced space faring race?

Oh and the humans in the movie are pretty stupid too. Well all except for Tim Robins character, a loony survivalist that utters the smartest line in the movie. "They must have weaknesses and we need to find them." Anyone with a lick of sense would see that those things are walking on very long legs and they're hitting the ground. Common sense would tell you the legs aren't protected by shields so shoot them with the tanks and missiles. If they couldn't figure that out at least they could have tried tactical nuclear weapons. But no they were too dumb.

Watch this movie only if you like special effects. Oh, and check your brain at the door.



Stealth Is Low On Fuel But Has It's Moments (WARNING SPOILERS!)
When I went to see Stealth, I had my hopes up. I had seen the trailer and I was sure this was this generation's Top Gun. Oh boy, new jets with Jamie Fox as the dashing leader. It even had an evil drone aircraft with a mind of it's own and they had to take it down. This means it had something that Top Gun never had, a plot. That's what I got from the trailer.

Well the movie's marketing isn't true to the actual move. First of all, the posters for Stealth show Jamie Foxx in the middle with the other pilots on the sides. They portray Foxx's character, Lt. Henry Purcell as the leader. As it turns out, Purcell is nothing more than comic relief with his wise cracks and his womanizing. I think they show more than half of Jamie Foxx's dialog in the trailers. Well you can call it dialog but I wouldn't. The dialog isn't much better than what you'd find in a 1950s comic book, but more on that later. To add insult to injury, Purcell is killed off half way through the film. The way he's killed is very stupid and shows that the writer, director and producer of this movie think we're dumb. In the opening scenes were told that 400 pilots applied for the program and only three were selected. This means Purcell really has to be one Sierra Hotel naval aviator to be selected. However, Purcell dies by flying right into the side of a mountain while trying to shoot down "Eddie", the AI pilot that went a little funny in the head. During the scene Purcell flies dangerously close to the sides of a canyon. Missing them by what seems like mere inches. However he shots a missile and flies right into the explosion as it hits the mountain. It was a mistake a pilot with those skills shouldn't have made.

This scene is what's wrong with the movie. The dialog and logic are so stupid. In another scene Lt. Kara Wade's (Jessica Biel) plane is damaged and she has to bail out. The plain is traveling a lot faster than mach one. However when she bails out, the plain stays right above her and explodes. The debris falls straight down on the ejected Wade. The plane should have been a mile away by the time it exploded. The debris would have not fallen straight down either. It's an insult to the intelligence of the audience.

The other big problem is the dialog and logic. It's very dumb. At one point Purcell actually has to explain to his pilot buddies what a prime number is. A private moment between Lt. Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) and Wade is enough to make you wince at how dead the dialog is.

Stealth loses it's way in terms of where it wants to go. Fist Eddie, the AI drone is the villain. Then eventually Eddie realizes that he was wrong and decides to get all warm and fuzzy towards people. In the end Eddie turns out to be the hero. The movie feebly tries to make statements about humans being replaced by computers. The statements are lost amid the explosions and machinegun fire.

With all these problems in Stealth I did give it six stars out of ten because of the special effects. The special effects are done extremely well. Stealth could have been so much more with all the money they had to make the movie, why couldn't they get Quentin Tarantino to do the dialog? Of course he would have wanted some of the pilots to be gay but at least the dialog wouldn't be so corny.

There is an old adage among pilots, "Fighter pilots make puke. Bomber pilots make history." When it comes to movies about war, directors like Cohen make puke and directors like Kubrick(Full Metal Jacket and Dr. Strangelove) and Oliver Stone (Salvador, Platoon and Heaven and Earth) make history.


The Bermuda Depths

Wonderful and haunting love story...
I saw this movie when I was about ten years old back in the late 70s. I never forgot this movie. It comes on a couple of times a year and I always seem to catch it right at the end. I wish they would release a DVD of this movie. It's a cult classic if not a classic outright. It was beautifully shot and though some of the special effects are outdated, it doesn't really subtract from the movie.


