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  • I loved this short film to pieces. When I saw it was called `The Hairy Fetus' so it took me forever to find anything on it. It was the kind of thing that I was just transfixed on the entire time. It moved along so well and got continually better and better as it went along. Then the end ending! I've never been so disgusted with a film I couldn't take my eyes off of.

    I wish short films like this were more readily available so people could have access to them. Its not something you can rent. I actually caught it by accident between films on The Sundance Channel years ago, but it really stuck with me all these years. If you can catch it anywhere have a looksie.
  • This show had a great feel about it, and it was pretty funny. The characters were all vastly different but played on each others differences very well. I came across a few episodes I had taped in my youth and was saddened that this show never got the kind of run it deserved.

    Petty and Parsons had wonderful chemistry with each other and the rest of the cast. They really had something they could have built on, too bad it never got a chance.
  • This little show has been a constant in my life for nearly every Christmas.From when I was very young to my teenaged years, to now in my early twenties.

    It's thoroughly enjoyable for everyone who doesn't despise the holidays. The humor isn't so simple that adults can't enjoy it, and its not over anyone's head. It always seems to get me in the mood even when I've had it with the season.

    You can't really purchase it, and its not something they show on TV anymore, which is a shame, but if you can somehow find it I suggest you pick it up, for the kids, or just for you.
  • This was one great film. Not only did it star the extraordiary Juliette Lewis but it had an original plot that kept you watching each scene to the finest detail. It was full of suspense and action. I thought far better than most thrillers. There were alot of interesting characters (including Shelly Duval) all of who could have been tormenting Juliette's character, interior designer Jane Emelin. It was really great to see Juliette playing such a level headed down to earth character. Yet again, after seeing it, its hard to believe thats not really Juliette on the TV. It really makes me mad that this movie wasnt in the theaters, it was very VERY good, and will probobly never get the attention it deserves. One of juliette's best roles and most exhilerating performances.
  • This is a very special movie to me. For years I have been probobly Juliette Lewis's most devoted and passionate fan. When I saw her performance in "The Other Sister" (she says her most personal work to date) I was really touched. After all of her troubles with drugs and relationships she had come out once again on top. Delivering some of the most raw and real scenes I have ever seen produced by any actor. It really shows her versitality as an actor. Compare this role to "Natural Born Killers" or "Strange Days." Its hard to believe your watching the same person. I dont care what other people say, This movie is a masterpiece. There is not one dull performance. Giovanni, Diane, and Tom all did a fabulously alongside Juliette. They all should have gotten at least nominations for their performances, but I guess true art never really gets the credibility it deserves.
  • What a terrific movie to introduce Juliette Lewis back onto the screen. Truely one of Her great performances. The movie itself is one of the best I have ever seen. Its almost too real and too good, theres never a dull moment. Marissa Ribisi is also outstanding as Claire. Why this movie wasnt realeased into theaters isnt a mystery though. Its simply too good for the general public to appreciate. Theres no blood or naked girls, or explosions or over the top special effects, theres just a great story, a perfect cast, and characters you feel for and understand. If you like quality movies, not the glamed up garbage that we've seen lately, Really good movies with stories and characters that make you wish it wouldnt end, Find this somehow, and appreciate it for what it is: A Masterpiece
  • This movie was not only bad it was offensive and degrading. Im sure that the core audience of this film is Straight, male and in the age range of 12-24.It was simply a skin flick in the semblance of a horror movie. This movie should be called "Naked Bad Actresses That Kill!!" I feel bad for the people who enjoy GOOD horror movies and mistook this for one and had to sit through it. I also feel bad for anyone who practices Witchcraft and saw this piece of garbage, real witches simply dont kill people, sure some go skyclad (naked) during some rituals, but you can bet the acuracy of that detail was by mistake. Even if it was unheard of for real witches to go naked for some rituals this movie still would have been soaked with nudity and simplemindedness.

    Also, did anyone notice how similar the lead character and Fairuza Balk from "The Craft" look alike? A coincidence? I think not.

  • If you like Britcoms,this show is for you. Its kind of like a British SNL when SNL was good. Hilarious and unpredictable. If you miss Absolutely Fabulous, check this one out, you will surely love this just as much as AbFab. I wouldn't be surprised to see this marvelous show on comedy central in the near future. But then again, it is a hard show to find on TV. The only place I've been lucky enough to catch it was on bravo, and some states don't even get bravo. but, If you have the chance to watch this terrific show, don't hesitate.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a great movie to introduce Juliette lewis back into hollywood. I love seeing her do an independent film. It just shows how she has a wide variety of things she will do, and that shes not an actress for money or praise. Marissa Ribisi was magnificent as well as the rest of the cast. The entire movie is pure genius, its not over the top at all, its completely realistic. There are two gripping scenes that stand out to me:


    Theres this scene with juliette and Micheal Rapaport(april and neil) sitting in his car. She finnaly explains to him how she really feels and what she sees in him, and that she's sorry for being so "slutty." Juliette delivers this scene with such raw emotion that everytime I watch it I tear up myself.

    The other extemely powerful scene is when Marissa Ribisi(claire) is "freaking out" in her room after she has just discovered her boyfriend has cheated on her. If you have ever been dumped or cheated on or hurt by anyone, you will feel a great rush of emotions when seeing this scene.

    Another amusing thing is how Giovanni Ribisi and Juliette's characters act towards each other. If you have ever seen "The Other Sister" you will see what I mean. The two characters despise each other in "Some Girl" (Juliette actually bangs Giovanni in the head) and in "The Other Sister" Juliette and Giovanni's characters are deeply in love and end up getting married.

