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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

This has to be the best vampire game of all time!
This has to be if not the best vampire game of all time.Simon Templeman voice of Kain was brilliant.The voice acting was top notch.Even the storyline was pretty damn good.When you first play this video game you probbaly do not wanna play it in the dark.The intro is good to.Its all about a vampire name Kain.He was human but his assaliants killed him.He went down to hell and he got turned into a vampire.And then he went into a hatred where he will kill all is assailiants,he goes on a rampage and meets up with a spirit where he has to replace all 8 pillars by doing that he has to fight all 8 bosses,you can turn into a wolf,bat and alot of other things.The spells,armors and swords are all fantastic.Thats far as im gonna go.If your into a great and interesting vampire game Blood Omen Legacy Of Kain is on top of the list!

The Karate Kid Part III

The best in the series
This is truly the best in the series.I would suggest you buy this movie cause this is 1 of those movies you gotta see again and again.It had all the drama and alot of good acting.This movie should have definatly won a award.I give this movie a 9 cause it finished off the best.Its better then the first because the ending wasnt all that great.But the first one is also a classic.Ill reccomend everyone see this movie you wont be dissapointed!

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