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Sky High

Surprise, surprise
Well, I must say that this movie was surprisingly good for it being a Disney Kid Movie. Now it won't win any Oscars, but it really kept up the Disney Tradition for being a clean and fun film. It was wonderful to see Kurt Russell on the screen again with Disney. The acting, again, not an Oscar performance out of anyone, was clean and sincere, very believable. The sets and special effects were, well, good. The diversity and conflict between students of the school, once again... good. There were some very witty and dry remarks about high school life as well. Good writing. I say the most surprising thing about this film was that it was just plain old fun! It had the patrons laughing as well as I. My 7 year old and my 3 year old loved it and it was still adult enough with a strong enough plot to keep the parents interested as well. All in all, it made for a fun afternoon.

Alone in the Dark

What were they thinking?
Take a little Indiana Jones, a little Aliens, a little Resident Evil, a pinch of National Treasure, some action sequences that make you snooze, you write some of the worst dialog possible, take a couple of what were once respectable actors, make it look like it was directed as a music video and throw it all together... well then you have this movie. After watching it (and with me usually being very forgiving when it comes to "average movies") I can only wonder, "What were they thinking?" This film makes me feel as if an hour and a half of my life was wasted and I want that time BACK. I've had more fun and found more entertainment waiting in line at the DMV. This film was truly unoriginal and uninspired. Sad, sad, waste of film.


Had a lot of potential
This movie had a lot of potential to be something great. It had a strong story line, good action, and some very good acting. So what happened? Well, unless you are an Elektra buff and have read the comic books (which I haven't) you don't know what the heck is going on. Who are these bad guys and why do they want Elektra dead... Who is the girl and their father... why did they kill Elektra's mom? What happened to her Dad? The questions that this film raises are seemingly endless. I hope the DVD edition releases a lot of missing footage which will give us the character depth and history behind these people that is so badly needed to make this a film that is worthy of watching.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

One of the best...
For all the video games and cartoon hero's that have attempted to crossover to the big screen, this has got to be one of the best crossover attempts. This movie was well mixed with plenty of action and and developing story line. Granted it is no Indian Jones, but it is a fine movie in it's own right. Jolie was especially impressive with the stunts that she accomplished. I am not sure what folks who gave this movie a low rating were expecting, but to me this movie rates a 10.

The Pirate Movie

Stupid, yes... but what a MOVIE!!!!
Granted this film will never win any oscars, but when it comes to just seeing a fun movie, this movie is the one. Great songs, great location, great slapstick fun, clever dialogue, great dance routines, great costumes... This movie really embodies everything that was just plain fun about the early 80's.

Head Over Heels

Surprise, surprise... I actually liked it.
This movie really surprised me, especially given the talent of the leading man... it was really funny with some new humor that I haven't seen displayed in other films. Granted, it had a lot of "potty" humor that has been done over and over again, but even in this movie they put an interesting and fresh twist on some of the tired old jokes. This definitely isn't Oscar material, but I have to admit, if you need a laugh, this is the movie to see.


It was a sad day for movie goers when they bought this ticket.
It could of been a great movie with a strong story line, truly a good idea for a superhero flick, but pathetically just a movie flopped like a fish dying on the lake's bank. Poor acting / directing... The creators of this movie need to realize that it takes more than special effects to make a movie.

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