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Entertaining and easy to watch, took itself a little too seriously though
All i've got to say is that i enjoyed this movie and found it entertaining and an interesting insight into the competition between race drivers and what they go through in a demanding profession. I do wish Estella Warren had more to do in this film, because she is just LUSH! and one of my favourite models. But it seems as though she has just been put in the film for the eye-candy, which is great but she needs to do more because she deserves a better chance to really make it as an actress. But overall it is quite entertaining with the racing scenes and the variety of locations they go to. Maybe it would've been better if it took itself less seriously. A masterpiece it aint, but better than i expected and easy to watch. I say to all the people who are trashing this film, you are entitled to your opinion and so am i. My opinion is that you are a bunch of SNOBS!! Admit it, you are!

Rating- 8 out of 10

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is unparalleled in its ability to hold up for ridicule human institutions and is witty and clever in satirising human behaviour. The Simpsons mocks with very effective satirical devices the police force, the government officials and makes hilarious usage of stereotypes.

One of my favourite Simpsons techniques is the way that often a character will look to intend to do one thing and then contradict themselves, or criticise some other character and then suddenly do the same thing wrong the other character was doing. Eg: When Moe is watching the wall in the tavern and then Homer says to Moe "Can I watch to?" Moe replies "yeah but it'll cost ya". Homer runs off to get money and then Moe says "He's so stupid and now back to the wall". Moe is stupid himself as he is leaving the tavern vulnerable to theft with his back turned.

The Simpsons also does and excellent job in parodying musicals. I really enjoyed the send up of Mary Poppins with 'Shary Bobbins' the parody of her. The songs 'Cut every Corner' and 'Minimum Wage Nanny' do not put down the musicals, they merely place a humorous twist and new flavour on it.

Finally, without The Simpsons many adults would turn away from cartoons. The Simpsons is useful in showing us "The dysfunctional family". Many families are not necessarily well-oiled machines. This is good because it contrasts to other T.V. families like "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family". These families were unrealistically always happy and well functioned. You should watch Simpsons whenever you get the chance because its simply unparalleled as a hilarious, satirical and animation masterpiece!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

A totally "Excellent" ride through history!
This is one my all time favourite feel good movies!

The movie is a real adventure through history with your guides two 'excellent' dudes. The movie idealises the fun nature of certain 80's party films that is no longer in evidence today.

It is great fun watching the historical figures in the mall. The funniest scenes are when they are in the mall and getting into all sorts of trouble.

The music is also ideal in epitomising this 80's style. The track "Two heads are better than one" perfectly goes with the 'losers become winners' feel of this movie.

I've seen it many times including about 5 times in one week, when I was only 10 around about the time it came out.

If you want a feel good fun film than try this!

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