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Big Fish

From death comes life.
What a great story. The characters make this excellent entertainment. They are colorful, eccentric and out there. As the viewer is drawn into the lives of the character, we see the looming death of the story teller. Is this a remake of Walter Middy or Moulin Rouge in the red dirt of Alabama. See the whole movie. Don't give up on it and it will deliver the goods in the end!

Highest praise goes to the Art Director. The scenes, setting and colors are top drawer. Sure, there's a story with good acting but more so it is a visual feast.

Ewan McGregor must have a good agent to get juicy roles like this.

Runaway Jury

John Grisham's stories make for good movies.
In the tradition of The Firm, Runaway Jury is a good story whether being told by the author or on the big screen. The New Orleans locale actually looks better than the real thing. Maybe that's because there are no odors coming from the screen like there are in the infamous French Quarter.

Good acting by all. Dustin Hoffman's accent is the only weakness. Is this his ~ or his dialogue coach's ~ version of a "Southern" or "N'awlins" accent? Whichever, he sounds too much like his previous character Tootsie to take this character seriously.

For fans of the movie Bowling in Columbine, this is a must see.

Gangs of New York

More blood than Vampires Attack Blood Bank
Senseless, gratuitous violence mars this film. It's also too long. I watched the first 5 hours and it was slow, but I kept watching in hopes that the last 2 hours would redeem it. They didn't. How can so much talent get in the way of the story? Maybe there were too many egos.

Me, Myself & Irene

Avoid this movie at all costs.
This has to be one of the worst movies ever made. The producer and director must have tried to "shoot the moon" and offend just about everyone ~ and on that score, they can count their only success. There are no highlights at all. Every actor in it and the writers can safely be tarred with the same brush.

The Fallen Sparrow

A film noir classic
Thank you Turner Classic Movies and Robert Osborne for introducing us to this excellent specimen of film noir. What is obvious to John Garfield fans is his passion and energy that he pours into his characters. Along with his performance, Maureen O'Hara is in an unusual role as the mysterious girl friend. A thriller!

Finger Man

Tough guy turns on mob.
"Casey Martin" can take the final fall for a life of crime or cut a deal with T-Men to go undercover. It takes a tough guy, up against the wall, to tackle the assignment. The actors and script follow through to deliver a good tale. It's surprising that major studios were still making Black & White films in 1955, but the format seems to fit this story.

The Devil and Miss Jones

A good story and isn't that what movies are all about?!
What more can a viewer ask for except color. The script, directing and acting are all very good. Especially Jean Arthur, one of the most underrated actresses of the big screen. This movie shows the difference one man can make. That "one man" is Robert Cummings who has a passion to protect employees of a department story by unionizing them. The store owner (Charles Coburn ~ wonderful acting)decides to gather the facts himself instead of just squelch the union and he discovers more than he thought. He learns about people and about himself in the process. See this movie!

The Thin Man

Excellent movie that should be watched by true movie buffs.
I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to see this movie. Movie rentals are doing away with Classics and it would be a shame to miss this movie. Great acting and script. Fast pace which makes it entertaining by having both wit and suspense. I hope to see the rest in the series before they disappear for good. William Powell was almost as good in this as he was in To The Ends of the Earth which had to be his magnum opus.


Jack Higgins can write.
The script by Jack Higgins elevates this movie about the mundane. Good cinematography and lush Irish back drop add to the movie's qualities. Keith and Valentina do a good job of acting, but Robert Lindsay's performance is worth the look.

Screaming Eagles

Interesting plot twists that make this better than many war movies.
One interesting thing about watching multi-character movies is the increased chance of spotting future stars. War movies are good for doing that especially. In this movie, several minor actors became bigger stars. Another highlight of this movie are the use of script devices that add energy to the plot. Imagine being blind behind enemy lines. Or become frustrated with language barriers to the point of using creativity to overcome that hindrance. It is worth a look.

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