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Hotel Rwanda

A must see
This movie is a must see. This is the type of films Hollywood needs to be making instead of the truly awful crap that normally comes out of there.

This is a film that should give people a great deal of perspective. Perspective about how truly unjust the USA is, as we did next to nothing to stop the genocide. Perspective about what it's like for billions around the world who don't get hung up over clothes, shoes, cars, cell phones etc. They are too busy trying to survive.

Don Cheadle is an excellent actor and gives a brilliant performance in the lead role. If you don't cry after watching this, go get your heart checked out.

The Passion of the Christ

Amazing and heart wrenching
By far the most accurate description of Christ's final hours that I have seen on film. Gruesome, gory, violent to the extreme, but not at all out of place in the context of the Passion story. I was in tears watching this film, and winced with nearly every lash of the whip and rods, and as the nails were driven in. It was beautifully acted, shot, and the music was excellent. The performances were top notch from Gibson's direction to the actors and actresses. Profoundly moving and heart wrenching. This is not a film for children (although I saw many in the theater), it is far too graphic in my opinion. However, it is a must see for any believer.

Kudos to Mel Gibson for his guts to make this film by putting up his own money to do so. He has done a wonderful job telling in detail the story of the greatest sacrifice mankind has ever known.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie

A great film
This is a great film for kids and parents alike. It teaches valuable lessons in a fun, action packed setting. THe people who make these movies and shows about the Thornberrys obviously love nature, and it shows in the quality of the films/shows, and hopefully translates into the viewing audience. THis is not some mindless cartton, but a great example of how education about our natural world can be fun and entertaining.

Blue Crush

Cheese Whiz hits Hawaii
The only thing that made this film bearable was the surfing footage. I live right where it was filmed, and seeing all the places on the movie was neat, but the film itself was cheesy beyond belief. Had they made a documentary about surfing Oahu's North Shore, the money would have been better spent.

The acting was mostly horrible, as is to be expected in movies like this. The QB/love interest needs to go back to acting school. The director should actually watch some football as well. That guy wasn't big enough to be an NFL QB. He also got saddled with some of the stupidest lines in the film. Especially bad was the line where he tells Anna Marie -"I just don't want to lose you" after they'd known each other for about five minutes. Puhleezzze!

The best scen in the movie is the scene leading up to the surfing lessons when the big fat lineman (again this is just a fat guy, not a football type) pulls off his sarong really quick and displays the reason why speedos should be outlawed.

If you like surfing, you may enjoy the movie. If you like really cheesy movies with bad acting, and some really dumb effects (i.e. the shot of Anna Marie "surfing" a huge wave and giving the #1 sign) then this is the movie for you.

Bad Company

This movie was complete crap. I really can't believe that Anthony Hopkins actually agreed to make this film. Chris Rock was believable as the hustler, but was awful as the sophisticated secret agent. He needs to stick to comedic roles in the future; he was out of his league in this one.

Reign of Fire

Skip it
This movie starts with an interesting concept and then falls flat on its face. Stupid and cheesy, lousy effects, and indifferent acting. I barely made it through to the end it was so stupid. This seems to be a case of special effects trying to carry a lousy script. I'm just glad I waited for the video.


Incredibly disappointing
This was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen (for a major Hollywood release). They took a fascinating story and totally ruined it. The historical, political, and emotional significance of the actual story could have made a great movie. Instead we got Nicolas Cage as the oldest corporal in the history if the modern Marines Corps, lousy directing, lousy locations (filming in the desert when the action is supposed to take place on a Pacific Island--do they think viewers are stupid?) After watching this, I really felt like the director and studio just threw this together as quickly as possible after the actual code talkers were recognized by the US govt. Hollywood should be ashamed.

The McCourts of Limerick

Nice documentary
After reading both of Frank McCourt's books, and A Monk Swimming by his brother Malachy, it was nice to see them in person on screen. The scenes around Limerick brought the book to life. The story about the shower in the English barracks was a gem. I hope the McCourt's continue to write. They are wonderful writers.

Far from the Madding Crowd

I am a big fan of movies that follow the novel, and this version does not disappoint. It helps if one truly loves literature, as I do, but even so this story is incredible. The film makers did a wonderful job with this. It makes me want to move back to England when I watch it.

Pride and Prejudice

Very well done. From the ridiculousness of the younger Miss Bennets to the pompousness of Mr Collins, to the main characters of Eliza Bennet and Mr Darcy this is a fabulous movie. Highly recommended if you can find it in the US. I got it from the library and was thoroughly entertained.

The Old Curiosity Shop

Outstanding adaption
This is a great movie. Very well acted by all the main characters, and the setting is superb. A wonderful story of human tragedy and triumph. Anyone who is a fan of Charles Dickens will love this movie. The attention to period detail in the costumes and scenery is very good. Some lessons can be learned about human nature as well from this story. Highly recommended.

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