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Slaughter Trail

Annoying song brings down otherwise routine western
There are some good things to say about "Slaughter Trail." For instance, seeing Brian Donlevy and Gig Young in an oater IS different. But the annoying song that runs throughout, seems to have been written by a third-grader. There is much use of stock footage for the Indian wars, and the plot is predictable and pedestrian. This one is very easy to pass up.

Darker Than Amber

A rousing mystery, action-packed
Many fans of author John D. MacDonald that I've spoken with feel that this movie does not do the writer or his character, McGee justice. I on the other hand, having seen the movie prior to reading the McGee series, think this is one dandy Travis McGee story. The action comes fast and brutal, we have crazies, nymphos, and Myer. Miss Agnes makes an appearance also. What is lacking? True, Taylor may not fit the description of Trav in the books, but he works for me. The searing trumpet solos and the Latin beat, great action and a good cast make this a must for suspense fans.

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