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Varan the Unbelievable

not too bad, not too good, but lots of fun
this movie is a pretty standard monster on the loose film. snobs will say the Japanese version is so much better, but it's not that much greater. having grown up with the US version, it's the one i prefer, since i've known all the characters for so long they are like old friends. i'm not saying it's better than the original version, but i like it more. there's just something about movies made at that time, even if they are parts of movies from other countries that are just fun. there is a new DVD of VARAN out, which is a wonderful presentation for an adequate movie. it has the subtitles and extras that people have come to expect, which is always nice.

Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native American

an excellent documentary of Indian portrayal in Westerns
This is a fascinating documentary of the history of Indains in Hollywood (and elsewhere) cinema. Obviously well researched by the main writer(s) it covers everything from the Edison's earliest movies to the latest Indian filmmakers. It easily could have been an hour or more in length. I was most intrigued by the differences of opinions even by the Indian speakers themselves on the various subjects. Well worth watching!

Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Oru kaijû daishingeki

One of the best directed Godzilla movies
Amazing that people can review this movie and not have a clue as to what they are saying. How does that happen? Anyway, this is not the same kind of Godzilla movie all these "critics" want- they want Godzilla stomping on cities and fighting monsters. This is a very personal story, told about a young boy who is home alone for much of the time. Godzilla exists in his world only on film and in his imagination. Well directed and good lessons to be learned- Ichiro never becomes the bully he defeats, as he knows to take responsibility for his actions. Mostly, I think the Godzilla fans who hate this film so vehemently are jealous Ichiro gets to hang out on Monster Island! PS- only ONE kid in the entire Godzilla movie series is named Ken.

Zhong guo chao ren

best super hero movie, ever!
This is the most exciting movie about a superhero ever made. It is non stop action, and you have babes and monsters as well. Add to that kung fu and laser rays, and there you have it, the ultimate super hero flick. It is also well dubbed, written by Speed Racer himself, Peter Fernandez. A true masterwork, not to be missed. Forget all that cgi nonsense and wire floating "fighting" of CROUCHING TIGER. This is the film you want to see.

Kairyu daikessen

excellent story of magic and swords- very influential!
What a great movie this is! Every time I watch it (and I have seen it several times since 1975 or so) I always enjoy it. Probably the first true introduction of ninja to America. Well dubbed, lots of cool magic and monsters, swordplay and palace intrigue. I wish some enterprising individual would think to release THIS film on DVD over in America. The influence on STAR WARS can't be denied, either. But find a copy and watch it!

Gojira, Ebirâ, Mosura: Nankai no daiketto

Fun in the South Seas!
This is a delightful change of pace adventure for Godzilla and company. While definately not on the cosmic scale of the previous adventures (GHIDRAH, MONSTER ZERO) it has a lot of human charm in it. It also has espionage elements popular at the time, blended quite nicely with the monster action. Ebirah is not the scariest Godzilla opponent, or even the toughest, but looks great. Mothra makes an appearance at the end, saving the heroes. Originally supposed to be a King Kong movie, Godzilla was used when Toho failed to secure the rights at the time.

Robot Monster

more fun than humanly possible
This movie, while by no means GREAT, sure is a lot of fun. You just have to admore any filmmaker with the testicular fortitude to call an ape suit wth a space helmut scary. And the cast is SO earnest in their delivery it adds to the fun. You won't believe your eyes, though. Ignore all the people who say this is a "bad" film- it's far more entertaining than 90% of the "good" films in this here place!

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