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High Chaparall

Weird very weird
This program is crazy... all the way crazy... Everything from nudistcamps, porn sets to dirtbikes. And they are fun.

The best episode however is the one about Fabio. The crash between Filip and Fabio with the dirtbikes ... that was great fun... lucky no one got hurt. And this Fabio guy is not that stupid.

Great fun... too bad it only air in Sweden

Happy, Texas

I like
I never thought I would rent this movie because I am not a Northam fan. But I was sick for a week and after a few days there was not much to choose from. So I took it and watched it and I laughed. Steve Zahn is great and so is Northam and I also love Ally Walker. I have never liked William H Macy but he was good in this one, he and Ron Pearlman makes a cute couple. But the winner in this film is Zahn, I don't think it would have been as fun as it is without him.

Warlock III: The End of Innocence

No no no no
This is not a Warlock-movie.....where did this come from??? This is a cheap horror movie that can't even scare a child. There was no plot, no story and absolutely not one good actor. I am a fan of Bruce Payne but this was crap, he is not a Warlock. Even if Julian Sands is not the best actor of all, he is the Warlock and I am so glad he didn't do this one because this is terrible. I don't have the words to say how bad it was so instead of just repeating myself I end it here. Another film that should never had been done.

The 13th Warrior

What can I say. This film has it all. Action, blood, romance and a lot of humour. Antonio Banderas is doing what he always does. And Dennis Storhoi brings freshness to the film, not only is he new to the world outside Scandinavia he has also a very relaxed way of acting. And for once there were a lot of new lines to learn. I can't say anything more just that I love the film. See it!!!

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