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Chalo Ishq Larain

All Star Cast Dazzles!
I finally saw Chalo Ishq Larain last night at a theatre and figured out what all the fuss was about! It was excellent! Starring two of the top leading ladies in the country, Meera and Zara Sheikh and introducing two new stars in the form of the pop-singer Ali Haider and the model-turned-actor Imran Khan. Meera was the star of the show and put up a sizzling dance number with Ali Haider. The lovely Zara Sheikh once again did a great job, following up on her award-winning debut in Tere Pyar Mein. The music is excellent and has some catchy tunes such as "Doobie Dooba" and "Lovely Lovely Aankhen", both of which were performed by the team of Ali Haider and Zara Sheikh. I certainly recommend this movie to all movie's a delightful comedy with some of the top stars in the game today.

Royal Rumble

Terrific over the top rope action!
One of the best Royal Rumbles since 1994! Bret The Hitman Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin continue their unbelievable feud into the Rumble. This is what led to the WWF's revival - two solid workers in Hart and Austin tearing the house down with some intense rivalry. A must see for WWF fans.

Royal Rumble

Solid action packed show
World Wrestling Federation Champion Bret The Hitman Hart defends his WWF Title against Big Daddy Cool Diesel in the main event. This was one of WWF Chammpion Bret"The Hitman"Hart's first title defences since regaining the title at the survivor series and one of Diesel's last matches for the WWF. Besides the WWF Championship match, the over the top rope Royal Rumble was action packed as usual with stand out performances by the Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart, Vader and a returning Shawn Michaaels.

Royal Rumble

Average Show
This was one of the more average WWF Rumble`s that Ive seen. The WWF title match ended as a no contest due to outside intervention which ruined the main event. As for the Rumble, the result was predictable with Michaels receiving a publicized push due to his relationship with Mcmahon.

Royal Rumble

Royal Surprise!
An event full of twists and turns. Owen Hart turns on his brother during their attempt to capture the tag team titles. The Hitman fights off a bad knee to limp to the ring and win the 30 match Royal Rumble. Great event - with the Undertaker involved in a casket match with Yokozuna and the Bad Guy Razor Ramon defending the Intercontinental Title against IRS.

King of the Ring

Hitman Shines - so long Hogan!
The 1993 King Of The Ring saw Bret"The Hitman"Hart once again create WWF history by winning the first ever King of the Ring tournament by defeating Razor Ramon, Mr.Perfect and Bam Bam Bigelow in one night to be crowned the first ever King of the Ring. It was also Hulk Hogan's final PPV match with the WWF as he defended the WWF title against Yokozuna.

Mr Jinnah: The Making of Pakistan

Excellent production that deals with the life of the founder of Pakistan - Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Mr.Jinnah is very much held in high regard by the Pakistani people and therefore this movie was well publicised even before it's release. The film follows Mr.Jinnah during his early days in the house, his meetings with Gandhi, and the reason behind his ambition and goal in life to provide a new homeland for the Muslims. It follows Mr.Jinnah after Independence and his work to establish Pakistan as a Regional power, at the same time working with other nations to provide economic prosperity for his people - all the way to his ultimate and untimely death. Good acting by the performers who realized the importance of the story and the character. Probably the best movie ever made about Mr.Jinnah. Overall rating 7/10.

Fire with Fire

Virginia Madsen at her best
This was a great movie made better by a brilliant performance from Virginia Madsen. She was the star of the movie beyond doubt. Virginia plays a girl in a Catholic school who falls in love with a boy from a prison camp. She organizes a dance at her school just to meet him, and when she does, sparks fly all around. It's a shame that there was'nt a soundtrack that was released with this film because it has some catchy numbers. Fire With Fire is easily one of Virginia Madsen's best films. Not only does she look more beautiful than ever but she also displays her tremendous acting ability.


Waste of time
Another 'Pulp Fiction' wannabe bites the dust. This is a low budget movie with advertising that kicked off only recently and now you know why. A total waste of time. A cast of relatively new faces in Hollywood - ( James Marsen & Marisa Coughlan ) along with Joshua Jackson ( better known as Dawson's sidekick on the tv drama Dawsons Creek ) try their best to add energy and spice to this one. Marisa Coughlan's ( Teaching Mrs.Tingle ) performance was the only positive from the film. Coughlan seems to be a talented young actress and is destined to go places. As for the others, while there was no lack of effort - their performances did not even come close to matching Couglan's. Jackson in particular was exposed as an actor with limited acting skills, which is surprising since he's been around for a while. James Marsden did a better job than Jackson as did the rest of the cast, but Gossip seemed to be lacking in more than one department. Not worth watching. Rating 2/10

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