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Till Human Voices Wake Us

Movie was a subtle ghost story...
I feel that the movie was a subtle ghost story, haunting only in a healing fashion. It's an ethereal experience. I'm a huge fan of Helena Bonham Carter and I notice that she often chooses projects that are character pieces. Her roles appear slow moving to others, but that I personally find intriguing, lyrical, and meditative. Guy Pearce plays the role well in this movie. The two actors that play the young Sam and Silvy did a brilliant job in my opinion. Lindley Joyner, who appears to have had only limited acting roles, understands his character well. Brooke Harmon who portrays Silvy Lewis is enchanting. The cinematography is beautiful and one pleasure of this movie is just being taken in by the dreamy visuals. This is one of my new personal favorites. But for those wanting a fast moving movie; this will not be for them. A movie only for the true romantics at heart, that believe that true love never dies.

City Killer

fair 1980's TV movie
Since I watched this movie 19 years after it was originally couldn't help but be a little dated....but it was a fair TV movie from the early 1980's. Heather Locklear is sweet and tiny and Gerald McRaney plays a cop well. It kept me interested, but wasn't really anything special.

Ruby Cairo

A delightful diversion
Beautiful scenery and locations, almost exotic especially when the characters are in Cairo, the whole religious aspect adds to the it's atmosphere. A pleasant diversion for a rainy day. Andie MacDowell alone is enough to make the movie interesting. Enjoyed Liam Neeson and actually wished he had a larger part. Viggo Mortensen played his character well, although he was only seen in a small part of the movie. It was nice to see Australian actor Jack Thompson too.

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