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Say Anything...

a great goddamn movie
You look back at the eighties and you think of Molly Ringwald

putting on lipstick with her breasts and Rob Lowe as a badass.

Say Anything is kind of left behind, like a diamond in the rough. It is

the best romantic comedy of all time. John Cusack is so

charming, so purrrfect. Girls see Lloyd Dobler and they say "man,

if his name was something other then Lloyd Dobler, he would be

the perfect boyfriend. the ultimate man". He's that great a

character. Guys are like, "that Diane, she's a fox". This movie has

the memorable dialogue, a wicked soundtrack and a story that

keeps you going. So what if I was seven when the eighties ended,

I still know what I'm talking about. Say Anything is a necessity. So

eat that, John Hughes.

You Can Count on Me

Very impressive
Kenneth Lonergan's masterpiece about the relationship between a brother and sister is quite possibly one of the best films of last year. Laura Linney, Rory Culkin, Matthew Broderick and especially Mark Ruffalo give amazing performances that seem believable and inspriring. Lonergan's script is tip-top and never misses a beat.

A Time to Kill

Very well done
I'm not sure why I didn't see this film when it came out, but I watched it for the first time last week and was blown away. "A time to kill" is not only very well done, but it shows the way racism is dealt with in an intertesting way. Every character is not only well developed, but the actors playing them make it totally believable.

Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson, who remain two of the finest American actors are definetly one of the best parts of the film. I'm not really sure how this film was received when it was released, but I consider it to be one of the most well done films I've seen recently.

Lucky Numbers

My god, that was bad...
When I rent movies like this, I expect them to be mediocre at best. I wasn't really expecting Lucky Numbers to be incredible or brilliant, but perhaps, decent-maybe.

It wasn't. This movie was so bad that I kept on wondering how it got made in the first place. What the hell were they thinking?

Forget John Travolta. Pulp Fiction and Face off were his only two great movies. But Lisa Kudrow and Tim Roth? They're, like, great. Seriously. They both make good films and the do good jobs, too. I just don't get why they would ever see anything in a film like this one. It's pointless garbage that never really knows when to end. Everytime the film looks like it's over, it keeps on going.

Lucky numbers gets my vote for worst film of 2000.

Dr. T & the Women

When I first heard about Dr. T and the Women, I thought it sounded very intriguing. While I haven't always loved Altman's films, I still had a repsect for his ideas and the way he makes a film. Richard Gere is usually alright, but I thought that the cast of women in this film would really make it great.

Alas, I was wrong.

It may star Helen Hunt and Laura Dern and Kate Hudson and dozens of others, but Dr. T. is quite possibly one of the worst films I've ever watched. Not only is it long and boring, but it's not even enjoyable. I spent of the film feeling bad for the actors and hoping that they wouldn't make stuff like this again.

It's hard to imagine how a film could be so bad, but a lot of it lies in the writing and the boring direction. Nobody does anything. Ever. Everyone just...It's...whatever...

don't see it.


Pretty Great...
Yes, it may be long. Yes, it may be a tad boring, but for most of this film, I was completely enthralled. The acting, in addition to set design and direction were superb. Every single actor brings a lot originality and charisma to their respective roles. Brian Cox is astounding as the villain, so much so, that you miss him when he's offscreen.

Because this is "court movie", you have to enjoy the parameters that the director sets. With much of the film talking place inside one room, it's somewhat hard to really get a feel for what's going on elsewhere. Nevertheless, being in the courtroom the whole time gives a very closed-up feeling that doesn't allow the viewer to turn away.

All in all, this is very good miniseries, and while there are flaws that sometimes hurt the story, by the end, all is forgotten. Educational, thought-provoking and real.

The Mexican

Very enjoyable
Brad Pitt is cool. Julia Roberts is cool. James Gandolfini is cool. In general, this movie is pretty cool. Why is it cool? That is hard to say.

Intriguing premise, nice cinematography, great writing, good direction, fantastic actors. These are all the ingredients needed to make a good film. It's hard to, you know, make a good film and I, as regular movie-goer was really impressed with this particular film.

Usually, it's really easy to say why you enjoyed or didn't enjoy a movie. But in the case of "The Mexican", you kinda can't. It's just really good and really fun. You never really feel like this film is gonna change you forever, but that's really not the point. It's just really good. Simple as that.

The Virgin Suicides

A bit of a letdown
It's so terrible to have high hopes for movies. X-men, The patriot, Hollow Man...movies that you wish wouldn't suck. But they do, and you feel really stupid.

Now here's The Virgin Suicides. Cool! It was a sundance hit! Cool, It's got James Woods! Cool! It's a original idea! But,, it kinda sucks.

