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The Last Leprechaun

The idea was cute but...
I love all things Irish and was in hopes this would be a clever movie about an enduring Irish Legend. Instead I saw another version of "Cruella DeVille" acting out an improbable (even for a fantasy) story. The actor who played the leprechaun was good but the rest of the cast seemed to be along for the ride. When the film ended the only feeling you had was "why did I waste my time?"

Y tu mamá también

I must have missed the point if this was supposed to be a good movie.
I am usually a big fan of the Spanish Language Cinema but this film was not representative of what I enjoy about it. The sex scenes weren't all that much but then neither was the plot. Had it not have been for the narrator breaking in every once in a while it would have been totally without meaning. If you really want to enjoy Spanish Language Cinema there are many other choices. If you just want to see a soft-porn film that has Spanish dialogue, then you might enjoy this one.

A Rumor of Angels

One of the best movies I have ever seen.
It is rare that I can recall every detail of a movie after seeing it. This one was that rare exception. Vanessa Redgrave's fantastic performance, the beautiful story, and gorgeous music made this movie one that is unforgettable. The movie had every element of the human experience incorporated into it yet was never overly sentimental, slow moving,or not totally believable. I had lost my only son within the last few years and can honestly say that I was very comforted by the message this film carried. This is one movie that I will buy,look at many times and share it with my friends and family.

Love & Rage

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
Good plot, a bit predictable, but enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Beautiful scenery and a solid sound track add to the overall enjoyment of the viewer. The central plot is of a man using the affections of whoever he meets (male or female)to his own benefit. Greta Scacchi is great as a lonely woman who falls for the scoundrel only to be tragically hurt by him. The ending is great and leaves the viewer feeling justice has been served.

Todo sobre mi madre

You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll love every minute
A beautifully told story of humanity. The interactions of the characters speak much louder than the dialogue. For those that do not speak Spanish and read the sub-titles something will probably be lost and they will miss the full impact of the story. Each character brings something special to the action and before the final credits roll we feel we know each of them as a friend. There are moments of laugh out loud comedy and scenes where tears will come to your eyes no matter how hard you try to stifle them. This is not a sanitized, Hollywood look at life rather a look at what can happen to real people and better yet told by an incredible cast and directed by the incomparable Pedro Almodovar.

Passion in the Desert

What is true Passion? A desire to survive.
An excellent story well told by the film maker. The interactions between the man and the leopard brought many questions to the viewers mind about just who was being humane. The humans killed for no reason the animals only to survive. At the end of the movie you were left wondering just who the real "hero" of the movie was. A well told story. The human actor did an excellent job but the leopard stole every scene it was in.

Le nain rouge

Moves slow but does tell a compelling story.
Several times I asked myself where the story was heading but hung in and was rewarded with an answer although not a completely satisfying one. The main character really makes you feel what it is like to be a small person in a big world. The character Isis is irresistible and made you cheer for her and her loving understanding of L'Hottel. Anita Ekberg's appearance as the countess was somewhere between drama and high camp. The scenes she plays with L'Hottel were way "over the top." While not a satisfying film it is worth a look just to better understand that all people have feelings and deserve to be treated with some sort of dignity.


Metroland...a state of mind, not a place.
After several years of a happy marriage an old friend from his single years re-appears. The movie then lets us see in flashbacks how the main characters have evolved into an urban "long time married couple." The friend's return creates great tension between the husband and wife and leads the husband to a re-examination of his life. The characters play off each other very well and the actress that plays the French girlfriend was terrific. The best line in the movie was, "Oh, you'll get married and have a family, your not original enough not to." This film tells its story, develops the characters, and by the time it ends has tied everything up in nice packages leaving the viewer satisfied.


A trip into a world most of us have never known.
I had some real doubts about this movie from the reviews I had read but as soon as it started I was hooked. The actors are great and the script profound. Through a series of flash backs we see how a man takes steps to live in harmony with nature. Before the movie is over you will be asking yourself who were the people with the mental problems, the ones in the asylum or the ones running the asylum. From beginning to end an excellent movie that you will think about for a long time.


Good Message--poorly presented
Very slow paced with many peripheral characters that added nothing to the story. If you have a message about the human condition at least offer some answers or at least some possible alternatives.There were many places where the director could have made a positive statement but didn't do so. I just don't believe all people are doomed by their past to reside forever in Limbo.

Three to Tango

Funny and full of great one-liners
I found myself laughing out loud at what might have been considered throw away lines. The actors did a great job of putting this light weight movie across and making it enjoyable to watch. Matthew Perry shows he is much more than a situation comedy actor and Neve Campbell is an actress who knows her business and is very easy on the eyes. The supporting cast were all very good and made a fun if not memorable movie. If you just want some laughs and aren't going to be critical of a weak story you'd enjoy this one.

Belle Epoque

A delightful romp that will leave you laughing
A better movie you aren't likely to see. Marvelously paced so as to let the characters develop yet never seems slow. The humor is excellent and never seems forced or out of place. Rather than depend on one-liners, the film maker lets the humor derive from the plot. This is not a Hollywood movie so there are no buildings blown up or cars wrecked, but rather a delightful story that will make you laugh out loud and cheer the hero on.

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