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Snow White and the Three Stooges

A Fantasy-Romantic-Adventure
If you, like most of the critics, were expecting to see a comedy, forget it! The Stooges, in their only color film, tried to do it straight and I think they succeeded. They were starting to get a bit older at this time, and I think they wanted to show the world that they could act and carry off a beautiful fairy tale. Sure, there are some funny spots... but this is an adventure, with romance and fantasy thrown in for good measure. Carol Heiss and Patricia Medina are excellent as Snow White and the Queen/Witch. Nice wide screen photography, FX, and action. THIS IS A GOOD FILM!

Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods
Episode 1, Season 1

This is not supposed to be TV series. This was the pilot episode for the TV series.
I do not have all of the particulars in front of me, but this 1997 film directly followed the original STARGATE movie filmed in 1994. The complete title is: Stargate SG-1 "Children of the Gods", and it starred Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, and Amanda Tapping. Kudos to the casting people who replaced the original cast with very excellent performers who managed to bear good resemblances to the original characters. This sequel is slightly better than the original, amazingly. But see the movie first so that you can follow the storyline. Solid 8.

The Wonderful World of Disney: A Knight in Camelot
Episode 6, Season 2

A slightly different spin on the Twain tale...
This is a very entertaining production of Mark Twain's classic time-travel story, tho this time we have Whoopie Goldberg, who works with computers, zapped back into Camelot with her laptop and boom box! Nice cast, including Michael York as Arthur, Paloma Baeza, Amanda Donohoe, and Ian Richardson as Merlin. Good all around, especially for kids because there's several messages to be learned here. The FX could be better, but this is not a big budget film and they are okay. Good costumes, including Whoopie's suit of armor! Solid 8.

The Blue Yonder

Something for everybody!!!
Put Huckleberry Fox, Peter Coyote, and Art Carney in a Fantasy Adventure film dealing with airplanes and time travel, add an intelligent script, excellent performances by the entire cast, give it a couple dashes of suspense, a few pinches of comedy, and capture it all with dazzling cinematography, and you have The Blue Yonder. This is the type of film that I actively seek out. BRAVO to all who worked on this fine family film.

Barefoot in the Park

Am I the only one to see this version SECOND?
I did not see the original stage play. What I saw, a few years before I managed to catch up with this movie, was telecast on HBO: Barefoot In The Park, starring Richard Thomas and Bess Armstrong. That version was a riot! This one, while having a few outdoor scenes, lost its luster. Both Fonda & Redford seem flat... certainly not up to the energy of Thomas & Armstrong. I haven't found the HBO version in the IMDb, but hopefully somebody with the particulars of the film will be kind enough to add it. I rated this Fonda-Redford version a 7.

House of the Long Shadows

Some critics need to spend some time in this house...
This is one of those films that critics loved to hate. They think Desi Arnaz Jr. had very little to offer in acting ability, and that the appearances of four horror/screen legends were little more than a gimmick. WRONG! Desi Jr. holds his own, along with Shelia Keith, as they visit this House of Long Shadows and discover the secrets there-in. Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and John Carradine contribute very nicely to the proceedings. If you are hoping for a slasher pic, ignore this. This takes you on better mind games... a thriller full of suspense! VERY SOLID 9!


Best pure basketball movie ever.
This is fairly easily the best pure basketball movie made. Others, like The Harlem Globetrotters, or Space Jam, might be more historic or funny, but this is great movie-making regards basketball. Of special merit: Editing. I have nothing but great compliments for the outstanding editing done to put this film up on the screen. There seems to be no breaks in the many action sequences. The photography and acting are also superb.

The Hellstrom Chronicle

A Science-Fiction Documentary?
Well, why not? The way things were/are going here on Earth, the speculation presented by the narration in this film could come true. Might serve us right! Anyway, the cinematography is terrific! Excellently done on a whole, even tho some critics panned the narration. It is unique, so see it. I gave it a 7 out of 10, and it could be rated higher.

His Private Secretary

John Wayne in a Romantic Comedy?????
Yes, John Wayne is actually in a Romantic Comedy, and this is it! Evalyn Knapp (top billed!!!) is his love interest who tries to prove herself by getting a job in John's dad's company without papa knowing who she is. It's pretty well done, and certainly worth viewing just for the curiosity of seeing the Duke out of his element. He actually does pretty well! A SOLID 8!

High Road to China

I don't know why this adventure-comedy is so under-appreciated.
Given Tom Selleck, Bess Armstrong, Wilford Brimley, Robert Morley, Brian Blessed, and Jack Weston, and a bunch of excellent aerial action scenes, this is a terrific film. So what if there isn't a great message, or outstanding drama. For what this is... a comedy-adventure... it's great. Tom and Bess have always been extremely watchable to me, and they continue that tradition here. A solid 9.

Here We Go Again

Radio Comedy Stars hit the Movies!
When you encounter Fibber McGee & Molly, Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy & Mortimer Snerd, Harold Peary's The Great Gildersleeve, and Gale Gordon's Cadwalader all in one movie, historical hysterical greatness has to occur! Tho this film is slightly before my time, I've been able to experience them all. This is pure enjoyment that doesn't happen much nowadays. 9.


