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Chung hang sei hoi

This wasn't one of Chows better movies
This movie was a little silly at best, a poor story line and bad characters made it a fair movie at best. Certainly not up to the standards of "Hong Kong 1941", or even "The Witch from Nepal". It was just a silly excuse to make a movie. Not up to Chows potential at all.

Daai jeung foo yat gei

This is a good example of a Chow Yun Fat comedy
After movie greats like the Killer, and The Replacement Killers , many people feel that chow Yun Fat is only a "Action Star". Well this is one of the movies that proves them wrong. It's a delightful story of a wealthy man who falls in love with two women. The thing that makes Chow so great in a comedy is his wonderful facial expressions. The ending is so-so, but the movie is well worth watching, especially if you want to see the "many faces" of Chow Yun Fat

Siu sang mung ging wan

What a Bad Movie
What a really bad movie, "Scared Stiff" has to be the worse movie I've ever seen by the Great Chow Yun Fat. When you consider such movies as "The Witch From Nepal" and "Replacement Killers" it's hard to believe that Chow actually made this "thing". In fact he isn't even in the whole movie. There is no plot, bad characters, bad acting, and bad editing. It's just bad. Avoid it if you can, especially if you've never seen any of Chow Yun Fats other movies.

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