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Tri orísky pro Popelku

A Classic in my country
This movie (known as "Tre nøtter for Askepott" in my country) have been shown every Christmas in my country since the 1970's. The movie is pretty atmospheric and moving in it's own way, and a christmas without it would have been pretty strange if you ask me. But it's not a movie I would have rented in a video store though. For Christmas use only.

Storfolk og småfolk

Very Entertaining and a Classic
This is film that they use to show on TV on Christmas in Norway. It's definitely one of Tancered Ibsen's best movies and perhaps the funniest.

(Spoilers, Spoilers)The movie contains of several short episode-films, but there are a red thread through them all. One is about a tyrannic boy who is the son of a rich farmer. Another is about an old man who tells a farmer about what scary things that happened to him when he was in the city. This is only two of several films. *Entertainment for the whole family.

Kjærleikens ferjereiser

Very boring drama from the 70's
(possible spoilers) This movie was supposed to describe the increasing depopulation in small places that started in Norway back in the 1970's. How they managed to do that in such a boring and uninspirating way is a mystery. This movie was a big disappointment. Avoid Avoid. (2 out of 10)

Fleksnes fataliteter

Best of the Best
The TV-series "Fleksnes fataliteter" is with no doubt one of Norway's best and funniest TV-series ever made. The character Fleksnes was introduced on Norwegian TV for the first time in 1973 and became popular at once. The series ended in 1988, but have become a hit on video after that. The series had also some success in Sweden and Denmark. *A movie followed only a year after the series had premiere.

Olsen-banden møter kongen og knekten

Among the best in this film-series
(Contains Spoilers) "Olsenbanden møter kongen og knekten" are among the best in this film-series about the infamous Olsenbanden. This time they try to steal a suitcase full of money, a suitcase which was stolen from them from an another gang. This movie are also a kind of musical, but this element isn't present for more than 5-6 minutes.


Very Amusing
This is the first of the film-series about Olsenbanden. Opsahl, Byhring and Holm are great and the plot are clever and fun for everybody between the age of 5 and 90. This is one of the best in this film-series. I saw it for the first time when I was a child, and I still like it. (definitive a 7)

To trøtte typer

Entertaining animation series (spoilers)
This computer-animated series are pretty entertaining. (Spoiler) It's about two drug addicts who use to sit and talk together in a filthy apartment. Both are in their late 30's and they usually talks about how great everything was when they where younger. Sometimes they get a visit from some of their old friends and that's when things really start to happen.

This series is considered to be one of the first computer-animated series which are produced in Norway. I recommend it, but it contains some vulgar language, so be prepared.

Himmel og helvete

Anti drug movie which became a turkey
This is the famous norwegian anti-drug movie which is considered to be a turkey today. There are more than one thing you can point your finger at in this movie but let's start with the actors who are pretty wooden through the whole movie. That critic goes particularly to those who are playing the leading roles. The other element is the anti-drug message in the movie. The message are "if you start with pot you'll go to hell on a heroin overdose the next day". This is what makes the movie so unrealistic and naive. Nobody believe this kind of propaganda any longer. An another strange thing about this movie are all the rather daring nude scenes. This is pretty unusual for a movie made in the 60's, even the late 60's, but I guess that the director put it there to attract more teenagers. However, the movie as a whole is watchable in a way and not totally without interest, but it's perhaps more like a curiosity though.

Liebe durch die Autotür

A turkey with a few funny moments
This Austrian (I've always thought it was German) sex-comedy are pretty stupid really, but it's not without some (a few) funny moments though, but most of them are usually of a pretty adult nature. However, cars who talk to each other etc. makes me wonder if this movie (without the sex scenes) would have been more suited for kids than adults. All together a bad movie from the 70's which tries to use sex to make things funny. But does it work: No, not really (3 out of 10)

The Island

Exciting action-adventure
The Island is an exciting action-adventure movie which was mush better than I expected. I saw it on TV for about a year ago and I must admit that the first 40 minutes was a bit boring, but the rest of the movie was really exciting (and bloody) and gave me a bit of a shock. Good actors, and great plot. (8 out of 10 from me)


Best disaster-movie from the 90's
Outbreak is in my opinion the best disaster-movie made in the 90's. Almost everything seams to work in this one. The actors, plot, effects, story and atmosphere are/is really good. Exciting from start to end. I also consider Outbreak to be more realistic than most movies in this category.

(8 out of 10 from me)


Surprisingly good
Tremors is a very good horror-movie with great actors and some really exciting scenes. The movie is also loaded with humor and some amusing action sequences. Not much more to say really, but to agree with most of the comments before me. (I give it 8 out of 10)

Lord of the Flies

Not as good as the first version, not even close
This 1990 version of Lord of the flies is mush worse than the one from the 60's. The movie lacks the kind of intensity and excitement as the first one had. The 1990 version becomes to dull and I must admit that I expected much more than this when I rented it. See the first one in stead.

