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In the Company of Men

truly hateful film
Perhaps the most blatantly anti-woman film ever made despite how it ends. I can't think of anyone who would want to be "in The Company of (These) Men". Actually, they're not men. They have none of the qualities associated with what a man is: morals, dignity, strength, etc.....

Born American

Great? No. Worth the buck to rent? Yes.
Not a great movie, but then, it starred Mike Norris, not known for great movies, though in this one he did more acting than usual.

David Coburn as KC was the best part of the film (if somewhat uneven) while the character Mitch was the worst. He had no real redeeming qualities. Frankly, I was rooting for him to die so I wouldn't have to watch him anymore.

Most striking was how much "stuff" Renny Harlin managed to fit into the film. If only it weren't so disjointed or so full of gratuitous violence.

A must for Coburn fans. Great moments and a great comparison piece to see how much he's grown as an actor.

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