Kill Bill: Vol. 1

WOW! Tarantino=Genius
I can't remember the time I was so thoroughly entertained by a movie. Kill Bill is a very violent and gory trip and it doesn't pull any punches. It's one of the best movies ever made. You can watch the first ten minutes and you won't be able to get up until it's over.

Tarantino puts a Kung Fu, Samurai and Spaghetti Western movie all in one. It borrows from the Samurai movies that 60s and 70s Spaghetti Westerns were based on. I was taken aback when I actually heard some Spaghetti Western music in the movie. The movie is pretty funny as well. Tarantino has a unique sense of humor and most movie lovers go introduced to in Pulp Fiction. This movie has the same sense of humor. He pays a lot of homage to Kung Fu movies, The Bride's costume as she takes on an army of henchmen is the same one Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. It's little touches like this that will make Kill Bill a must see for any Kung Fu movie fan. I can't wait for part two.



Action Packed, Good Acting, But...
Why is it that every "average" Joe who gets thrust into danger, happens to know Kung Fu, Bo and Karate? Paycheck is a good movie that could have been great. The acting and action are both done well. However the story has the same clichés from a thousand other action movies. There's the car chase, the fight scene and the inevitable face to face showdown with the hero and villain. Why can the villain or hero ever just slip and fall to their deaths? It wouldn't be hard in this one because the last third of the movie they're crawling around a huge machine that's exploding around them. I thought Paycheck would show me something new but all it showed me was some action. It's a nice movie to watch once or twice then forget about it.


The Mullets

A TV Show Based On A Haircut? No Wonder It Sucks!
The Mullets is a show based on a 80's hairdo. It's not surprising that it has about as much intelligence as a box of hair. It was based on two guys who have mullet haircuts and how their underachievers, blah blah blah. One stupid thing is they had a black guy with a jerry curl mullet. That was just plain stupid. I watched some episodes and they were truly lame brained rehashes of every gag from 1001 other failed sitcoms. One episode featured the obligatory "girl is too good for me" cliché. The show is about two grown brothers who live together. Another episode they decide to throw a party in their step father's mansion like high school kids. The creator, producer and directors of this mess should be shipped to Singapore to have their asses beaten with a rattan cane. If this show was a horse, it would be ready for the glue factory. If this show was a horse, they would shoot it. Ok, I couldn't decide which one to use...


That Old Feeling

Very Predictable But Some Nice Laughs
I just caught this movie on cable. I'm not a really big fan of romantic comedies. I like them, it's just that "Natural Born Killers", "Love and a.45" and "One Night Stand"(Wesley Snipes & Nastassja Kinski". Those movies always involved trouble with romance. In some ways "That Old Feeling" involves danger in the form of the two main characters hate each other in the beginning. To make a long story short, they fall back in love and along the way are some pretty funny scenes if not predictable. Some parts of the movie are so predictable, I actually thought I was psychic because I knew exactly what would happen by the end of the movie. This movie's dialog is not great. There are some interesting characters like Roach, the paparazzi guy who follows the movie star around. The movie survives purely on pure force of personality. Bette Midler and Dennis Farina are great and they save this predictable mess. It's good to watch once but you will do just that, watch it once and never feel the urge to see it again.


Homeboys in Outer Space

The show was funny, oversensitive people got it canned
Homeboys in Outer Space was funny. It parodied many Science Fiction favorites like Lost in Space, the club was called `The Jupiter 2'. Ty Walker had a pet called a `smoogie' and it was like a tribble form Star Trek. I especially liked Loquatia, the computer that was in love with Morris Clay, the pilot of the `space hooptie'. The show made fun of racial stereotypes and that why the NAACP got it canceled. It was political correctness that killed this very funny show. The show had some cheesy sets and bad costumes but these shortfalls were minor.

