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Series 7: The Contenders

Best movie I'll never see again
This was an excellent film, but also highly disturbing. I left the theatre feeling absolutely emotionally smashed. Aside from some failures maintaining the tone and falling into what seemed unintentional (or at best inappropriately placed) comedy, this was a stunning indictment of contemporary society.

The Wicked Lady

Two redeeming features...
being the Tony Banks soundtrack and full frontal nudity from Marina Sirtis. Otherwise absolutely worthless.

And frankly, the soundtrack wasn't even that good, and Marina's nudity didn't last long at all.

Gojira ni-sen mireniamu

Brilliant existential farce
Once again, the real masters of Gojira, the crew at Toho, leave us with an intellectually stimulating examination of the human condition. Godzilla's battles with Orga are more than mere man-in-a-latex suit action, they are a metaphor for the struggle for meaning in a meaningless universe. Definitely go see it.

Here Comes the Groom

Bing's best
This is my favorite of Bing's movies, a light comedy with great musical numbers, centering on the fantastic song and dance routine with Bing and Jane Wyman in the office building singing, "in the cool cool cool of the evening". Rent this or catch it on cable or do what you have to, it will be worth your while. Frank Capra's light touch does not disappoint.

Van Dyke and Company

Great, underappreciated
I remember watching this show as a kid; it was a comedy/sketch show, which was hilarious and sadly only lasted a season. I remember it in particular as a break-out venue for Andy Kaufman. Curiously this show didn't make it into the Kaufman bio-pic nor did Kaufman make it into the recent Dick Van Dyke biography on A&E.

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