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Pepper Ann

Cartoon's are not just for kids anymore!
Pepper Ann is the coolest cartoon show ever! Of all the shows about teenagers this one has to be the most realistic even for a cartoon. Look at these so called "teen shows" "Dawson's Creek" and "Popular." To me these shows aren't that realistic. I'm 17 and they say these shows are for teens. I hate these shows! they are totally unrealistic to teenage life! No one at my school can really relate to anything in these programs. I'm in a Pepper Ann club and I see that most of the fans are teens.Pepper Ann is cool and different. Pepper Ann is definitely not like those shows. In "teen shows" the lead female is usually a dippy cheerleader type. Pepper Ann is not one those type's. When I was in Junior High I was like Pepper Ann. Kudo's to Disney for making a really great show. I had lost faith in Disney , but this show renewed my faith in it. With all this "Poke-Mania" going around it's good to know there are good shows left on TV!!! This show deals with real issues in cool and sometimes touching ways. How real is kids catching animals and putting them in metal balls. Not really realistic if you ask me. Also catch-phrases like "Pika-Pika!" get annoying after awhile. Viva Pepper Ann!!

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