Zombi 2

Can't understand why someone give this movie 10. (WHY)
Zombie Flesh-eaters is a zombie-movie under average. I can't understand why anyone gives this movie 10 in the ratings. Ok, it's not the worst zombie-film made in history, but even the uncut version of this film is pretty dull. The actors are nothing more than average (and a bit wooden), the plot is a bit confusing, and some of the scenes is stupid (especially the underwater scene). The good thing about this movie is the story, and some of the gore effects which are pretty realistic and shocking. (I can agree that the last 10 min. of this movie is a bit exciting)

I agree with those who say that this one is not even close to Dawn of the dead.

Wild at Heart

Very bad
Wild at heart is in my opinion one of the worst films ever made. The director tries really hard to make a film that is unlike most of the other films. (And that is almost all he manages). OK, this is not a mainstream film from the Hollywood-factory, but what is the point of making a film that is so repulsing and dull. Lynch tries once again to fool some of the audience to think that movies which are different from mainstream-films are good movies, but that's not true in this case.


Extremely bad
Karachi is an extremely bad movie. This is must an example for most movie-makers how not to make a movie. Everything is wrong here: Actors, plot, effects, sound, colors etc. Even those actors who are considered as good ones becomes bad in this one. The movie is also very dull and confusing. (1 out of 10)

Midnight Run

Great action-comedy about some bounty hunters
Midnight Run is a great action movie with great actors, great plot and a humor that really works. An action-film with warmth and likeable characters. clearly one of the greatest films from the 80's. Highly recommended. A must to see for most people.

Die Blechtrommel

Really bad
"Blechtrommel" is a pointless German movie with a bizarre story. The actors is OK, but the story in the film seams to have as a goal to shock the audience in a repulsing way. Hidden behind a known author and some surrealism this seams to work for a few people (specially those who think they understand movies). I remember I saw this movie for the first time for about 10-11 years ago and I really disliked it. Now, 10 years after (and about 2000 movies ago), I saw it once again to see if I could get some more out of the movie than the first time, but that did not happen. A bad and pointless movie .


Dull Crap
Hellraiser must be one of the worst horror-movies from the 80's. This movie is repulsive, but it's not very exciting, and besides from that it's also very dull. Some scary looking creatures in a movie is not enough to scare the audience. I remember I heard much about this movie when it came out, but what a disappointment it was. (2 out of 10)

Orions belte

Great thriller from the cold-war
Orions Belte is an exciting thriller from the cold-war period. The actors are good, and the plot is great. The locations is also very important in this movie, and that is something which really creates a realistic atmosphere for the film. Great Norwegian movie (one of the few) from the 80's.


A very EXCITING "disaster" movie
Armageddon was, besides from being a politically correct movie, a very exciting movie. This one is clearly one of the best disaster-movies from the 90's. The effects is just great and I usually don't fall for this element in movies any longer, but these really blew my mind. Action, plot and atmosphere was also very good. The only negative thing about Armageddon was the length. WHY MUST (almost) every American movie last close to 2 1/2 hour. In the 80's most American movies lasted only 90 to 120 minutes, and that is usually long enough for a movie of this type. It's usually historical drama-films which last for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

The Ghost and the Darkness

A Thrilling Thriller
The Ghost and the Darkness (The Rulers of the Savanna) is really an exciting and thrilling movie. Acting, plot and locations are great, and the movie manages to shock you in ways that few thriller-movies from the 90's do. The only thing to point the finger on is Michael Douglas. Douglas is a very good actor, but in this one he is really misplaced.

(8 out of 10)


A Great film and Great James Woods
Salvador is an excellent and realistic drama-movie with great actors which makes the whole thing work. James Woods must be one of the best actors in the world. Everything he plays in becomes a good movie. Nothing more to say really, but to mention that you also must see the movie "The McMartin Trial", where James Woods delivers perhaps his best performance. I highly recommends both movies.

Salvador: 8 out of 10

A Force of One

A dull Chuck Norris movie
"A force of one" is more serious than the other Chuck Norris movies, but it's also very dull. The actors are above average, but the fighting sequences does not deliver much to applaud for. Seems more like a criminal than an action-movie. (4 out of 10)

Zhi zun shen tou

Extremely bad
This ninja-film is extremely bad and ridiculous. Besides from the fact that it is very dull and therefore hard to follow, the only good thing about it is that it's silly in a funny way (but only sometimes). I remember (OK you don't remember bad movies you saw 10 years ago, but this one was so bad that i did remember) that I rented this movie on video in the late 80's and thought I had a really exciting ninja-film to kill the evening with, but how wrong I was. (1 out of 10)

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