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The Bridge

4 seconds, 70 mph
This is truly a thought provoking documentary, which takes an unsentimental approach to its subject matter. The moral objections some have about the film makers non-intervention is seemingly unfounded if the reports that the crew would call in perceived would-be jumpers to the police are true (and I can't imagine they wouldn't be).

Nevertheless, the film itself does not seek to condemn nor glorify suicide, only to take a realistic look at the realities of suicide, and the impact it has on friends, family, onlookers and society.

Some of the soundtrack choices are a little heavy-handed, if not downright (unintentionally) campy -- of course, were I the director I probably would have gone overboard (pun intended) with Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley and the like (I know, I'm a dick).

Anyway, its a fascinating look at a real societal problem, and its well made and I think well meaning.

The Wire

The best thing on TV today
Possibly the best thing written for television ever; certainly the best to come out in the last 25 or so years.

"The Wire" escapes the melodramatic pitfalls of shows like "the West Wing," "Six Feet Under" and even "The Sopranos" (which are all smartly written--or rather have had their moments of greatness).

Here is a show which over the course of 37 hours weaves together scores of very tautly detailed characters. It's not easy to watch--and its certainly challenging. But it is surely worth it.

The story unfolds in Baltimore and is a study on the effect of institutions on its members: police, politicians, criminals, addicts.

Some may find the show didactic. This is understandable because its creators make heavy usage of allegory (for instance, seasons three's not-so-subtle criticism of the situation in Iraq).

Didactic or not, the show forces its viewers to think about and hopefully start a larger discussion of the issues it touches upon: the failure of the drug war, the gradual extinction of the American worker and the dangers of a presumptive, preemptive war.

Hats off to creators David Simon and Ed Burns (a retired BPD detective) for creating one of the most interesting, daring shows in the history of television.

Let's hope HBO renews it for another 26 episodes.


the citizen kane of bad sci fi movies turned into good tv series
title says it all. its worth watching if you're a fan of the sci-fi channel original series stargate: sg1 but have never seen the movie. otherwise, stay away. on a tangent, apparently jaye davis repeated refused the role until the studio offered $1mil for the part of ra. but we all know that apothis is so much more hard core. RDA brings more warmth to the role of o'neill and russell has, as usual, the depth of a cardboard cutout display in a gas station. basically i'm plugging the tv show ;)

The Warriors

a laugh a minute riot of cheesy fun
bat weilding clowns and the interracial gangs of new york featuring "the cast of fame." wear a diaper, you'll pee your pants. this movie rules!

out of ten stars, i give this lemon a "pommegranite."

Miller's Crossing

get this and all other coen brother's movies if you like film
a great dashiel hammet spoof, this movie. and a splendid drinking game. this film contains my very favorite performance by indie darling john tutorro and one of my favorites from gabriel byrne. look for cameos by tons of fringe and or indie personalities, including sam raimi (evil dead, army of darkness). "Jesus, Tom."

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