It starts out cool and, you know, keeps you for awhile, but then, it kinda goes nowhere and it ends up being all weird and stuff. Now granted, there are some beautiful scenes and the cinematography is stunning, but other than just kinda leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Kirsten Dunst is really quite good as are all her sisters and parents, and even Josh Hartnett and all the other boys. I don't think it's the acting, I mean, the acting is pretty good.

You really gotta look at this film as a whole. As a viewer, I just felt so letdown and so confused. Check it out for yourself.


A genuine head-scratcher's the story. As a montrealer and as a Canadian, I'm constantly pushing myself to see some Canadian films. Problem is, there aren't any. Sure, you've got Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter and and The Red Violin, but..uh...other than that, not so much.

Ahhhh....but wait! Here's Stardom. And Gosh, it stars just about every montreal actor there is! And Gee! It's directed by Denys Arcand-why he's just fantastic. Perhaps I should see it.

So I did. About a week ago. And I'm still scratching my head. What the heck is this movie? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Jessica Pare is pretty good as Tina. She embodies the role, and does it gracefully. Dan Ackroyd and Frank Langella are also pretty good too. I've never seen Ackroyd like this before, he's very impressive. The overall film is not easy to classify or understand. I guess it's a satire of the media and I guess it's all about fame and celebrities, but gosh darn...I just don't know...

Listen: Go check it out. It's at least cool to see Montreal double for practically every other city in the world.


It was neat...
So yeah, last spring, a bunch of movies came out that no one saw. This is stuff like The Skulls, Ready To Rumble and Rules of Engagement. And while some of these films made some money, no one said that they were brilliant movies. This is the thing though-a really brilliant movie did come out last spring...Frequency.

Frequency is the kind of movie that keeps me going. Just when you think you've given up on filmakers, this movie comes out. It tells the story of a father and son who have a second chance at...

You know what? I'm not gonna do that! This movie is so good that I don't wanna say anything about it. Just take it from me. This is by far, one of the smartest, most thought-provoking films that I have seen in a long time.


Almost Famous

The best film of the year
High Fidelity, American Psycho, Erin Brockovich. Three films. That`s it. Those are the only good films that came out this year-until now.

Cameron Crowe is a genius. At this moment, he's gunning for 4/4. 4 brilliant films, 4 attempts. Almost Famous is the kind of movie that makes you feel warm inside. It's the kind of movie that you wish they made more often. Every actor, and I mean every actor is brilliant(even the ones that show up for five minutes and rant about a pen. You have to see it to understand) No scenes are boring, No lines are corny, no plots are stupid. This movie delivers in every way.

Billy Crudup has a real emotional struggle...something that I wished I saw more often inb films these days. Kate Hudson is charming and really quite beautiful in this, her first real big role. Frances McDormand, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the unforgettable Jason Lee will shock and impress you with their unforced performances.

And Patrick Fugit, Ah...Mr. Fugit. A star is Born.

Almost Famous is, hands down, the most explosive, fabulous,heart-tugging, show-stopping, envigorating, side-splitting, wacky, beautiful, incredible film. Not only is it great, but it's perfect.

There's only one problem: It just went by too fast. I wish that this movie was, like, four hours. Guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD.


Drive Me Crazy

Uh...Why am I writing a review of this movie. Ah...I wish I knew. It's an average little movie, well written, well acted. Not meant for anyone over twenty, not to be taken seriously. But I have to say: Adrien Grenier is a really terrific actor. He'd be great in a cool thriller or something. God, I love teen movies...

Muertos de risa

A Delight!
I just saw this film at the Fantasia festival here in Montreal. The festival mostly shows action/kung-fu movies, but this is definitely not in that category. This film makes you want to get up and scream...but what would you say?

I don't know how this film got made, as I don't know much about the Spanish film industry, but I'm suddenly really intrigued. This film delivers!

The acting, directing, music and costumes are all great, but the writing is off the charts. I want to see more films like this. It made me laugh so hard and made take a serious look at how I perceive celebrities-I was in good hands during this film.



Liberty Heights

Pretty impressive
Barry Levinson proves once again that he knows how to make a pretty good film. I count "sleepers" among one of my favorites. "Liberty Heights" is quite watchable and very amusing in parts. The acting is rather impressive and the writing is as well. Ben Foster, Adrien Brody and Orlando Jones are all top notch. The film goes on a little bit, but it's never really boring. In "sphere", Levinson drew out a lot of the scenes. And for that, "sphere is very long and a little bit tedious. "Liberty Heights" is also a tad long but because of great acting, a good script and interesting set design, this film is a winner.


A delight
Why would you want to watch a four hour film about a long-dead playwright with a cast of thousands???

Because it's brilliant. "Moliere" delivers in every way. The acting is powerful and intense, but the sets and cinematography take the cake.

