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The Life Before This

a look at the twists of fate
I agree with a previous reviewer in saying that this film had good potential. And in some spots, it comes through on this promise. Unfortunately, when all is said and done, this film does feel a bit incomplete with some things left unexplained.

On the plus side, I like how it shows that life can change very drastically with just one seemingly irrelevant incident or event. However, I felt that there were other ironies that were intended or even implied, but the film failed to get them across. If these ironies were explained, and all of the stories connected in more than just the beginning and the ending, this would have been a much better film and I believe it would have fulfilled its potential.

I must say, despite its flaws, I liked it. But I could've liked it better...

Dear America: A Journey to the New World

an outstanding lesson in tolerance, responsibility, love, & loss
Admittedly, when I first saw this I expected it to be your average "after school special"-type short film, having never seen any of the other "Dear America..." specials before.

But, I found myself drawn into this story. Though I am a buff on this time period of history, you don't have to be to appreciate the lessons this short film presents on dealing with love, loss, tolerance of difference, and responsibility. In this story, all those things intertwine, often carrying over somehow into the other. This film is well produced and well acted. Alison Pill is admirable as "Mem", and the other characters are distinguished as well.

In all, an outstanding film.

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