    ***end spoiler***

    All in all, this movie is simply great, but will probobly never be hailed as a classic, or get any awards. Though in my mind, it already has.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a really good movie if you like the genre. It was psychotic and filled with mayhem. Kind of a watered down "Natural Born Killers" minus the artful touch. Lena Olins Character is just purely evil. There is one disturbing scene which i cringe at everytime I see this movie:


    In this movie you have a lot of good actors and actresses. My favorite being Juliette Lewis. In the movie she plays a blonde haired New York maid named Sheri. She has some interesting scenes, but in the middle of the movie she gets on a train and leaves jack. So we think. Later on we discover that she had been kidnapped and taken to a building where Jack shoots her thinking she is Lena Olins character. But it doesnt end there. Jack after crying and considering suicide, leaves her body there. Lena Olin then comes in takes sheri's body and lays it on the floor. She then procedes to cut off sheri's arm and replace it with hers, which she had previously cut off! Then she lites sheri's body on fire and leaves. It was all done to make it look like it was Olins characters body. The scene is chilling and disturbing, but it was well done and gives the movie even more mayhem.

    ***end spoiler***

    If you like gory unpredictable movies with lots of twists and surprising ending, check this out.
  • If there is anyone out there who takes this movie seriously has real problems. Your not supposed to take this movie seriously, its a comedy, a COMEDY, cant you just laugh at how dumb it is? The lead cast is god, but its a cool movie because there are a lot of bit parts from people who are now stars in this film. Juliette Lewis has one line, and is the flower girl. Seth Green and Alison Flannigan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer have roles as well. Its not as bad a movie as people say, just dont take it literally.
  • This is a confusing mess of a movie. Its silly Pointless and just plain boring. I bought it for 4.00 because I was bored and me and some friends wanted something to do that night. All we did was heighten our boredom. The real kick in the butt is also, we didn't even get to see the end, the tape just runs out in the middle of the last scene. no credits, not even a fade out, just plop, off, rewind. The cover was the only good thing about this movie that immideitly became a blank tape. After its first viewing I tore the label off and taped over it with "I've Heard The Mermaids Singing" a movie which deserves the tape a lot more.
  • This show was kind of like a low key Seinfeld for a younger generation. It was truely one of the best things to come out of MTV. It was smart, funny, and freakishly honest. But God forbid people would watch one of the GOOD shows on MTV. I taped five or six of the episodes,(stupidly thinking it would be on the air long enough for me to get all of them someday) but I still miss it greatly. If i had it my way it would go into at least reruns, but we all know that will never happen.
  • To me this is the best serial cartoon to be put out yet. It always had great stories and I loved all the characters, even the horde.I hope someday She-Ra and her brother He-Man will return to television, or at least video. We just dont have quality programs like this on for kids anymore. Todays kids are exposed to such nonsense as "The Power Rangers" which has no real quality, its just repackaged shows from Japan. At least adults could like She-Ra, can you picture a parent sitting down and REALLY watching barney? no. All in all She-Ra was a great show and deserves to be noticed once again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I cant say this is a great film, but it is a lot better than some of the horror movies people hold above it. I liked some of the characters and the "monster" was for once an original idea. the plot tends to get confusing in some places but it all comes together in the end.


    One thing i was surprised at was the fact that the sweet innocent Tanya(Anna Karin) actually lives and overcomes her fear. Shes The blonde that you expect to get killed right away. Even when i saw the box in the video store the first thing I thought on seeing her picture was "they'll kill her off fast."

    ***end spoiler***

    the movie isnt a great one but its anything but predictable. See it if you like the genre and are looking for a few surprises.
  • This is to me one of the most overlooked 80's horror films yet. Its also one of the best. The characters are well developed, and there's even an actual plot! The cast was perfect as well as the special effects which arn't cheesey at all. You don't see the typical teen girls getting butchered along with their boyfriends. You don't see undeveloped unlikeble characters. What you do see is a really good movie, that is totally underrated. Underrated is the key word to describe this movie, Lori Singer is a brilliant actress who is far too overlooked as well as Julian Sands. Its a "must see" movie for fans of quality horror movies.
  • If you like stereotypical 80's movies this ones for you. I first purchased this movie because of the character "Amy Curtis," that Juliette Lewis has a bit part as. But I ended up really enjoying it. The characters are all developed well and It has some very funny scenes that keep you watching. If you like 80's culture and the music scene from those days, you should look into seeing this. The movie is very hard to find, sadly, but if you can find it,its worth a see.
  • If you have not seen Strange days yet, go out right now and rent it. True, this movie may not be for everyone, but for those people who like sci-fi thrillers with a lot of action and a pinch of romance, this is for you. The strong performances and fast paced story (by James Cameron) make this movie my favorite. Juliette Lewis alone with her breathtaking performances of two P.J. Harvey songs hooked my heart and reeled it in. With a true shocker of an ending that leaves you dumbfounded with disbelief, Strange Days is an instant cult classic all the way to the last scene.
  • This movie is not good or bad its just plain crazy. It takes place in another universe where people get everything given to them through tubes. Its craziness does it good though, it could have cult potential if it were more widely known. The movie features a cameo by the hilarious Anne Ramsey (Throw Mamma From The Train)and very young Juliette Lewis before her breakthrough role in "Cape Fear." Its a silly crazy piece of work, could be worth a see to some people. Not bad.
  • This canadian masterpiece staring Sheila McCarthy is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. McCarthy's character will touch young starving artists in many ways. The film which is very low key has some amazing scenes that keep your eyes on the screen and your mouth wide open. I feel this movie is very misunderstood by some critics. It cannot be taken too literally. the "daydream sequences" are just that, daydreams. They are there to show you polly's (McCarthy) true inner structure. If you can find this movie, and you like artsy movies that make you think, buy it. Don't bother renting it, because you will just end up buying it anyway.