Do not miss this fantastic film.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Watch this movie...
Every actor or actress should give this movie multiple viewings. The way that these performers, well, perform is just so impressive. There is so much life in this little film.

Sandy Dennis and George Segal deliver incredible performances as a new married couple with skeletons in their closets. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor bring new meaning to the word brilliant in their grim portrayals of an old married couple.

The direction is impeccable and shocking for such a newcomer. Mike Nichols really learned the trade quickly.

This film delivers in everyway and is an awe to watch.


Three to Tango

I rented this movie expecting a real doozie. It made, what, a million dollars or something? Anyway, "Three To Tango" isn't that bad at all. Matthew Perry is very funny, as is Cylk Cozart. The rest of the cast, is, unfortuanly just not funny. Dylan Mcdermott just can't do comedy. And I always hate Neve Campbell. And that's good, because Perry is really the star. He's in nearly every scene, and shines, just really does it well.

Perry is definetly one of the funniest guys around. This movie relies a lot on physical comedy, and he knows how to make that funny.

The movie is cute. The script is weak, but not s weak for this kind of movie. I seriously doubt that the director wanted this to be the one they remember him for. It's a cute, small, romantic comedy with a really good lead. That's it. Rent, you'll see.

Bringing Out the Dead

Bringing out what?
Man, oh man. The other day I was flipping through my movie stubs and I fell upon this one. The truth is, I don't remember one frame from this film. Not only was it rather forgetful and pretty out there (even for Scorsese), it just seemed like a waste of everyone's time.

Take a look: You got Cage, Arquette, Rhames, Sizemore and Goodman. These are great actors. I mean, their really just pitch perfect. Then you got the screenwriter: Paul Shrader. This guy is amazing. He just writes so beautifully. And then, you got Martin Scorsese, who is the king of gritty filmaking. So I ask, what the hell happened???

How did these great actors get together with this great writer and this great director and only come up with this film? It wasn't alright, it was terrible. The film just goes on and on and you always feel...well, you don't what your feeling. The film doesn't have a real plot, it just kind of meanders all over the place. My film teacher just keeps on telling me about the main character having a dramatic need. What the heck was this guy's dramatic need? Wear a frown for two hours?

This movie could have been revolutionary, instead, it was a waste of time...

Sorry to be so blunt.

Eyes Wide Shut

Can we talk?
Eyes Wide Shut was one of those films that came into theatres and we all said we would go, and then for some odd reason, we opted out and saw Mickey Blue Eyes instead. In September, after realizing that EWS was gone from theatres, I asked myself, why? Why would I not go to a Kubrick film, hell, they only happen every seven years...?

I saw EyeS wide ShUt last week, and I had quite an experience. The film runs a little over 2.5 hours and at some points you feel it, some points, not at all.

I kept turning to my friends and saying, Wow, this is great! I just thought so intensly about every scene and it`s power over me. Cruise`s character abandons everything, he goes on a mysterious journey, something that I think we all wish we could do.

But peculiar as it may sound, the last fifteen minutes are a piece of junk. I``m serious, the scene between Sydney Pollack and Tom Cruise must be about ten minutes of: What are talking about? Well, Bill, listen...No What`s going on? Ah, Bill...!

Blah, Blah, Blah.

And that toy store scene seemed so out of place and dumb that I thought I was watching another movie.

Is it brilliant? Yes, there are certain parts that just enrapture you. Is the whole thing flawless? Not a goddamn chance.


The Impostors

Fresh and witty
Stanley Tucci really knows what he's doing. This film, which for some odd reason wasn't really very well received. This movie is funny and smart and very easy to like.

But the acting isn't just the reason that this film is one of my personal favorites, it's also because of the superb script. It's brilliantly paced and full of laughter and intrigue.

Tucci's film deserves a look, but really, watch the film as a comedy, don't take it too seriously.


The Cider House Rules

These are the rules
In a year like 1999 when films were better than usual, this poingnant little picture was certainly a delight. I've seen this film twice and can't get over how warm I feel afterwards. I actually care about the characters and their lives, something I haven't felt in a long, long time.

The performances in this film are spectacular, especially the minor roles. Both Heavy D. and Erykah Badu should really do this a lot. Delroy Lindo is now one of my favorite character actors, I'm betting it's the eyes. Kate Nelligan is in fine form. As are Jane Alexander and Kathy Baker who are just so quietly brilliant. Charlize Theron and Michael Caine deliver great performances, Caine really deserves that Oscar. His accent may be shaky, but so was Gwyneth Paltrow's in Shakespeare In Love, so let's not be too picky.

