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Any Given Sunday

Except this one
This may be, in my opinion, the worst sports movie of all time. I have never seen a grander collection of actors I like in amovie I hate. I'll start of by saying, that I don't believe Stone has made a good movie since Platoon, but even as a film fan i couldn't like this. Any time the most convincing "actor" in a movie is Lawrence Taylor, you know you're in trouble. The only good scene in the entire movie is when LL Cool J stands and raises his hand. Other than that, the film school techniques and the annoying soundtrack add nothing but sickness to this pathetic attempt at a movie.

Wo hu cang long

Simply Magical
It's been about 5 hours since I walked out of the theatre, and my mind is floating thinking about this film. Ang Lee has put together a film that truly gives everyone a little something, and most a lot more. If you watched this merely for the action scenes, you would go home so fulfilled you'd probably call this the greatest action film ever made. But, it is so much more.

Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yoeh, and Ziyi Zhang have a chemistry that has not been seen in quite some time. When a movie can convince us that there is chemistry between the two leads, we applaud it. What can we say when the chemistry is so strong between three actors?

Many want to compare this to the TV movies they watched on Saturday afternoons when the baseball game got rained out, but this is so very different. Sure the outlandish fighting scenes are there (in a way never seen before), and the lost article and avenging hero is in place, but this is so very different. The visuals are so brilliant that one walks out of the darkened theater and the bright lights don't seem that bright. This film leaves you with a glow that only a few films can.

It isn't a perfect film, none are, but it is an important film. This will do for Asian Films, what Pulp Fiction did for English speaking films. One thing that is great about this movie, is that despite the violence there is not much gore. Children of practically all ages could enjoy this film. All violence and sexuality is implied.

If it weren't for the fact that Chow Yun Fat was in "The Killer," I'd say this was his best film. Michelle Yeoh was amazing. Ziyi Zhang, left me speechless. She is the true gem of the movie. Go out and enjoy. This is definitely one of those films a 19" screen doesn't do justice.

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Love of Film
I am not one to get choked up at most movies, but this movie destroyed me. I sat for 2 hours crying my eyes out at how beautiful this story was. I won't give anything away, but this may be the most perfect film made for anyone who has ever truly loved film.

The young boy is so amazing, that I was sad as he gets older. The teen age boy was so caring that I cried when he grew older. I thought I would hate what he had become but the final scene I felt like I was sitting crying with him.

I once worked in an old movie theater, and I found myself at times finding secret places within it, where things had been hidden or stored. It was a magical place. I felt like Toto that this was the greatest place in the world. I had forgot how much I loved it, until I saw this movie. One of the greatest films ever made.

True Crime

Cut the last 30 seconds
I don't want to give away anything, but Eastwood was at his usual best, until the final scene. Straight out of Hollywood...some target audience probably cringed at a real picture, so they added a silly ending. It is a travesty, because it left a bad taste in my mouth, after enjoying a fine flick the entire time. The True Crime, was the ending.

American Beauty

Truly Beautiful
I just saw it last night, so pardon if I seem a little overzealous. I was awestruck by seeing this movie. The lines were brilliant, the cinematography outstanding, and the acting superb. Spacey as usual delivers a powerful, thought provoking performance. The rest of the cast follows along, and feeds of his genius. Thora Birch was sensational. With all the hoopla that Suvari has been getting Birch has sadly been overlooked, she is the glue of the movie. All the other characters are wonderful, but Spacey delivers his lines with the now commom sarcasm that only he can get away with. From now on when someone asks if I have a minute....well you know what line I'll use.

