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9 Songs

a different way of looking at it
9 Songs was done with a real film budget by a real film director. And in that sense, many of the criticisms written here are valid. But it wasn't presented to me that way. The DVD was given to me by a girl friend as "some of the best porn" she'd ever seen. I find it an extremely interesting film in this sense. Eventually porn will fully cross into art and find legitimacy. Sex is just too important to society for this not to happen eventually, as we shed the last of our Victorian scales and really grow in the freedom provided us by the sexual revolution of the last century. 9 Songs does a good job of taking a step in this direction. The actors really have sex. So does that make it porn? Is porn less than art by definition? The answers are subjective of course. But suffice it to say that this film will always be inspiring for lovers to watch together, even if they're not interested in Antarctica.

The New Arrival

Great idea and execution
Amy Talkington jumped at Atom Films' offer to make their first short using a revolutionary new technology called Immersivision. Immersivision allows the viewer to navigate every second of every scene using a simple pointer on a computer screen 360 degrees. The New Arrival demonstrates Talkington's talent for selecting unique characters to present to the indie film audience. As the viewer of this film you instantly become a senior citizen being welcomed to your new home. Look around and get acquainted with a new technology in a really fun scene.

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