However the real winners here are those who don't think they've won at all. I'm talking about the actors who just don't try. For some reason, everything they do seems real. Tobey Maguire, Paul Rudd, Kieran Culkin and newcomer Paz De la Huerta. Each of them is so brilliant because they're so natural. And that's what I like. I love when actors don't try and still succeed. Maguire is made for this role.

I really enjoyed "The Cider House Rules". It's a film that I love to love. A film that makes you feel all warm and soft all over. A film that's quiet, loud, smart, funny, thought provoking and really well made too.


The Ninth Gate

A genuine dissapointment
When you watch Polanski's Macbeth or Rosemary's baby, you feel like your in the hands of a brilliant filmaker.

When you watch The Ninth Gate, you feel like...well, you feel like you've been let. At least, that's how I felt.

There's nothing wrong with the setup, Depp is absolutly amazing as is the music and the cinematography. However, beyond, roughly an hour into the film, things start to get a little wierd.

First off, Depp is the only truly great actor in this film. Langella is over-acting, Olin, under-acting, and Seigner, well, she wasn't acting at all. I really thought it was peculiar because I would think Roman Polanski would really be able to get the best, but I digress...

The problem with this film is my attachment to it. I love caring about the characters and the plot and the consequences of certain moments. By the end, I didn't give a hoot if he found the goddamn thing or not. It wasn't boring, it was just futile. "Oh, here's the book, oh no, I lost it, oh no, I found it, Shit, the devil took it, oh..."

That's what every scene seemed to look like. And plus, it was really long, too. I mean, I sat through The Green Mile, and that was brilliant, so I don't have a problem with lenght. It was just so looooong.

One word to note: If you read this review before you see the film, and while the film is going on, you think, wait a minute, that guy was wrong...wait till the end.




Pretty impressive
I was sitting in on a film class that my friend was taking. His film teacher decided to show them this quiet little film, made for about five bucks.

From the start "Trust" grabs you. It's smart, funny, beautiful, and very well written. I'm not going to make this a lengthy review, I'm just going to say: Don't miss it! See this movie.


Mission to Mars

What the...?
A couple a' years ago my friend turned me on to this director by the name of Brian DePalma. "He's from the same time-frame as my favorite director, Scorsese" he says. I'm into what he says and decide to give DePalma a chance. I see "Carlito's Way" and I am totally surprised. I see "The Untouchables", shocked and happy. I see "Casualties of War" and I am quite intrigued. Last summer I caught "Snake Eyes", and thought, wow, this man can direct. (I don't need to mention the rest, but their all brilliant in their own way)

Then my friend and I are sitting, waiting for "Any Given Sunday" to start. And we see this trailer for a new movie. We heard about the movie before, but now, now, now we are SHOCKED. It looks fregin' amazing. "we're goin to see that!" he says. I conquer.

BOOM-It's March 10th.

Mission To Mars hits theatres.

We're pumped. We pay, we sit, we watch, we leave. This film changes my life forever. You see, as someone who watches films religiously, I take offense when a film insults me like this.

M2M is so stupid and so laughable that it makes me sad to have known that I spent 2 1/2 hours of my life in a theatre. In spent half time thinking "Jesus, Brian, you made Mission Impossible!" There are certain things that I would like to divulge, but alas I don't want to spoil it for those idiots who don't care about bad reviews and plunk down 10 bucks anyway.

Tim Robbins doesn't suck, neither does Gary Senise, neither do Connie Nielson or Don Cheadle. Infact, the whole cast is pretty good. The actors are fine, they do a fine job. It's the script that sucks. The script is awful and full of plotholes. The actors should all be very proud of themselves.

The special effects are cool. The sets are neat. But all this stuff isn't important unless the story is something I want to watch. So the casting director did a good job. So did the costume designer, but who really cares if the movie is awful.

Look at "Being John Malkovich". The costumes and cinematography weren't mind-blowing, but the plot was. The story made the whole movie brilliant and thought-provoking. It wasn't just the hairdressers.

Back to M2M. This film is boring and nothing you haven't seen. If you really must see it, rent it. It's not worth movie prices.

American Beauty



There certainly is. I know what people are really thinking when they see this movie. They watch the 2h film, they leave. They go home, and without knowing, their lives have changed-

Subconsciously, everybody watches American Beauty and hopes and prays that their family isn't anything like the Burnhams'.

You hope your daughter doesn't have such low self-esteem. You hope your wife doesn't cheat on you. You hope your husband doesn't just stop being himself. Don't even start with your neighbors.

To be honest, American Beauty is the journal of America. Everybody in the story really exists. They are out there living just like the characters in the film. Angela Chase probably lives next to you, and every time you see her, you think what Lester thought.

You probably want to disagree with me, and that's okay...Everybody gets different things out of films. That's what their there for, to be examined. Alan Ball (who wrote it) feels the beauty and ugliness of the world and has written an opera about a modern american family.


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