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Ying xiong

The guy who wrote the other review is a fool.
You're like my friend who can seem to find humor in anything.

"Hero" tlls the story of an unamed individual who takes it upon himself to stop a tyrranical ruler who aspires to control all China. In the past the three greatest assassins tried and failed to kill the King, but the new Hero seems confident he will succeed where they failed.


All people who see the King must stay 100 paces away(to avoid assassination attempts.) However the King has decreed that anyone who can kill the assassins who tried to kill him will be alowed to move 20 paces closer per dead assassin. In order for Hero to get close enough for the killing blow he must take out the other assassins. This movie is told in flashback, showing how each assassin was defeated. (There is one part where Hero is guarding a school from an army of the King's archers. During this sequence Hero blocks about A HUNDRED THOUSAND arrows!!!) The end is very surprising and the movie is well worth it.

Men in Black Alien Attack

I rode this ride like four years ago and it was AWESOME!!! I scored 320,000(or something, I don't know the exact number but that's close), my sister was the next highest(out of ALL 18 people) with 95,000.We must have the "dead aim" gene in common. Ha Ha.


The Greatest Transition From Book to Movie Ever!!
Frank Herbert's "Dune" tells the story of the Atreides family, Paul in particular. It follows their travel from their home planet Caladan to the planet Arrakis. Arrakis is the only source of spice in the universe where spice is found. Spice is used by space-ship pilots to see the future and predict a safe route through space. An ensuing war raises problems and vendettas. Betrayal, greed, loyalty, and distrust are only a few of the many motives touched on in this movie. All of the actors chosen for this movie are perfectly chosen an overacting isn't to be found. It may be four hours long but it is worth seeing more than any other movie. May thy knife chip and shatter.


Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto

Not for everyone
The person who originally reviewed Dragonball Z admittedly wasn't a big anime fan. I am! The english dub of Dragonball Z is almost strictly for kids but also offers something for an older crowd. The sheer strength of the characters and the intensity with which they fight has how carry some weight. The dynamics of the fights is awesome. The force with which they perform attacks is astonishing. The story is complex and at times confusing but that doesn't mean it isn't any good. The thing about Dragonballz is that anyone can start watching it and pick it up quickly. Dragonball Z is the best ACTION anime to ever come to America from Japan.

And as for Ghost in the Shell. At least Dragonball Z has a clear plot. I watched Ghost in the Shell and turned it off feeling confused and mad. Dragonball Z just appeals to a wider range of people. Watch the whole series before passing judgment and if you don't like it keep your opinions to yourself.


Equals Blade series in trueness to its origin
I saw this movie last night and even through all of the hype I was still surprised at how good it was. I am a big fan of Sam Raimi and feel this is his crowning achievement. The only problem I had with the movie was the fact that Peter Parker didn't invent his web-shooters and fluid. The movie didn't give much time to his science career. It showed him winning a science award but that is one of the things I liked about the comic book. Not only was he strong, fast, and agile, but he was brilliant. It was this intelligence which set him apart from most other heroes. All of the character portrayals were right on and the special effects were superb. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Resident Evil

Greatest Video Game to Movie translation EVER!
Being a fan of zombie-movies and the biggest Resident Evil fan in the Northern Hemisphere, I loved this movie. The scenery was superb. Some of the shots are taken directly from the game and give any true Re fan a feeling of coming home. This has been my most anticipated movie for a long, long time.

The plot is fairly basic but works very well: An experimental virus has been released in a top secret, underground facility. A team of highly trained, highly equipped "problem solvers" working for the Umberella Corporation is sent in to take control of the situation. As they enter the superficial cover of the mansion that is the entrance to the installation, The Hive, they find an unconscious Alice(Milla Jovovich) and a cop named Matt(Eric Mabius). After acquiring their two new members they break into The Hive and the fun begins. The computer "brain" of the Hive has gone homicidal and wants to kill everything within its grasp. After they go underground the action starts to run together and be non-stop, but in a Very good way. Possibly lurking around every corner is a zombie or something much, much worse. The scene to really watch for is when the team enters the corridor outside the main computer control room. Also not to be missed is the nude scene Milla Jovovich did. HOT HOT HOT!!! This movie works on so many levels. It is a great movie that really entertains and has a thumpin' soundtrack. ROCK ON PAUL ANDERSON. Hurry up with the sequel.

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