This western is done in a different manner than most others. Realism is the key here. Conchata Farrell comes to Wyoming to work for Rip Torn on his ranch. How this is presented makes for a most interesting slice of Americana. I would have preferred to see this on the big screen rather than on tape, but it's worth a look to see just how life was back in the real west. Cinematography is excellent. Solid 9. Torn & Farrell excel in this movie.


Best Robot Romantic Comedy Ever
Best Robot Romantic Comedy Ever, using the robots as the romantic characters, which leaves Short Circuit out of this category. This was Andy Kaufman's best effort. Bernadette Peters shows her versatility here with an amazing performance. While not a great movie in many areas, I'll award it a 9 on guts and quirkiness.


This one has EVERYTHING...
Length, Action, Sexy Girl, Comedy, Scenery, Wild Animals, you name it, it is here! Great movie! John Wayne is at his best. Red Buttons delivers a superb performance. Elsa Martinelli is also at her best here! That 7.4 IMDb Weighted Rating is definitely too low... it should be a lot higher! A SOLID 10!

The Harlem Globetrotters

Goose, Marcus, & Dorothy
This Dorothy pays a visit to the Globetrotters' version of OZ. I remember seeing Goose Tatum and Marcus Haynes in action: I don't think too many of today's NBA player could dribble like Marcus could, and I think it was Goose that KICKED the ball (all net!) through the basket from mid-court in their football routine! This film is a bit on the dated side, but one has to be reminded that the Globetrotters used to play NBA teams from time to time, coming out on top most of the time. Solid 7, tho its historic value is much greater.


A visual feast for mystery genre fans
This film is a fine example of the classic mystery film, such as The Maltese Falcon, updated in color. Rich atmosphere surrounds all the characters. The cast, including Frederic Forrest, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner!, Elisha Cook, Lydia Lei, do well. It's not perfect, but certain worth a looksee on a dark, foggy night. A solid 9 from me.

Lovely to Look At

Those Champion Dances...
This could have been much better. Terrific cast, however Red Skelton (one of my favorites, usually) isn't in good form (but Ann Miller's form is terrific), Howard Keel is lackluster, and Zsa-Zsa is YOUNG! However blah the plot and acting are, I can highly recommend this picture on the basis of 3 dance routines by Marge & Gower Champion, two of which are unique. The first takes place among clothes racks, utilizing a wheeled dress-sizer. Take a long look at the dance... there are no cuts! IT IS ALL ONE TAKE! The last dance is near the end of the film, where jewel-thief Gower tries to take a diamond bracelet from mannekin Marge. Superb choreography in both routines! I gave it an 8 out of 10.

The Arrival

Better than it should've been...
This is a surprisingly good piece of science fiction film-making. More a thriller than anything, Charlie Sheen's over-the-top performance keeps us rivetted to the images. Excellent FX with the aliens!!! Little noticed (to me, anyway) at the time of release, I saw this on cable. Solid 9.

Arsenic and Old Lace

Cary's Face is worth the price of admission!!!!!
Cary Grant is in his prime as he watches his world collapse around him. The look on his face as he realizes that there's a dead body in the trunk is priceless!!! Let yourself be carried away with this screwball comedy... it's a SOLID TEN!!!!!!!!!!

Tall Tales & Legends: Annie Oakley
Episode 9, Season 1

Jamie Lee Curtis as Annie Oakley is worth seeing!!!!
I would recommend watching Jamie Lee Curtis in any role she plays, but getting her to play Annie Oakley is a treat for kids of all ages. This is one of the better Tall Tales & Legends from Shelley Duvall. Dennehy is good as always. I rated it an 8 and wish more of you would take time to see and rate it.


Best of the Opper Films
If you like your science fiction slightly off-key, this might be a film you'd enjoy. Don Opper made several films about this time, and this is the best of them. It also helped quite a bit to have Klaus Kinski and Brie Howard (Mo's daughter, I believe) along for the ride. Brie is very watchable, and helped raise my score a bit. I gave it a 7, and recommend it.

The Andromeda Strain

SF Thriller still packs a whallop.
After I viewed this film, which is excellently done in all regards, I discovered the one fault... it's G rated! This is way too intense for young kids!!! I can live with a PG, or better yet a PG-13, but not the G. The film is very realistic, very well acted, and has a believable story for the genre. A solid 9 from me, but keep the kids away, please.


Just a quick note.
This movie is rich in virtually every area: Acting, directions, costumes, music, cinematography. It's a solid picture and deserves high marks. I must admit that I don't particularly like the music. It's good, and I can see how others might care passionately for it, but I like other classical composers better. So I gave this film a 9.

Amelia Earhart

My memory spanning 23 years...
My memory spanning 23 years recalls Susan Clark doing fairly well in this bio of Amelia Earhart. In as much as I haven't seen a rerun of this film, and I have seen other bio films about Amelia, I cannot comment much more except I thought it pretty good at the time. I'll try to follow my own advice and try to see this one again. I gave it an 8.

Paris Holiday

Three Beauties, Two Comics, & a Mystery
The Mystery is why is this film not as good as it should have been. I've given it a 7, but it had the potential to be even better. Our two comics are good when they are together, but the courtroom scene is dragged out, and several scenes are very dark. However, the beauty of this film is in the viewing of Martha Hyer, Anita Ekberg, and Irene Tunc! All three are drop-dead gorgeous, and really contribute to the movie! Irene should have been given a bigger part! See it in wide-screen if possible.

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