The writers were very creative. Anyone who can come up with a planet populated with blonde haired, blue eyed white folk with afros who built their whole civilization around the popular sitcom `The Jeffersons', is a genius! I especially like the gold statue of George Jefferson holding up a piece of pie to be a nice touch. The show was just as good as `Red Dwarf' in my opinion. Another great character was the stuck up android, Lloyd Wellington III. He could have been the funniest guy on the show. I guess genius is seldom recognized in it's time. This show is sure to be a cult classic and who knows maybe 1000 years from now this show will be considered a great work of art. Or maybe it will just make someone laugh.

They should put this out on DVD.

The Breakfast Club

One of the most memorable 80s high school films...
I was one year from graduation when this film came out. I don't remember seeing it at the movies but I did watch it on cable numerous times. It is probably the best John Hughes film. The premise of the film was a group of students in detention on Saturday. The Breakfast Club was comprised of the full spectrum of high school going species. There was the jock, the popular girl, the stoner, the nerd and that weird girl that kept to herself and nobody talked to. These kids from different walks of life who should never be friends bonded and became friends at least for that day. It was moving to see them talk to each other about their problems and bond. It was cool the way they all banded together against the biggest ass of a teacher in the school. One of the most memorable things about the movie was the song. Simple Mind's `Don't You Forget About Me' was perfect and I can't hear that song without thinking of `The Breakfast Club'.

Though I totally like the movie they did leave it somewhat incomplete. The question of whether they would still be friends on Monday or would they just stick to their own group. I wish they had made a sequel or just answered that question.

`The Breakfast Club' is truly an American classic. I'm buying the DVD.


Sanford and Son

Hands down, the best sitcom of all time!
Trying to some up Sanford and Son in a word would be hard. I can some it up in three words. Gut busting funny! Redd Foxx is truly a genius. Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin really knew what they were dong when they hired the cast. The acting is very well done. The show dealt with a lot of issues over the years and Sanford and Son doesn't get a lot of the credit it deserves. All in the Family was also great and it tackled more social issues so it will always get more attention. However, Sanford and Son was just a lot more funny.

My all time favorite on the show besides Fred was Grady. Grady Wilson was hilarious. One of my favorite episodes was when Grady thought the wild parsley he planted was actually marijuana. He had the cops eating the evidence. Now you will never see on any of today's shows something close to this. The show was original and pushed the limits. It isn't politically correct like all of today's shows are. I agree with other commentators that if you put Sanford and Son up against many of the current sitcoms, Sanford and Son would blow them away. Very few sitcoms today push the envelope. They are too politically correct and the storylines are too predictable. They copy each other. I wish some producers would have the good sense to copy some of Sanford and Son's plots.

I was bummed to hear that TV Land wasn't gong to show the shows any more. I couldn't buy all the episodes on tape because it would take too long and cost way too much. Then when I heard they were putting the show out on DVD, I jumped up and said, `Good Goobily Goop!' I just bought the first season and can't wait for the rest. I just wish they could have added some extras like interviews and biographies to the DVD. The video and audio aren't great but it's good enough.

Sanford and Son is TV at it's best!


Breaking All the Rules

The director of this movie should have his ass beaten!
Yep the director of Breaking All the Rules deserves a good old fashioned Alabama ass whipping. Why? Because anyone who can sit there and direct this train wreck deserves severe bodily harm. BTW I just read that the director, James Orr was arrested for beating his girlfriend Farrah Fawcett back in 1998.

The movie is pure junk. It's about two teenage boy trying to get laid and a diamond thief. The thieves are stupid. They hide a stolen diamond in a stuffed animal at one of those carnival games. Then our two horny teens win the animal for their girlfriends. One of the most stupid moments comes when one guy says "We're gonna do something that begins with an "F" and ends with a "K". The other one says, "Is there a "U" in it?" They wind up gong to "Fun Park". Yes that was a very bad joke and this is one of the main reasons the director needs his ass beat. The only good things in this movie is at the beginning they play "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters and at the end they play "Let the Music Play" by Shannon. The sex scenes in this movie are so dumb, nobody these kids age can be that ignorant about sex. This movie should be shown to film students to show them what NOT to do!

