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Any Given Sunday

fresh film that could have done some stuff left out
I really liked this film, I liked the premise, the direction, the plot and the characters. They were beleiveable, even if not likeable, although if my team had that dis-unity I would't be a happy coach.

My only grip is that Stone was over the top with some of the injuries, I know he was trying to show US footballers as modern day gladiators (hence the film in the back ground, and charlton heston's cameo) but for me he went to far and detracted from the film.

However, if you want a film that get's inside a pro-sports mindset, and has it's moments artistically and intellectually, go and watch it.

Kiss the Girls

What a mess
Ok, so I thought this film was alright, it had good actors, well put together and the plot outline was well thought out. However the actions of the people we totally unbeleivable, and it felt like the author/script writer was trying to add action sequences and "twists" just for the sake of it. They would have been better making it harder to guess who the kidnapper is, and more invesitagative. Instead I spent most of the movie say to myself, "that's so stupid, they'd never do that." Go and watch copycat instead.


Good Idea shame about the execution
I'm glad some people liked this, but I hated this film. It had a very good idea for a story line, but that's where it ended. It was badly written, badly acted and badly made.

It had some interesting plot points, but they were just skipped over too fast, the writers needed to realize what to keep in and expand on these bits, like lying about why she was kidnapped, and ditch the dross. Instead it was "what's going on?", 5 seconds later they tell you.

This film had no suspense, and I was bored from start to end. I just wanted it to finish.

Go and rent misery, or best laid plans if you want suspense or twists that keep you guessing to the end.

Saving Private Ryan

Just 2 battles, where's the story
What a poor film, it just consists of two very long battles with a weak plot linking them together. I didn't relate to the characters and didn't care that Tom Hanks was a teacher. So the battles were graphic and show the horrors of war in detail, but this doesn't make a film.

May be my history lessons were wrong, but I thought that there were more countries on the allied side than just America.

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