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The World Unseen

Wonderful and subtle movie
I just saw this film at the London Film Festival. It sold out in two days and they are putting an extra screening!

This film tell the touching journey of one woman trying to find the courage to be herself in an oppressive (but not overly so) marriage with a bit of help from another, wildly independent and free-spirited woman. The background is 1950s South Africa and its despicable apartheid policy. Throughout the film are stark reminders of what that meant for blacks, whites and the Indian community.

No clichés here, just wonderful brush-strokes forming a charming and riveting film.

Revoir Julie

An absolute must-see independent Canadian film.
Revoir Julie is an absolute must-see. Two women, Julie and Juliet, meet again after 15 years and share memories about their teenage years. But why did Juliet change school? Why did they not dare get in touch all these years? All is revealed thought a brilliant plot and wonderful, fun, and witty dialogue. Jeanne Crepeau's script is of the highest quality, with a touch of Rohmer (but without the boring factor!). The storyline is a mix of romance and comedy and the two actresses deliver top of the range performances. 10 out of 10!

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