Ok I've said enough bad things about this movie. Avoid it like the plague


The Fourth Protocol

Well done and realistic spy thriller!
Usually we get treated to one type of spy movie these days. This type is made up of good looking young agents with all sorts of high tech weapons and gear. There are beautiful women who are just lining up to sleep with the good guy. The Fourth Protocol is not one of these movies and thank goodness! It is one of the most realistic cold war spy movies out there. Despite it's age(1987) it is relevant to today's world. There is nuclear terrorism and real looking spies. Michael Cain plays a British agent and is too busy looking for Russian spies to be sexing up fine Russian female agents. In fact he has a family. He is excellent as the seasoned agent who uses his mind and not gadgets to track down the Russian spy played by Pierce Brosnan. For those of you who saw Brosnan in Tailor of Panama and found it refreshing to see him play a creep secret agent will be in for a real treat in The Fourth Protocol. Brosnan plays Petrofsky, a young hot shot KGB agent who tries to slice and dice his way to the top. I mean Petrofsky is a flat out cold blooded killer. He makes the guy in Tailor of Panama look like a saint. He has a conscience but he doesn't let it get in the way of his mission to explode a nuclear weapon on a US Air Force base in Great Britain in order to make it look like the US had a nuclear accident. Petrofsky was the right man for the job he would blow up two or three thousand people just like that. If he wasn't a KGB agent, he could surely find work as a serial killer.

The story moves along quickly and sometimes a bit too quickly. However it doesn't detract from the movie. The movie looks more like a cop movie in the way the investigation unfolds. When they finally find out what's going on there is a good action sequence that doesn't go over the top. It just serves the purpose in this movie. Other things I liked was the scene where they constructed the bomb.

I would recommend this one to anyone who likes spy movies and are tired of the James Bond rigmarole.


Predator 2

A sequel that is far better than the first film! Rare!
Rarely a sequel is better than the first movie in a series. Predator 2 is one of those rare times. In Predator 2, the acting, story line and action sequences are superior to Predator 1. Predator one was good and introduced us to the Predator. However Arnold's acting was a bit bad however the purpose of the first film was not to garner Arnold Schwarzenegger an Academy Award nomination. Danny Glover is a much better actor. The movie opens up with a scene of a jungle much like the one in Predator one. Then it shows that that jungle is right outside Los Angeles, a concrete jungle. The second film also gave us a glimpse into the future. The future then was 1997. It showed how drug gangs ruled the cities and acted more like armed political factions than the traditional drug gangs. You have the police who are basically under siege and powerless against these drug gangs. Cops are out gunned and out numbered. Then we throw the Predator in the mix. I found myself cheering for the alien as he killed members of both drug gangs in pretty creative ways. Then comes Danny Glover's character LAPD Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. He's tough as nails and commands a unit of "elite" cops. The members of his unit are also great actors in their own right. There's Maria Conchita Olanzo, Ruben Blades and a young cocky Bill Paxton. Harrigan is targeted by the alien Predator after the Predator witnesses Harrigans heroic rescue of wounded cops in the opening fire fight. As the movie moves along we find out that as the Predator is hunting the Hispanic drug gang, the Jamacan drug gang and the police, a secret government group is hunting the Predator. The leader of this secret government group is well acted by Gary Busey. Busey and his group want to capture the alien and learn about it's technology. This makes for more people with guns the Alien can hunt. This makes the movie more complex. But it all boils down to the Predators desire to go one on one with Mike Harrigan. Then the Predator gets what he wants however the Predator becomes the prey and Harrigan the hunter. In the end we get a glimpse or the sense of honor the Predators have after Glover kills the Predator. The Predator's buddies actually respect Harrigan and give him a trophy for his kill.

I recommend watching both Predator movies. However if you want a more believable and complex story with better acting. Predator 2 is for you.


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