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Ankle Biters

Absolutely hilarious low-budget small people action!
When a friend and I first saw Ankle Biters in our local video store, we almost exploded with laughter. What an incredibly original concept, by combining the horror element of vampires with the uncomfortable image of being bitten in the ankles, the film makers had surely stumbled across a genius idea.

Just to make this clear from the start, this film is low-budget and the producers obviously made the most of their friends' houses, cars, garages etc. Once youre into it though, the film's lack of professionalism becomes charming and you begin to watch the film as if one of your friends had made it with his DV camera. Hence, you begin to marvel when the main character does a forward flip and it is reversed to make him jump backwards.

The plot is about as thin as Ally McBeal but this is never really that important when the ankle biters are running around and jumping on people, knawing the lower half of their victim's legs.

This is a cult classic. If you are lucky enough to stumble across this in the video store, rent it for a laugh.

American Mullet

An undisputed chronicle of mullets
I have a mullet. Yes, I know what you're thinking, someone who's stuck in the 80s in terms of fashion. This film really portrays the human story of someone with the world-renowned hair cut. Controversy, explosions and outrageous mullets. Please see this film whether you're an avid mullet-owner or someone on the outside.

Take a Girl Like You

Magnificent performance by Simon Evans
Take a girl like you was a generally likeable programme. In terms of script, costume and creating a realistic impression of the period it was undisputed. However, the acting was on the whole quite atrocious. The only actor who really gave any life to his character was Simon Evans as Horse. Although not the biggest part, Simon Evans, in my opinion was unfortunate not to receive any kind of nomination for a BAFTA or other TV award. On the whole, I would give the programme 7 out of 10 and unfortunately not because ofthe acting but because of Simon Evans and the tremendous costume.

Running Around Like a Chicken with Its Head Cut Off

This film is absolutely hilarious
This film was made for non-stop side-splitting amusement and that's what it provides, it's a must-see. Kids of all ages would enjoy this as well as adults.

I won't give anything away but the bit where the head is rolling around on the floor and there is blood everywhere is such a laugh! It may sound sick but once you see it, you'll be laughing too. A classic 60s chicken movie, please see it.

Duan chang hua

An unknown Asian classic
Duan chang hua is an undisputed Asian classic of the 60s, it precedes an era where such Asian legends as Bruce Lee start to emerge on the scene and more importantly, Kung Fu. This is why Duan chang hua is overlooked, when looking at Asian film, there is a dark era, 40s-60s, where no film is justly appreciated, this is one of them. Lee directs this film superbly and I'm surprised his career was not more successful.

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