Summer of Sam

Do The Wrong Thing
I may have been a little too excited for this film. My love of Lee films and obsession with serial killers may have hampered my ability to be objective. If you haven't guessed yet, I was disappointed. I think the biggest problem I had with it, was the casting. The most Italian guy in it was Michael Baddalucco, who unfortunately was cast as David Berkowitz. While Leguizamo is no doubt a comic genius, he is very badly miscast in the role of Vinny. As is Mira Sorvino, basically replaying her role in Beautiful Girls, but with an accent. The one bright spot is Adrien Brody, although his homosexual acts could have been left out. Jennifer Esposito, while beautiful beyond words, isn't as big a character as she should have been. Having her killed and possibly used as a model of the result of promiscuity might have been a better sub-plot. This easily could have been titled "Do The Wrong Thing". PS. Great soundtrack...catch the opening with "Grace of God"...vintage Lee, but all in all, not that great...7/10

Analyze This

Sopranos Wannabee
I haven't really posted too many comments on this site, because , well frankly, I see too many movies in the course of a month. I feel it necessary to warn people about this one though. This may very well be the worst movie I have seen in years. I am disgusted by the fact that since his role as Young Vito, cant seem to do anything worth while. He is the single most overrated actor in Hollywood. This movie, was so pathetically acted by every single member that I wondered if there was actually any direction. I also made the mistake of tuning into this after watching "The Sopranos". Wow, this movie was more like a MADtv version of the Sopranos. Crystal and DeNiro have about as much chemistry as Michael and Lisa Marie. Why is it even the worst actors can cry on cue, but DeNiro couldn't. I mean I was crying watching it.

Pulp Fiction

The film that changed film
How many movies jumpstart a dozen or so careers and change the face of Hollywood? Answer....1. Pulp Fiction

Besides being stylish, Tarantino created a genre: UltraViolent/Comedy/BuddyFilm/Drama...20 years from now this will be considered one of the most influential movies of all time. If it isn't already.

Bound by Honor

Vatos Locos forever
This is one of those most people saw by mistake, late one night on cable. I did too, and found myself talking about it for weeks. The only thing that keeps this movie from being rated higher is its length. At times it is too drawn out, but for the most part it is well acted, beautifully shot considering the settings, and tells a good story.

I have yet to to find a person who doesn't fal in love with this movie.

Belle Epoque

One of the best romantic comedies ever
I am not a big fan of the romantic comedy genre, but this is incredible. Besides the witty dialogue and the gorgeous scenery, it has some of the most beautiful actresses ever put into one movie. Absolutely blew me away the first time I saw it!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Greatest true horror film
With all the hype going on about the Blair Witch Project, I decided to see both of these in the same month. Wow, I never really realized what an outstanding piece this is in the horror genre. It is scary, simple, and it's "truth" makes it all the more harrowing. To this day their is not a truly scary film, that compares to it.

North Dallas Forty

Best Football movie ever
This is by far the greatest football movie ever. Other than the Longest Yard, nothing compares. I recently, saw ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, and the only thing that it did for me, was make me realize just how good this is.

Nolte is tremendous, but to be honest Mac Davis is the real scene stealer. The greatest scene is when Haddon is watching him stretch in the morning...classic!


Dialogue and Demons
If you are afraid of looking in a mirror...see this film, you will then feel good about yourself. While many a review trashed this picture it is only because it doesn't play to the average moviegoer. Why? Because you need an above par IQ to understand it. While I hate that excuse for people not liking a movie ("You didn't get it), I think this movie is one that was misunderstood. The machine-gun dialogue is brutal in its attack on so many topics. While Penn and Palinteri play off each other perfectly, Spacey is the scene stealer. This may very well be his greatest work. Paquin is also a bit of a scene stealer in another way, she is like a dove in a flock of dirty pigeons. I have just seen it and plan to re-examine it in a few weeks, but it truly blew me away. Many people will go out and prefer to see garbage like Toy Story or the war movie of the week, but like Spacey says "Good taste has denied me many things".

Lethal Weapon

Best American Action film ever made
OK, Might sound crazy but this is my favorite film of all time. This is the classic buddy movie. It contains all the elements of a great film. Drama, action, comedy, and suspense. While I realize that it can't be categorized as a classic. I have more fun watching this movie than any other film ever made. And isn't that the point of a movie!

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