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The Civil War

The most moving and haunting documentary ever made. THE narrators and music were PERFECT,capturing the essence of one of the most difficult periods in this nations history. KUDOS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS AND ESPECIALLY KEN BURNS AND SAM WATERSTON.

A Midnight Clear

a thought provoking film.
This little known film is actually an excellent piece of movie making. We are led through the film via the thoughts of the main character who is a squad sergeant of a hi-iq troop during WWII. The viewer learns for themselves that war is hell,more mentally as opposed to physically. Bravo to Kevin Gordon the author of the novel as well as being the films director. Great cast,particularly Gary Sinise, Ethan Hawke,Ayre Gross and Peter Berg.

The Godfather

the best movie ever made
In my opinion "The Godfather" is the best movie ever made. It is far and away the best conceptualized film from a novel that has been made, even when compared to "Gone with the Wind".

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