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  • I rented this movie mostly for Richard Norton, and several other of the better-known Australian martial artists with whom I am familiar appear alongside him in the movie.

    It's shockingly acted - let's face it, Richard Norton may be a good martial artist, but a great actor he is not. The plot was secondary to the fight scenes, as it really should be in a movie that's really just a vehicle for some spectacular action sequences.

    Kathy Long redeems what would otherwise just be another film packed with guys beating the crap out of each other for 90 minutes.

    The fight scene with Norton vs Sam Greco is worth a look, but this film will probably only appeal to die hard MA fans and even then, will really only appeal to Australians for novelty value.
  • The trailer made the movie look promising, and the first 10-20 minutes of the film were interesting. However, it rapidly degenerated into a yawnfest. The film jumped around from scene to scene, there was little or no character development apart from the lead roles, the aliens were almost non-existent and the ending was disappointing to say the least.

    As the credits rolled, you could hear everyone in the cinema give dramatic 'thank god that's over' sighs of relief as they walked out.

    Don't waste your money.
  • This is my all time favorite movie, the one I rent on video when I need a good laugh.

    It's a classic of special effects and tongue-in-cheek comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. I always get a laugh showing this to people who have never seen it and think it's just another crappy horror movie.

    I've also seen the 'alternate ending' which is not quite as good as the original, but worth a look for its own sake.

    "Gimme some sugar, baby!"