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The Unit

this show will do for special forces what top gun did for naval avaition
This unit is what I was supposed to do for a living. My dad was a chief naval aviator. And my mom was a sergeant in the army aircorp. Both served in WW2. Neither had any respect for the regular military. Their favorite comment was the job of the regulars was to not lose the war until the reserves got there. Our military history is full of pompous morons who cared more for their rice bowl than the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. What I love about this show is the absolute disregard shown the "military industrial complex". The civilian leadership is still in charge but the men do the right thing. It is obvious the consequences are harsh, but I would do their job in a heartbeat, as would a lot of our current Military. As shown over and over again, Washington's job is 2 fold, 1) make connections with the high priced vendors 2) retire and go work for the military industrial complex Jump out of airplanes, shoot bad guys and go home to your family, it's almost perfect.


Maybe a woman hero is too much for men
This is a good movie. The action is well done. The bad guys and girls are evil. The good guy is good-looking (according to my wife). Halle Berry maybe the most beautiful woman alive. Sharon Stone is great.. There is nothing not to like in this movie, except for cats In general guys don't like cats. I've never understood that. Cats clean up the vermin. Cats will come when called, if you train them. Anyone can train a dog. Training a cat is far more work. Catwoman makes as much sense as any Bond movie or any other action flick, as long as you're man enough to like cats.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Good action flick
I cannot understand why this movie did so poorly, or is rated so low. It has all the elements of a good action flick. Ecks v Sever has good-looking women, bad guys, explosions, great chase scenes. The bus scene is one of the best action shots ever. I liked the way the story line unfolded. At the beginning, there is almost no information as to why things are happening. Initially you are lead to believe one thing and then gradually you realize that is not what happened and you really hang on every scene to figure out what is going on. I never quite understood the story until the end. I score this a solid 8 and on my wish list.

Notting Hill

Great Love Story
This is without question one of my favorite movies. I'm not normally a big Hugh Grant fan. He is good in his standard role of the lovable buffoon. Julia Roberts is what makes this believable. I've never seen her in a movie where appears more sincere or attractive. The just a girl/just a boy speech is classic. I love the supporting cast. The friends are almost the best part of the movie. This is one of the few DVDs we own. This movie never fails to cheer me up and reminds me why I got married.

Calendar Girls

Nice to see real women in a movie
I'm so sick of seeing movies with sculptured Barbie dolls in them. Women don't really reach their peak until about 40. Their looks may have peaked by 40, but they more than makeup for that in personality and sexuality. These actresses looked like any women's group I would find in town. They were far more interesting than the bunch Hugh Heffner hangs around with. This was a funny movie that is a true story. I wish the real women of calendar girls much success in their fund raising efforts. I watched with my wife and several older women from church. I would not be surprised to see them try a calendar as a fundraiser. I was disappointed to hear my wife decline to be in the calendar. You would definitely need bigger buns!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

too much frodo/sam/gollum
The amount of sam/frodo/gollum was too long for a movie. The same sense of pain, frustration and suffering could have been had without subjecting the audience to the same fate. The ending section could have been longer. I was looking forward to the battle to retake the shire.


One of the best shows on
We've been watching couplings (UK) for several years. The dialog is crisp and the characters believable. This show is made better by the actors. Each seems to have been created for the role. If I could only watch one show, Couplings would be it.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

great flick
I never saw the first one, but this was a great Jane Bond movie. Good action, sarcastic dialog, great locations and she has a beautiful face that you just can't get enough of. It was soooo obvious when she was doing her own stunts. Better hit the gym before the next show girl.

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

the second worst movie i've ever seen
Legally Blonde 2 is easily the worst movie I've ever paid to watch in a theater. Other than 4 or 5 scenes that were truly funny, this movie was awful. I think Witherspoon's ego shows in this movie. She must think her fans will watch anything. I took my whole family (2 adults, children 16, 14, 12). Had we talked to each other during the movie we would have followed several other people out the door early. Thank goodness we went early. It was only $23.75 flushed down the toilet. The next time the critics pan one of her movies, we'll wait for video, or maybe TV.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

great movie
Granted this movie strayed from the book, but Tolkien had some boring spots in all 3 books. I could have done without the dogs of war, but, what a great play on words. This movie moved me and amused me and was the subject of discussion for 3 hours after. It did what all great movies do, entertain. You felt like you were there, in the great hall, in the fortress, great sets, writing and acting. The stunts and extras did an amazing job of carrying on. Some of the special effects were a little lame, but I can let that ride. What would have been nice is a break in the middle. I'm too old to go that long with out a trip to the bathroom. I look forward to the dvd so I can watch it again.


great biker flick
This movie deserves a better rating. It is a classic B movie. There was no attempt to win any awards here. Hal Needham, who is a former stuntman, directed the movie. The stunts are great. There are some great lines from this movie that need to be incorporated into your everyday lives. My wife and I missed this movie in the theaters and had to buy a VCR just to watch it. Maybe the stunts are a little over the top and maybe the writers should have done better, but remember the good guys always win, even in the 2000s. Any military background, or motorcycling background and a sense of humor and I don't see how you can't enjoy this movie.

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Fun Movie
This was a fun afternoon at the movies. The plot is a little silly, but the action was fun. Good movie for a 8-12 year old. I always enjoy watching the CIA show their true colors, more worried about promotions that the job. That's about all they are good for.

Red Dawn

Something to think about
My friends in high school, for the most part, were planning on careers in the military. This movie came out long after we graduated from college. I would like to think this is how we would have responded. Both my parents were veterans and would hvae understood. Most of my friends fathers were also veterans. With today's environment after 9-11, I think more and more about this movie. I do not fear an invasion, but wonder what we will do to resist tyranny. I wonder what kind of stuff we are made of.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

bad movie
This movie dragged horribly in the middle, actually for most of the movie. The first 10-15 minutes were ok and ending was ok, but the middle just stank. Why would any man care to get out of jail to be with a wife like that? How can this movie be rated so high?

First Monday

good show
This show gets into the politics of our high court. It's nice to see a show about lawyers that deal with the soft side, with clothes on. The show is well written and moves well on a theme. I recommend it to anyone who wants to think about an issue.

Gilmore Girls

cute show
with all the sick humor our children are exposed to it is nice to see a family show about real issues. the humor is real and so is the dialog. sounds like I'm back at my mother-in-law's place in needham. these people are real and since I'm from new england, I know these people.

Level 9

good show about geeks
I like the format where the geeks are the cops. with all the internet/computer dependence developing in our society, I wonder how long until some of the premise of the show is true. We already have sicko's on line trolling for children, and credit card data bases being hacked into for profit. how long until a geek shuts down an airplane in flight? more thought provoking than most realize

The Lost World

good show
Good show. The idea of a lost world is common theme in story telling. What I like most about this show are the women. Of course they are good looking, but they are strong and fearless. The sense of team is also a positive. The questions about Marguerite Krux's background and the growing sexual tension are interesting, but the attitude of "we all go or no one goes" is positive. I prefer that to shows where the point is bickering.

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