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Space Cowboys

Light but enjoyable.
Sure, it's a little corny and silly, but take it in a light heated way and enjoy the movie. It is indeed refreshing not to see endless car chases, people getting shot, and things getting blown up. A lot of funny lines by the four old timers.


Great use of 3D.
I just saw this movie last night for the first time since 1953 as it was filmed, in it's original 3D, and this is one movie that made good use of 3D. A good plot, well filmed, made me wonder why 3D went away so soon. The scenes of Robert Ryan looking down the face of the rocks he has to climb down will make you appreciate 3D.

Body Heat

The best of "film noir".
A modern "film noir" in the tradition of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, and one of the all time best. A slender Kathleen Turner sizzles the screen in this movie, and she is very, very, good. This is one movie where you can NOT sit there and predict what is going to happen next.

Sangre y arena

A big disappointment for a Sharon Stone fan.
This movie, (English title Blood and Sand,) might be good if you love bull fighting, but probably not. And for the rest of us it is a definite skip it. Every scene, and almost every line in the movie is predictable. I had hoped that at least with Sharon Stone in the movie we'd have something nice to look at, but most of the movie her hair is frazzled like she stuck her finger in a light socket and even she doesn't look that nice.

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